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Nokia Corporation is a multinational telecommunications information technology, and consumer electronics company. In the year 186, it was founded and its headquarters is in Espoo, Finland. Nokia ventured and operated in various industries and is a major contributor to the mobile industry. It has assisted the development of GSM, 3G, and LTE standards, and is one of the global competitors in the sector of smartphones, their accessories. In this article, we will discuss the features and review of the latest Nokia power earbuds lite, launched by the company on 23rd September 2020. The different aspects of this accessory would help in understanding the hits and misses scored by it!

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite

In recent times, Nokia has somewhat established itself as a smartphone competitor in India although not as much when compared to brands like Redmi, RealMe in terms of popularity. Nokia brings in several good options and its venture into audio accessories such as earpods includes the – Nokia True Wireless Earbuds, followed by the launch of Nokia power earbuds lite. With several options available in the market let us check out the features and check whether it has met all aspects to become the consumer’s choice.

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Design aspects

  • Earbuds case

Nokia’s earbuds have a peculiar case that stands out from the cases similar or inspired by the Apple Airpods. It has the optimum curves and flatness that make it a suitable case to store the buds and carry them easily. It might look big, but is just as functional and is available in white and matte black finish. The black finish looks stylish and the matte finish makes it unique and those who prefer the usual looks may opt for the plain white one.

The case consists of a C-type USB port at the back, which is the charging port. To charge, use the 25cm USB cable to connect to this port, and as the base is flat, there is no chance for it to wobble or trip. The LED indicators show the current battery level or the charging level of the buds. Apart from being a stable case model, it is also a perfect fit for the earbuds and it can be comfortably removed out. 

  • Earbuds

Unlike the usual earbuds, this might seem a bit oversized, just like its case. It is available in three colors – Snow, Charcoal (Black), Fjord which is a shade of grey. The size might be bigger but it does not compromise comfort in ears and neither do they feel heavy or bulky. The design is comfortable to use even while running or jogging, as it wouldn’t fall off. The earbuds are touch-sensitive, that is, the user can control various features such as the volume level, attend a call, etc. by simple taps or touch. The microphone is located at the bottom of each bud and the brand name is written clearly. Through the transparent covering, the indicator light is visible. Hence, the earbuds look unique and the touch feature works quite well. These earbuds might seem just like any other basic wireless earphones but it has promising IPX7 water-resisting properties which make it a better choice. However, it just missed a point by providing a 6mm driver which makes the audio quality just above average whereas the OnePlus and Realme earbuds that come under the same segment have a 10mm driver.

  • Battery

It has a good battery life with a capacity of 50 mAh. The battery capacity of the case is 600 mAh. Hence, with this long battery life, one can enjoy a wireless experience of music and podcasts for hours, which is up to 35 hours. However, the case doesn’t come with a fast-charging feature, the buds can hold up to 5 hours of usage.

  • Price

The Nokia power earbuds lite price in India is Rs. 3,599 which is lower than the earlier launched buds. However, when we compare it with the currently available options, it fails to beat the OnePlus Buds Z and comes in with higher expectations as the price tends to be towards the higher end.

  • Network and connectivity

It is compatible with any Bluetooth device and supports the 5.0 Bluetooth version. It supports only the SBC Bluetooth codec hence the lack of support for AAC is disappointing. Interestingly, even with the basic SBS Bluetooth codec, they do a decent job proving that better tuning and the driver affect the quality of the sound. The earphones have clear sound quality with a good microphone performance. The connectivity is found to be stable over distances of up to 10 feet and at quiet indoors, the experience is better.

  • Performance

When it comes to performance, Nokia earbuds are a good choice. Usually, either the audio output would be good but the price would be high, or if it is under budget then one might have to compromise with the audio quality. Nokia would fall under the former category as the audio is crisp and clean. If you are someone who attends a lot of calls or video conferences then this is a good choice. When compared to music finesse, these earbuds are better suitable for longer calls. The Nokia earbuds do not compromise on overall hearing quality, offering a balanced reasonable drive and attack level without dropping the details. Hence, if one is in search of a good pair of wireless earphones under Rs. 4000 then Nokia power earbuds lite is a good option and if the budget extends a bit more then there are other options such as the Oppo Enco W51 and Lypertek Levi. Another alternative for the same segment as Nokia would be the OnePlus Buds Z.

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Final Words

Overall, it is an earphone with all the desirable properties expected from wireless earbuds, with a slight problem with its size as some might find it to be uncomfortable. In this article, we have covered everything about the Nokia power earbuds lite along with their specs, and price. Hope this was useful in making the right choice of wireless earbuds.

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