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Mojang’s sandbox video game called Minecraft was first launched after all the testing in the year 2011. Minecraft is a game that gives the player the freedom of making choices. The game has no particular goals to be achieved or sequential tasks to be completed to move further. This is the main reason why the game has gained popularity and welcomed several updates in terms of experience, creation of materials or goods, adventures, etc. 

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In this article, we are going to mainly focus on the detailed steps to make glass in Minecraft, which is one of the most useful objects that serve multiple purposes. Along with the steps of creation, its function and usage would also be discussed.

Minecraft: Creation Of Materials

Those who have played Minecraft would be familiar with the fact that just as in real life, the right combinations of raw materials can be used to create much more sophisticated tools, potions, materials, weapons, etc. The game asks for the creation of such materials for the survival of the player against the troubles such as mob attacks, starvation, dragon, etc. however the steps involved might differ based on the type or mode of the game and based upon the platform used, such as – Xbox 360, Java Edition, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, etc.

The different modes of Minecraft available for players to enjoys varied adventures, stories and world are as mentioned below:

  • Minecraft: Story Mode
  • Minecraft Classic
  • Minecraft Earth
  • Minecraft Dungeons

Apart from these, there are certain specific editions, for example, the Education edition was designed and developed for students in schools and it has a Chemistry Resource Pack, unlike the Bedrock edition. In this game, the materials must be searched, and collected by the player. For example, gems like Diamond, Emerald, Nether star, Ender pearl, Glowstone dust, etc.  can be only collected when found but cannot be created by the player. Some of the objects can be made using either the crafting table or the furnace. Once the player finds an object, it can be collected which gets stored in their inventory. 

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Uses Of Glass In Minecraft

Glass is one of the important items that a player must have in this game. It is a transparent block that comes under the basic tool with massive utility. However, there are different versions of tinted glass and colored glass available, which are different from the glass block. These can be used as decorative items. The glass block can be used to let light pass and obstruct anything else from reaching the player. Mobs like the Endermen, cannot even see the player through the glass block. Another important usage of glass is that it can be used to build a greenhouse that would keep the player safe from threats during the night. It can also be used to make glass decorations, glass or potion bottles, etc.

How To Make Glass In Minecraft?

Now that we have a clear idea of what glass in Minecraft is and what are its uses, let us proceed with the materials required, making steps, etc.

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Materials required to make glass

There are three items or materials required to make the glass, which is – a block of sand, a furnace, and a furnace fuel of any kind.

  • Sand block

Sand blocks can be easily collected by the players as no special equipment or tools are required. It is usually found close to water bodies and it can be found within a short span of exploration of the world. To collect it, the player has to break the sand block by hand and add it to their inventory.

  • Furnace

The furnace must be created and cannot be collected, unlike the sand block. 

  • Furnace fuel

Collect or mine fuel that can be used in furnaces for its functioning such as coal, wood, etc. Any kind of fuel can be used to create a glass block. Once all these raw materials are collected and the furnace is built, the player can create the glass.

Steps to make glass

  • Step 1

After collecting all the items, return to the home and right-click on the furnace to interact with it, and open the furnace menu. It would have three slots, in which the upper and lower slots must be filled with raw materials that interact to form the desired object that can be collected from the third slot.

  • Step 2

Place the furnace fuel on the bottom slot and the sand block on the top slot of the furnace. Apart from coal, wood, etc, any products made of wood can be used along with lava buckets, charcoal, etc.

  • Step 3

The sand would begin to smelt, then wait for the process to be finished to obtain glass. On successful creation, it can be added to the inventory of the player by simply dragging and adding it. Further to create stained glass blocks use the red or green dye by placing it on the crafting table and make dyed glass blocks.

Point to be noted: The glass blocks are mainly used to have better visibility of the outer world while others cannot see through it. The stained glass panes are used as decorative and are comparatively smaller in size. Hence, the blocks can be used for the creation of larger projects such as walls whereas the panes can be used for smaller areas such as windows.

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In this article, we have covered the steps to make glass in Minecraft along with the required raw materials, their procurement, and the uses. Hope this was useful for you to create glass and enjoy Minecraft by building the tools or materials you wanted!

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