How to Fix Ping Is Not Recognized As An Internal Or External Command In Windows?





One of the nice things concerning Windows is that you just can get several of your tasks done from the Command Prompt on your machine. You just have to enter cmd.exe and windows will start running. However, sometimes, you would possibly stumble upon errors like “ping is not recognised as an external or internal command” in Windows.

This is one of the foremost common errors you will face with electronic communication. Because the error itself suggests, it couldn’t acknowledge the tool you were attempting to use with electronic communication. Their square measure varied reasons why it happens, and conjointly there square measure multiple ways to induce round the “not recognized as an internal or external command” error on your Windows laptop.

Why “ping is not recognized as an internal or external command” Error happen

Before you begin applying fixes, it’s an honest plan to find out why the error occurred thus you’ll guarantee it doesn’t happen once more in the future.

Other apps messing up your system

One of the foremost common reasons you will get this error on your laptop is as a result of another put in app changed your system variables. This prevents electronic communication from recognizing commands to launch different apps or tools.

Not having the program put in on your laptop

The second attainable reason the “ping is not recognized as an internal or external command” happens is that you just don’t have the acceptable program put in on your laptop. It’s going to be that the installer didn’t install the appliance files at the acceptable location, or the installer didn’t alter the tool to be launched with electronic communication.

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Fixing The “ping is not recognized as an internal or external command” Error In Windows.

Regardless of the cause, there square measure ways that to mend this error and acquire the electronic communication to acknowledge the program that you’re attempting to use.

Ensure the program exists on your laptop

The first factor to try and do is verify if the program that you’re attempting to use with the electronic communication exists on your laptop. You will have used a faux installer that told you that the program was with success put in on your machine, however, which will not be true.

There’s a straightforward method to check if the program is so installed on your machine.

Launch a File Explorer window on your laptop.

Move over through the following path-


Ensure the viability that you’re attempting to run from the electronic communication is offered during this folder. If it’s not, the program is probably going not put in on your laptop.

The on top of isn’t a sure-fire thanks to checking if a program is put in on your laptop. This is because all the programs are not kept in Windows system 32.

However, it ought to assist you to find most programs.

Use the total path to the viable file

The “is not recognized as an enclosed command” error typically happens as a result of the pc can’t realize the viable that you’re asking it to launch. However, you will offer it with the full path to your viable file and it ought to then be able to run it with no problems.

Launch a Command Prompt window on your laptop.

Type within the full path of the viable that you just wish to use and hit Enter on your keyboard.

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For example, if anyone is trying to use adb.exe, located at an ADB folder on your desktop, then you will be typing something like-


The file ought to launch while not a problem.

  • Enclose The File Path With an inverted comma.

Specifying the total path to your viable file isn’t a bulletproof methodology. It may also cause the “ping is not recognized as an internal or external command” error if it isn’t used properly. the matter lies within the path that you just specify in your electronic communication window.

If your viable file’s full path has any areas in it, that’s getting to cause the error, this is often as a result of the utility that can’t acknowledge the areas, and it uses the characters up to the primary area as a program name. Since that isn’t the proper path, you will get the aforesaid error.

You can fix this exploitation using the subsequent methodology

  • While typewriting during a path that has areas (whether single or multiple) enclose the trail with an inverted comma.
  • Command Prompt can then acknowledge the complete path as one item and launch the program suitably on your machine.
  • Move the folder to the System 32 Folder.

So now, you probably know that if you are trying to run an executable from the Command Prompt utility, it searches for the System32 folder of your Windows installation and then accordingly, opens the file if it is present there.

What if you may place your workable file there and so access it from the Command Prompt? You will do that as long as you have got admin access on your pc.

Close Command Prompt if it was already open and prelaunch it

Enter the name of your workable file with none path, and you’ll realize it launches with success.

While this methodology works nice and helps you fix the “ping is not recognized as an internal or external command” error on your pc, you will wish to use it cautiously.

Eventually, the folder can grow giant and you’ll have an oversized variety of files sitting in there. 

It conjointly won’t work for workable tools that need installation into a selected directory.

It is suggested that you simply use this resolution if you can’t fix the problem exploitation the opposite ways and as long because the application doesn’t need installation.

Add The workable File Path To surroundings Variables

The most economical thanks to fix the “ping is not recognized as an internal or external command” error is to edit your surroundings variable and add the acceptable file path there. this is often as a result of the electronic communication utility appearance at those ways after you enter a command, and so opens the file if it finds it in one in each of those directories.

It’s pretty simple to edit your variables and add a brand new path there.

  • Launch Control Panel using the Cortana search on your computer.
  • Click on the choice that says System and Security.
  • Find and click on System on the subsequent screen.
  • Select ‘Advanced system settings’ from the left sidebar on your screen.
  • A box can open on your screen. Click on the Environment Variables button that is found at the lowest of the box.
  • You’ll see all the user variables for your account. Click on the one that says Path and then click on the Edit button.
  • You can currently add the new path to the appliance you wish to use with the electronic communication. Click on Browse in the correct sidebar to feature a directory to the list.
  • Navigate to the folder wherever your workable is found and choose it.
  • You should see your freshly other path is listed within the variables list. Click on OK at the lowest to save lots of the changes.
  • Click on OK in all different boxes as you shut them.

Open an electronic communication window and sort the name of the workable file. You’ll see that the file opens while not CMD throwing any errors on your screen.

The “ping is not recognized as an internal command” error will typically be frustrating because it won’t allow you to use a program that you simply understand you have put in on your pc.

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