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If you are a big fan of games and wish to try something different in this arena of video games then you should definitely try the Play Cozy Grove. The cozy grove game is developed by Spry Fox, and you can rest assured that it is very much similar to the Animal Crossing: New horizon game, if you have played this before. The animal crossing was one of the games that the entire world played throughout the year 2020. Let us look more into the cozy grove game and its other important details. 

Play Cozy Grove

The cozy grove game is set on a haunted and very challenging island and is a life-sim game. You, the player, are a spirit scout, have to wander throughout the challenging island all by yourself and have to find new secrets that are hidden inside the island’s forest in the game and help out the local ghosts living out there in the haunted region of island forest. In short, if you are someone who has grown tired of the Animal crossing game, then the cozy grove game is made for you. 

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Cozy grove has more structured than the animal crossing game, in the sense that you have picked up your daily tasks that are given the local ghosts and spirits that reside in the haunted island on which you are playing the game

Features Of The Play Cozy Grove

As we have known that the two games, i.e. animal crossing and the crazy grove game are similar in many senses but at the same time their differences between the two are highlighted more and become more distinctive when you play the game in real life. Therefore, now let us have a look at the basic features of the crazy grove game and get to know more about this new game in the market. 

  • Feature 1

The cozy grove game has the best visuals, undoubtedly and visuals play a very important role as much as the content does. The hand-drawn marvellous, neat and dynamic landscapes of the game will come alive and turn into real visuals whenever you help any spirit on the island or the local ghost that resides in the haunted part. 

  • Feature 2

Coming to the spirits section, you have a great advantage of befriending a spirit whenever it helps you which turns out good not only for you but also for your journey throughout the entire game as these spirits help you in many adverse situations in the future. Therefore, you can unlock dozens of memorable stories, secrets, and other memorable characters that are attached to the particular spirit you befriended. Again, a very positive point working totally to your advantage in the game. 

  • Feature 3

There are many things and interesting activities that you can do in the game apart from helping the spirits. For example, you can go fishing whenever you wish to, you can collect spirit animals that are present on the island, and even collect different unique and creative craft decorations that can be found on the haunted island. Did you notice the myriad of possibilities, discoveries and activities that can be done on the cozy grove game’s haunted island just as a spirit scout? 

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Moreover, these are not the only activities that you can perform, but more hidden possibilities that can only be known once you play the game. You never know what you are going to get and that is one thing about the cozy grove game that keeps its players hooked up till the end of the game and increases their desire to play more. The players keep getting new content in the game for around 30-60 minutes for each game. After getting a new quest each day, you evaluate your performance. Just like animal crossing, this game also is synced to real-world time. 

System requirements that you need to play the cozy grove game 

Now before we move on to anything else, it is imperative that we lay out all the requirements that are needed from your system or from your side to play the cozy grove game. Let us have a look at it without any further delay. 

The minimum requirements to play the cozy grove game: 

  • The game needs a 64-bit processor with an operating system
  • The operating system needed: Windows 10
  • Minimum processor needed: intel core i5 2.5 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory needed: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage needed: 3 GB
  • Graphics: Intel HD graphics 4000

The recommended requirements by the professional if you want to play undisturbed:

  • Processor recommended: intel core i7 3.0 GHz or equivalent
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 10 series or use an AMD Radeon RX 500 series
  • Storage: 5 GB available space

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Cozy Grove Game Price In India

Coming to the cozy grove game price in India, it is not expensive at all. The price of cozy grove game price is around INR 900 in India. 

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