4 Best Ways To Permanently Delete Files From Your Computer





Thousand is a small number when it comes to the number of files and other computer data, probably a very small number. With the provision of huge internal memory nowadays, the internal space still runs low most of the time. So to permanently delete files from your computer is important.

The memory of computers runs low and this is another major reason behind lagging after a certain time. While most of us rely heavily on the internet, and even if we do not, there is a certain amount of usage of the internet every day. Most of us also keep our backup on our computers to save our phones from lagging. All of this and many other activities leads to the accumulation of useless files, forgotten data and other technical data in the computer. Thereby, leaving little or no space for the important files to be stored in. 

For this, we have a solution for you all. In this article, we have covered ways to permanently delete a file. As long as it remains in the recycle bin, it is taking much space from your internal storage. Therefore, let us look at different ways in which you can permanently delta files in windows 10 on your computer. 

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How To Permanently Delete Files From Your Computer?

Permanent deleting is easier and saves you from the time consumed in going through deleting the files again to check if any of them needs to be recovered. Nevertheless, one must be cautious about the convenience it entails with it as one must be entirely sure whether to delete a file permanently as there is no coming back. A file once deleted can never be recovered easily. So one must do it only if the risk is borne by the same person and not by a group of individuals.

Regardless, let us move on to different ways on how to permanently delete files from your computer.

  • Use your keyboard shortcuts for permanently deleting the files

Keyboard commands are one of the simplest and the quickest ways to perform any action within seconds. Deleting files with keyboard commands is extremely easy as all you need to have is a good memory for learning short commands. 

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When it comes to deleting, again one has to take care before you make use of the keyboard command for permanently deleting files from your computer. Here is how you permanently delete a file with the keyboard shortcut:

  1. Open the File Explorer on your computer.
  2. Navigate to the location of the file/files you wish to delete permanently.
  3. Keep the CTRL key pressed and click on the files or folders if they are more than one and scattered here and there. If you want to delete all files, press CTRL+A.
  4. Now, instead of pressing the delete key on your keyboard, press SHIFT+Delete and your files will be deleted permanently.

When you perform this action, the windows will again ask for a confirmation saying, ‘Are you sure you want to permanently delete this file?’. Click on yes for the confirmation.

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  • Permanently deleting files through file explorer’s ribbon

Another shortcut to permanently delete files from your computer is with the help of the file explorer’s ribbon. Here, look at the easy procedure to delete files permanently with this procedure.

  1. Navigate through the files you want to delete permanently.
  2. Follow the above step 3 and choose how you want to delete the files depending on the number.
  3. After the selection and making sure that the right ones have been selected, click or tap on the ribbon of the home button.
  4. Click on the small arrow beneath the red cross of the delete and not on the red cross.
  5. There will pop up three options, choose permanently delete.

This is another way on how to permanently delete files from your computer.

  • Use PowerShell or command prompt to delete files permanently from your computer

If you want to know another method on how to permanently delete files in windows 10 then you can also use PowerShell and command prompt for this. This is not a very common method, but a very easy one like the rest. Let us look at the procedure:

  1. Start the command prompt or open PowerShell, whatever you prefer using.
  2. Now, enter the following command: del “path to file”. For example, if the file is named ME.jpg and located in the c drive of the laptop inside the folder named ‘PHOTO’, then you have to type: C:\PHOTO\ME.JPG.
  3. Press enter to execute the command and it is deleted without any prior confirmation.
  • Eraser software

If you want to delete the files permanently so they cannot be recovered with any tools, use the eraser software. It is an excellent software that can be run on any laptop and computer.

So, these were how you can delete files permanently from your computer, and all you have to decide now is which one to pick.

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