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As we move into 2022 after spending an entire year in quarantine, we have adopted a completely new way to adapt to this lifestyle without any physical contact. And as the meetings, classes and exams go completely online, all of us are still adjusting to this lifestyle, especially the older and the smaller ones. 

Many users are still not aware of the basic functions of online video calls done via different applications and one of them is the most crucial one: muting and unmuting your mic during your office meetings and classes.

Muting is one thing one must take care of at all times is whether your mic is mute or not either it ends up giving shame when you realize that your colleagues or classmates have listened or have been listening to your casual conversations, and no one wants that at any cost! 

With a large variety of video calling apps introduced and used by the consumers, we have picked up the most used ones to show the muting and unmuting methods on each one of them. So, let us head on to the steps of how to mute a mic during online meetings. Here are the four different applications covered in this article:

  1. How to mute mic on google meet?
  2. How to mute mic on skype?
  3. How to mute mic on zoom?
  4. How to mute mic on Microsoft teams?

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Let us hop on to each one’s method quickly!

How To Mute Mic On Google Meet?

As most of us use either google meet or zoom for our online video calling session, let us start with how to mute mic on google meet. In google meet, the video conferences are termed as ‘hangouts.’ Now you naturally need to mute mic on google meet and it can be any reason. Here is how you do it:

  1. If you use Google meet on PC, bring your cursor down the edge of the screen and if you are using a phone then all you need to do is tap anywhere in the middle of the screen.
  2. After this, a microphone and call toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen consisting of three main options: call icon, a camcorder icon and a microphone icon in the middle of the toolbar.
  3. To mute mic on google meet, press the microphone icon and it will turn red. This means your mic is muted now and every participant of the meeting will be notified about this.

If you wish to unmute your mic on google meet, press again on the microphone and your mic is unmuted again.  

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How To Mute Mic On Zoom?

After google meet comes to zoom, the most used platform for all your conferences, classes and meetings. The video calls on the zoom app are known as ‘zoom meetings’ giving it a more formal touch, unlike google meet. Here are the steps to mute mic on zoom:

  1. In a PC, hover your cursor towards the end of your screen or tap anywhere on the screen if you are attending a class or meeting online via the zoom app.
  2. A black color toolbar will appear with grey icons.
  3. The mute button is located in the extreme left corner beside the video camera option. Click on the mute button or just tap on it if the device supports touch screen feature.
  4. You will notice that the microphone option on the desktop screen has changed and made a red cross over the mic.

This is when you know that your mic is completely mute. To unmute, you have to click or touch the same icon and the red cross over the mic will disappear. That is how you mute mic on zoom.

How To Mute Mic On Skype?

Professionals tend to switch to skype and many schools have opted for skype for imparting online classes during the pandemic. It can pose a difficulty in skype to locate the mute button amidst all other options because other options clubbed together alongside the mute icon. Let us see how to mute on skype via these easy steps:

  • Tap on the screen and it will display an array of different options. Click on the microphone to mute it. Click again to unmute. The mic on muting will turn greyish with a slanting cross over it.
  • Another way to mute mic on skype is through the touch-tone commands which are *6 for muting and unmuting the microphone.
  • If you are in the meeting and your mute button is already greyed out, it means that the host has not allowed anyone to mute their mic.

Another important thing to remember is that when you join a meeting, the default option in skype is an unmuted microphone. Hence, you have to mute it immediately after joining.

How To Mute Mic On Microsoft Teams?

This is another competitor to zoom these days. Microsoft teams have almost the same muting option as zoom and other video conferencing apps discussed above. Let us learn to mute mic on Microsoft teams too:

  1. If you call from your desktop, you will see a toolbar at the bottom and if you use a phone then click anywhere on the screen to make the toolbar pop up.
  2. Click on the microphone options and then will appear a slanting line crossing over the microphone that makes it muted.

This is how you mute mic on Microsoft teams. One has to keep in mind that generally in every application the mic is unmuted by default when you join the meeting. You can change it through the settings. 

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