Is The New OLA Electric Scooter Equipped With AI Feature ?





Transportation plays an important role in today’s life as almost all the tasks are depending on one or another type of transportation. Vehicles have taken a large part of our lives and we too rely upon them. There are many factors that determine which mode of transportation suits an individual or a group of individuals. One major ease in transportation that happened is the arrival of scooters for private uses. These are not only time-saving but also cost-saving and very efficient and easy to drive. On top of that, Ola has also introduced its very own Ola electric scooter. 

Before we move further into the discussion about the Ola electric scooter, let us stress the importance of the inclusion of the usage of electrical energy as a fuel for the scooter rather than the usage of petrol and diesel. This is a very environmentally conscious decision made by Ola on their part. 

More About Ola Electric Scooter

It is quite surprising and unexpected for Ola to introduce electric scooters in the market in the first place. Ola came with two models of electric scooters in the two-wheeler market namely: S1 and S1 pro. The models got an immensely positive response from the market and the customers. Within just two days of being in the market, manufacturers were able to sell scooters worth INR 1,100 crore. This high demand for the Ola electric scooters in the market has temporarily led the company to pause and stop its sales for the time being, but you can still do the booking as they are still open. 

Interestingly, Ola has also started home delivery for its electric scooters so the buyers are exempted from the hassle of physical presence and carrying it back home. This also has added ease to customer’s life and is also resulting in the attraction of the customers. Unfortunately, there are no dealerships as yet of the Ola electric scooters and due to their complete novelty in the two-wheeler market, there are no service centres available for the time being and it will definitely take some time for Ola to set up service centres in the respective cities. 

After booking and ordering the electric scooter, the customers have to download the app called ‘Ola champion’ that assigns and informs the customers of the time of arrival of the electric scooter. 

Apart from this, it has been heard that Ola is setting up offline experience centres in various parts of the country and according to the company, its main aim is to set up an experience centre at every part of the city in order to increase the reach to the customers. 

The AI Feature in the Ola Electric Scooter 

This is quite an extraordinary, essential and very attractive feature in the Ola electric scooter or in any electric scooter for that matter. It is the first time we are seeing the technology of AI being implemented in vehicles like scooters apart from cars, aeroplanes, trains, metros, etc. 

So the predictive AI feature is very helpful in providing various kinds of alerts to the users regarding the maintenance and repairs on their smartphones on the ‘Ola Champion’ app. Apart from giving these updates, AI also helps the users to determine whether their electric scooter really needs the service or not, unlike the maintenance with other vehicles whose services have to be done after the stipulated amount of time. This is an important factor that not only saves your time but also the cost that is incurred in the maintenance. 

Moreover, if you have the notification of the maintenance needed on your smartphone, then also you do not go to the service centre and instead, the company will come and pick up your scooter from your home and once the services are done, the electric scooter is dropped back at your place where it was picked up from. 

Price of the Ola Electric Scooter 

Moving on to the price of the Ola electric scooter, it is comparatively costly than the normal scooters we see in the everyday two-wheeler market. But at the same, the features present and the maintenance services rendered in the Ola electric scooter makes the price range quite worthy of it. 

The Ola S1 and S2 models are priced at the cost of INR 99,000 to INR 1,29,999. This price is estimated excluding the state subsidies imposed on electric vehicles by the government. Also, in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, etc. the prices are lower than the prices mentioned above.

Is it the Best Electric Scooter? 

Having talked about all the possible details of the Ola electric scooter, it is inevitable that it is not only the best scooter for adults but also for kids due to the comfort it provides both in driving and maintenance. There is not much hassle regarding anything, and moreover, it is an electric scooter so you do not even have to worry about the fuel refilling. 

All can be done from your own comfort zone just by plugging the charger into a socket and getting your scooter charged. Thus, if we look at it this way, it is not only the best electric scooter for adults but as well as for kids too. Coming to the specifications, the riding range of the scooter is 191 km with a top speed of 90kmph. The battery charging capacity is 5 hours with a rated power of 5500 W. The kerb weight is 121 kg and the seat height of the scooter is 792mm. It also has a front and rear braking system with disc brakes and a combined braking system of both wheels. So, keeping this in mind, we can affirm that despite running on battery, it is the fastest electric scooter and is best for busy people and old people both.

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