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Amazon has always been ahead of its time in terms of introducing new features to its devices that have not been introduced by any other counterparts of amazon in the tech field. This is one thing that makes it stand out from the rest and makes it people’s first choice. The latest feature that we have heard is about how amazon devices will soon start to share your internet access with your neighbors too. From June 8, if you are a resident of the US, then your amazon devices will automatically connect to other amazon devices that are present in your vicinity, sharing your and others’ internet connection to yours and their devices. This might pose a question regarding the utility if it has any. 

If you are not into gadgets, then you would be surprised to know that this is not a new decision. Amazon has been trying to introduce new ideas and features to allow users to remain connected to the internet all the time. So, this new service, which goes by the name of Sidewalk, is a part of Amazon’s wide-ranging devices, which uses part of your WIFI to connect the other devices around you. 

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What Is Amazon’s Sidewalk? 

In layman’s terms, Amazon’s Sidewalk auto connects the devices present in your vicinity to the internet connection. This is a kind of a shared WIFI home connection that connects other devices to the internet. Supposedly, your connection switches off due to some fault or can’t connect to the internet due to other technical problems, then it will regain the internet connection back by connecting to the internet of the other amazon devices present in its vicinity. This is the prime example of how internet connections remain in a seamless connection through this artificial intelligence. 

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Will Amazon Sidewalk Impact Your Data Usage On The Device? 

Now, the inevitable question is that if Amazon auto connects devices through this new feature to provide a seamless and stable internet connection, will it affect your data usage. The answer is yes, it will impact your wireless bandwidth and data usage. As the costumes use it free of any charge, it will impact the person’s from whose device the internet is being used. The Amazon Sidewalk server is kbps, which means it is 1/40th of the bandwidth people generally use to stream an HD video on their devices. Therefore, when you share your connection with the sidewalk, the total data for a month which is capped by Sidewalk is roughly 500 MB, meaning 10 minutes of streaming an HD video. 

How Does The Amazon Sidewalk Work? 

Coming on to the other inevitable question about the working of Amazon sidewalk. Sidewalk creates a robust network through which your echo speaker is already connected to your home WIFI network and other compatible devices. What Amazon does is that it transforms your same home WIFI network into a sidewalk bridge, your device then transforms the connection into its network that is not a WIFI connection. And for connecting other nearby devices, it uses BlueTooth and another type of signal called 900  MHz spectrum. 

How To Disable Amazon Sidewalk?

Many people prefer disabling the amazon sidewalk due to various reasons, and one of them is the privacy concern. It is totally up to you to choose whether you want to enable the auto to connect to other amazon devices or not. Here is how you can switch off the amazon devices auto-connection on your device. 

  1. Go to the settings option.
  2. Tap on account settings.
  3. Click on amazon sidewalk and turn it off.

In this way, all your devices will only connect with the other devices that are placed in the vicinity. 

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An Important Reminder For All The Business Entities

Although, this might pose a problem for home users and other employees working from home. This is even troublesome for small businesses and big IT sectors that are present in congested areas and auto-connect to other devices is inevitable. This new feature can pave a way for hackers to gain access to your system via the smart home devices. 

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