Turn Your Doodles Into Realistic Photos With The All-new Nvidia’s Canvas App

NVIDIA’s New Canvas App

If you are not yet aware then you would be equally elated as us to know the new launch by NVIDIA. NVIDIA’s new canvas app uses AI and allows you to paint life-like landscapes and make your doodles into realistic photos. This is a big piece of news, especially for the visual artists who will have a new app with many new and unique features.

Another amazing feature is that even if you are an amateur or completely new to this field of digital art, NVIDIA’s new canvas app is extremely easy to use and is very user friendly. 

With the Nvidia app, you can turn all your childlike doodles and all your artwork into photorealistic images without the need for you to have any artistic skills. You can download the app for free from the Nvidia app windows or Nvidia app store. 

More About NVIDIA’s New Canvas App: NVIDIA’s Studio 

As we know that the Canvas app is a part of Nvidia’s studio, a platform created by Nvidia to support artists and visual creators, and provide them with both hardware and software tools to assist and facilitate their creation of digital art. Canvas app is said to be the consumer-facing version of an app that Nvidia released in 2019. Flash forward to now, the Canvas app is a more advanced app than the one that was released in 2019 with more features and facilities for all the artists. 

With the canvas app that you can find on the Nvidia app, you can sketch with the help of the palette that consists of 15 tools with which you can make and draw simple shapes and lines and innovate them at the same time with the canvas app too. The palette will help you draw figures like mountains, grass, clouds, and many other new and unique weather effects, all of which can later be turned into photorealistic images with the help of artificial intelligence in the canvas app.

In a nutshell, what before seems like a sketch made manually by a human will be turned into a lifelike photorealistic image with a jaw-dropping quality. 

How Does Nvidia’s New Canvas App Use AI to Transform Sketches Into Images?

One must still be wondering about the procedure through which the Nvidia app transforms your sketches into photorealistic images. If we talk of photorealism, one must also remember the role of artificial intelligence played in this procedure.

Let us hop on to the beginning to get the gist! So how do users startup with the sketching to convert to a photorealistic image? You open the canvas app on your Nvidia app windows or your phone through the Nvidia app store. 

Getting on to the practical part, one starts by sketching simple lines, shapes and other figures with the help of the palette provided to the users in the canvas app. Just as you finish your sketch with the real-world material in the Nvidia app, artificial intelligence (AI) comes into action.

The AI then runs over your entire screen and converts your doodle or your sketch into a realistic photo which seems as if it is captured by a camera. The more you draw neatly, the more realistic and detailed your photo will become. So more or less, your doodling also helps you to make your photo more realistic. 

The canvas app is not your painting tool but pretty different from it. This Nvidia’s app has many style filters and palettes with which you stitch together pieces of images, cut and paste different kinds of textures and create a new digital photo out of it. The file in the canvas app is saved as a .psd file. If you want to retouch your final image, then you again do not need to worry at all. 

Final Words

You can simply import the image created by nvidia’s canvas app with AI to Adobe Photoshop and continue with further editing and retouching of the digital artwork. Just with the help of 15 filters and tools you can create photorealistic paintings. You can download the canvas beta version on your computer and give this app a try 


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