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Neverskip parent app will be your one stop destination for ensuring the right thing for your child online. With the world is pacing fast towards advancements and digitalization of every field possible. Especially the time of Covid-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of the internet that kept us connected even when far away. A lot has changed: digitalization has penetrated the lives of those who hadn’t even used a smart gadget before. School students, college students, office goers, etc. have spent their pandemic through online classes and work from home. When it comes to young students attending online classes and accessing gadgets, proper care and guidance must be instilled by their parents and the responsible elders.

Keeping an eye on their kids is not possible all the time, so the parents need some help to make sure that their child is exposed only do the right things and also ensure that they attend the online classes regularly.

The Neverskip Parent App is one such solution that helps parents to keep track of their child’s educational activities without much stress or confusion. In this article, we will discuss all the features that this app provides and its uses.

What is Neverskip Parent App?

The Neverskip Parent App is the best example of the Indian Smart Education industry, as it is a key player offering comprehensive digital solutions for the K12 segment. It is a one-stop solution for parents to know and keep track of all the educational activities for their child.

About 1200+ schools that have a partnership with  Neverskip App use Neverskip products every day. Starting from the admission process to knowing the school schedules, a parent can know everything about their child’s school life through this application.

Unique Features

The concept to bridge the communication glitches between the parents and teachers helps in identifying and helping the kid to adapt and learn better in the virtual or online-based environment. This is achieved by the application and here are some of the features that this application provides to the parents: 

  • This always keeps the parents and the staff connected through simple mediums such as smartphones.
  • The parents can keep track of school activities, schedules, and calendars.
  • Real-time tracking of school buses is possible.
  • It is available for Android as well as Apple devices from Google Play Store and Apple Play Store respectively.
  • It has desktop compatibility and the same features in smartphones can be experienced on a PC or laptop.
  • This acts as a bridge between the child’s online education system and the parents.
  • Sharing and accessing photos, videos, and school functions are possible.
  • Get information about the interesting activities for your kids in your locality.
  • Regularly updates the school project and homework of each student individually. This reduces the burden of teachers to constantly checking and storing the assignments.

Hence, this educational solution would make life easier for students, parents, and teachers by creating a better communicable virtual environment.

Application Details

  • Currently, the available version of this educational application is 1.89 and is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 PC or laptops.
  • The size of the application is 16M.
  • This is one of the latest applications launched this year. It was released on 22nd January 2021.

Privacy Protection

Every application must have guidelines to ensure the protection of the user’s data. As this application involves specific details about the activities and progress of the student, several check mechanisms have been made by the application to keep the environment safe and secured.

Here are a few features that describe the importance provided by the application to the privacy of the student, parent, and teacher:

  • One can easily publish the photos and videos from devices like mobile, Tab, or by using the Web portal.
  • Highly secured and multiple levels of access are designed, such that the parents are unable to access other data and the teachers have restricted access-for the class which they handle.
  • Clear engagement guidelines are set.
  • Easily a two-way communication can be set in a secured manner.

These features of Neverskip App can be hence summarized as:

  • Academic tracking
  • Activities updates
  • Attendee information in one touch
  • One can get fee specifics and also the option to pay directly from your mobile phone.
  • Access the photos, videos of school functions, and more such that privacy is kept intact.

Note: This application can be only activated by the parents (and no other third person) who have the authority to access the application.

Installation of the Application for PC

Follow these steps to know how to install and use this application for an effective online education experience.

Emulator For Application:

  • First, you will need to download a third-party Windows PC emulator for the safe running of the ‘Neverskip Parental’ application on your laptop, mobile, or PCs.
  • There is a wide range of emulator options available online.
  • Some of the popular ones are as listed below:
    1. BlueStacks
    2. Nox APK Player
    3. BigNox
  • Download the emulator that you find suitable.
  • Now run the emulator for android on your PC or laptop.
  • Use your Google account credentials and log in.
  • Install the Neverskip Parent application after downloading it from the Google Play Store. Search for ‘School Parent application’ to get this application.
  • After installation, you can use the application on your desktop or laptop just like on smartphones.
  • Android emulators are complete for use for both – on Windows 10, 8, 7, PCs, and Mac with Neverskip parent application.


Hence, in this article, we have covered all the aspects of one of the most important applications required for this tech-generation. Starting from what is the Never skip parent application to its uses, unique features and the advantages of having it has been pointed out. Hope this article was useful for you to understand and make online education easier to handle.

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