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Purchased a new android phone but want to check if it is the same model you wanted? Or you couldn’t remember what model phone do you own that you bought long ago? Don’t worry, this is the right place where you can find all the right solutions to know about the model of android phone that you own!

The phone information like its model, IMEI number, Android version, etc. is important to explore, know about your phone’s key features, and use it to its full efficiency. Unlike ordinary purchaser who looks at the phone’s stylish looks, if you are real phone geeks then this is what you are looking for. 

Here are a few quick solutions for finding model of android phone.

Android phone model

Before getting into ‘how to find model of android phone’, let’s understand the importance of knowing the model:

  • The exact model must be known to ensure that you purchase the exact phone that you selected or wanted.
  • Even though you buy an Android phone, under the same brands the features like RAM, processor, SIM slots, etc would be different based on the particular model.
  • On the whole, to identify your device and get its details, one will need to know its model number, carrier, phone OS type, and other details.

In iOS phones like the iPhone, the model number is printed on the device, but it is not the same for a majority of the android devices.

Many popular brands use the Android OS in their devices hence there might be slight changes in the steps to find out the model type based on the brand the usual techniques are as mentioned here.

How to find model of android phone

For the phone you are already using, follow the quick steps and find out your exact model number which you can use to further browse or ask for a detailed description.

Steps to find a model number using Menu:

  • Open your quick access panel or Quick settings, by swiping your screen downwards and select the ‘Settings’ option.
  • All the settings and information about the phone are provided under this panel by every Android phone manufacturer.
  • Swipe to the bottom of the settings to find ‘About phone’. Click the option to see all the details like:
    • Model name/number
    • IMEI number
    • Serial number
  • You can also find the software information, battery information, status, and legal information about your phone.

Tips to find the model number if you cannot access it

  • In Android phone brands such as Samsung, LG, etc the model number or model name is usually printed on the back of the device.
  • The information along with other details like serial number, brand name, etc is mostly located at the bottom of the phone’s backside.
  • In Android 10:
    • Open ‘Settings’ > Select ‘About phone’ > Find Model name/number
  • In Android 8.0/ 9.0:
    • Open ‘Settings’ > Select ‘System’ > Click on ‘About phone’ > Find Model name/ number
  • In Android 7.x or earlier versions:
    • Open ‘Settings’ > Select ‘About phone’ > Find Model name/number

Steps to find the model of the android phone which is packed:

In case you want to find your phone model that was just delivered or purchased brand new in a sealed box, then follow the steps as given below:

  • Check for the information or details about the phone on the box in which it is sealed. Usually, the model name or number, phone serial number, brand name, etc are printed on the box itself.
  • Further, you will surely be provided with a bill receipt that would have every detail about the phone, its model type, price, tax, serial number, etc. You can verify or check with the receipt in the future in case of any dispute.

Steps to find the model of android phone in non-sealed devices:

In non-sealed android phones, the devices back can be easily opened. 

  • Open the back of your device.
  • Remove the device battery.
  • You will find a printed sticker with all the details including the model name or number.

However, this type of phone has been reduced drastically in production by almost every android smartphone manufacturer.

Hereafter are mentioned steps for particular brands and how to find model of android phone.


Nokia is one of the most popular brands of mobile phones whether it is the handset or keypad type phone or the latest android smartphones. Even though we are focusing only on android based phones here’s a bonus tip to find the model type of your any Nokia phone:

  • Press *#0000# in your phone to find out the – Full model name or the model number, software running, etc.
  • Or you can follow the general steps, that is:
    • Open ‘System settings’ from the Menu > Swipe down to the bottom > Tap on ‘About phone’ > Know your model information


In Blackberry android phone the steps for different versions are:

  • Version 4.0/5.0 Software
    • Open ‘Options’ > About > model name/number
  • Version OS 6/ OS 7
    • Open settings > Select ‘Options’ > Click on ‘About device versions’ > Model information
  • Version 10
    • Open ‘Settings’ > Select ‘About’ > Get information about model

Another tip for finding your android phone model without following the above-mentioned steps then try this hack:

  • To find the phone model name then open your Bluetooth.
  • Usually, if the name is not set by the user then the mobile model name is preset.

So, we have found several different ways to find out the exact model of android phones for various versions and brands of smart Android phones. Exploring smart devices is always fun as we get to unlock new features each time. Hope this article was useful in learning ways to find an android phone model. Let’s make learning enjoyable whether it be an Android phone or any other latest gadget!

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