How Mitsubishi Electric Automation Tech Is Going To Change Lives Forever?





With huge advancements in almost every business domain, the electric automation network rises to flourish and reach out with every kind of solution that a user requires. In this article, we will be checking out some of the top brands and what makes them unique, such as Mitsubishi electric automation, Lincoln electric automation, and Schneider electric automation.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Smart Manufacturing is already in practice, with many businesses spending extensively on automation and information processing to modernize for advanced manufacturing. As the road toward Industry 4.0 progresses, collaborating with technology leaders becomes increasingly important. Mitsubishi Electric automation has a long history of being a market leader in servo, drive, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), and HMI (Human Machine Interface) solutions, all of which are programmable using universal tools to give great engineering productivity. These same software tools are also used to exchange data with MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and ERP (Enterprise resource planning) systems, as well as to simulate and configure the sophisticated line of robots. Using various common protocols via Ethernet and connecting industrial IoT has never been easier with Mitsubishi Electric Automation.

Current Scenario

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a world leader in manufacturing, brand management, and sales of electrical and electronic products used in information processing and transmission, space development and satellite communications, consumer electronics, industrial technology, energy, transportation, and building equipment, with over 100 years of experience. In the spirit of "Changes for the Better," Mitsubishi Electric enriches society with technology. In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021, the firm earned 4,191.4 billion yen (US$ 37.8 billion*).

Mitsubishi Electric Automation for Various Domains

They specialize in helping sectors that require automation, from oil and gas to automobiles manufacturing, production, shipping, and beyond, as one of the leading automated production firms.

Mitsubishi electric automation solutions are of a wide range, starting from automating the business sales, marketing data, to providing intelligent automation for manufacturing, and for automotive, electronics industries. Company owners are looking for ways to save time everywhere from the sales floor to production and warehousing in today's fast-paced, dynamic marketing world. In every way, more time saved translates to more business. As a result, sales automation software is essential. Instead of acquiring the data, the business will have more time to develop and follow up with leads while saving time by automating information.

One can have access to every piece of data required at fingertips with the help of linked equipment in line with IoT, making you a front runner among sales automation firms. It allows you to share one's present and potential consumers all the information they need to see to understand why you're a leader in your field. When asked about your bottom-line sales numbers, turnaround time, or ability to ramp up production to meet customer demands, the business owners will no longer be stumped as they have access to data. This is exactly what Mitsubishi Electric automation offers.

Lincoln Electric Automation

Lincoln Electric automation appears to be from a standard mid-sized firm at a first impression. It concentrates on manufacturing welding materials and supplies, which are increasingly crucial for a wide range of applications in fast-growing industries such as oil and gas drilling, power generation, shipbuilding, automotive, and industrial construction. The Ohio-based corporation has about 10,000 workers globally and has made more than $2.8 billion in sales in the last year. In an era when most manufacturing companies have moved their operations overseas in the name of cost savings, Lincoln Electric acknowledges that by keeping its employees, it maintains the human resources that it has worked upon to develop and train, saving it thousands of workforce spent bringing a new workforce up to full speed.

Lincoln Electric Automation satisfies the investors, customers, and its employees

Lincoln Electric performs a good job of making its products a vital element of its users' work for customers. Lincoln Electric fosters loyalty among individuals who use its goods by making them easy to use while also being successful for the numerous objectives it must fulfill, increasing the likelihood that they will return as repeat customers. In other circumstances, shareholders may be concerned that such devotion to employees would come at the price of their own interests. Nonetheless, share prices have climbed at a 15 percent annual rate since 2008, and at a rate of more than 18 percent over the last decade, with revenue growth averaging more than 5 percent per year and a more than the reasonable return on capital. As of 2020, the corporation avoided layoffs for the second year in a row, continuing a trend that dates back to early 1948.

Schneider Electric Automation

Schneider Electric automation is the digital partner for business sustainability and efficiency, accelerating the technological change of structures, equipment, and businesses to create an effective and green future in the electric-powered world. They have built a strong, platform-independent software portfolio by collaborating with world-leading independent software companies like AVEVA to bring digitalization power and automation to all users — empowering them with a streamlined and collaborative workflow across the full lifespan, from development to construction, and then run and maintain the same.


EcoStruxure is Schneider Electric's Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled, plug-and-play, open, extensible framework and platform for residences, buildings, server farms, assets, and businesses. From integrated solutions to the management of applications, data analysis, and providing services,  Schneider Electric automation supports them all.

On the whole, all these are businesses that ensure development and achieving goals by focusing on the current demands of the consumers. This key factor is the tip that every industry irrespective of its domain must follow. In this article, we have discussed in detail the uniqueness and the solutions provided by the top global companies in the field of electric solutions such as Mitsubishi electric automation and its competitors. Hope this was useful in understanding the current market and the strategies of these global leaders working to incorporate automation in every aspect of life.

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