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Revamping and modifying have been two essential processes involved in the development of any app. Recently, Twitter has seen a radical and also controversial change in its mobile app UI design. The new change has been accepted and welcomed by some of the users. At the same time, there are others to whom the revamped version seems a little exaggerated and believe that Twitter could have included other content into the modification process too.

Twitter's New Mobile App UI Design  

So, it is not just the mobile app, but the Twitter website has also undergone many modifications that include changes in font and color palettes. The textual clutter in the interface is also reduced to a great extent in the new update, and many other things are also changed, which are more visible in the mobile app UI. 

What is the chirp?

You might have heard about 'the chirp' while hearing and reading about the revamping of twitter. Chirp is the major highlight of the new Twitter update and it refers to the new font style that has been introduced in the new updated version of Twitter which was introduced earlier this January. Now, Twitter will use the chirp font for iOS, Android, and websites. 

What is the change in the new font like? 

So, with the new chirp text, the western language text will align to the left, whereas all other non-western languages will remain where they originally were. Before this update, Twitter used fonts like SF Pro, Helvetica Neue, and Roboto. Now we have talked about how the new font is the major highlight of this new update; let us learn how and what changes are implicated in the new font that leads to the user interface's change. 

Other Changes in the Twitter Mobile App UI Design 

In the updated version, the mobile app UI design has changed the colors of the button like follow and message. They are made high-contrast, which makes them stand out and also, one will see a lot less blue color on their timeline. There are other changes in the UI design regarding the buttons of Twitter, which are modified to enhance the user's focus and reduce clutter on the mobile app. 

This new change will help the users focus more on the videos and photos created and shared by other Twitter users. Apart from this, Twitter has also announced that it will be launching a new color palette for the app very soon. 

Another change in the mobile app UI design tool is the removal of the visual clutter on the application. Here, the visual clutter refers to the grey backgrounds and divider lines that will be seen lesser than before with the new update. Also, the space between the texts is increased to make it more readable, thereby reducing the visual clutter created by the texts and the tweets.  

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Other Best Mobile App UI Design Templates that you can try!

Apart from what the new update has to offer us, many applications provide you with a unique UI. These are readily available as mobile app UI design tools on your phones. Therefore, let us take a look at some of the beautiful Twitter user interfaces that you should give a try to: 

  1. First things first, Simone Bernabè's mobile app UI design template is quite creative and attractive. The interface of the Twitter mobile app has a search bar above at the top of the main screen and a list of profiles, and then the user homepage. The menu section is present on the bottom right corner of the app, which on tapping, will provide you three options, i.e. search, message, and notifications. This mobile app UI design is made very concise, and therefore it again reduces the visual clutter, which you otherwise will not find in the Twitter app. 
  2. Shrinidhi Gour makes the next mobile app UI design template, and its main highlight is the usage of rounded stacked views. Even the profile page is presented neatly in three different colors and has white assigned for the top, and a light blue color tone that has been assigned to the follower and following part, and black color for the general and the major section of the tweets area. Even the home screen of this mobile app UI design is made of rounded screens and given a quite modern design. 
  3. Prashant Savekar makes the next mobile app UI design tool, and its major highlight is the user tab which consists of three sections, i.e. home, search, and notifications tab. Another noticeable feature of this mobile app UI is that the feed page has a horizontal scroll view of the latest tweets and suggested tweets and pages. This again has simplified the otherwise complicated Twitter visuals. 
  4. Another special mobile app UI template is made by Slava Novgorodtsev, which is the reverse of all the Twitter User Interfaces you have seen. This style of twitter UI is straight minimal and is against a plain white background. Then we have tweets made on a square-shaped card on light color background. Here too, the app uses a tab bar menu consisting of three options: the profile, home, and a new tweet page. 
  5. The fifth mobile app UI template is made by Joshua Raffaelle Baldassarre, which offers a similar user interface as Twitter offers. The only little difference that you will notice here is that the tab bar menu presented on the homepage has four sub-options of a home, search, notifications, and messages, unlike the UI templates talked about earlier. 

These were all the new Twitter mobile app UI design in the latest update, and the famous Twitter UI templates that you should try to enhance the user experience. 

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