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Animation and animated videos have been ruling the world of entertainment starting from the early stage of evolution where graphics symbols and drawings made manually were the sources of creating a video. 

Animation is a systematic process that involves various steps such as drawing, sequencing, and making layouts and this task requires lots of skills and patience, especially in the era where everything required manual labor. As of today, the evolution of digital gadgets has brought in several tools that make such tasks very easy.

In this article, we will focus on some of the best tools that one can use to make free online animated videos without any prior experience or knowledge in the field. This is a complete guide for those who want to learn everything about animation along with the steps on how to create online animated videos for free!

Why Do We Need Animation Tools?

An animator creates various sets of drawings along with the layouts such that when sequentially arranged they tend to form a video upon continuous viewing. This is the general meaning of animation where drawing appears to be moving rather than being a mere static photo when the photographic sequences along with the right multimedia platform integration are possible. 

There are various computer tools available that are used by professionals in the field of gaming, entertainment industry such as filmmaking, etc. however there are also tools that are suitable for creating effective animations and no expertise.

This reduces the efforts involved to make the best online animated videos which otherwise is a tedious task that requires artistic skills to make identical depictions or animated characters. With these tools make free online animated videos for YouTube videos, video games, commercials, etc. on a scale lower than trined animators but definitely better than the amateurs. Before beginning with the various tools, let us understand in detail the types of animation.

Here are the different types of animations:

  • Traditional animation is also known as cell animation. These are the ones that consist of hand-drawn pictures or animation.
  • Cut-out animation or stop animation, also known as Claymation
  • Motion graphics which include computerized animated characters, digital logo, etc.
  • 2D animation and 3D animation

The entertainment industry such as the film industry and television program industries, advertisement industry, etc. are hugely successful mainly because of the improvements in the field of multimedia and animation graphics. The graphics, cartoons, serials, and creative presentation require animations, hence these types of animation tools prove to be very useful.

Best Tools to Create Animations

If you are wondering how to do these professionals create customized and creative videos for YouTube or advertisements then here are the technological solutions to overcome the complicated process and enjoy the smooth experience of making animation videos with help of the free online animation makers. 

Here, there’s another issue that most of the users get confused about while choosing the right solution suitable for themselves, hence this list of some of the best animation-making tools will help to try out the unique tools and choose the exact one.

1. PowToon

PowToon is an online tool to make free online animated videos that allow the users to enjoy it for free for a limited period of time. There are three different categories under the PowToon usage types, that is, the limited free license, a Business license, and a Pro license. It consists of all the required tools to make animated videos when paired with the basic necessities such as internet connectivity and a web browser.

The unique feature that distinguishes PowToon from the other animation makers is the availability of the mode shifting option that allows usage or creation of customized videos using the Presentation mode and Animation mode. As its name suggests, this tool is mainly used for making ‘Cartoons’ or cartoon-based subjects. However, if you want a tool with a wider horizon then you must explore the following options.

2. Moovly

Moovly is a platform that is entirely cloud-based and has several features to make free online animated videos without any fuss. Since it is a cloud-based solution one need not have to download or use any application or software and it is accessible from anywhere at any time!

To begin with, Moovly provides a wide range of options when it comes to the styles to choose from for your animation video, and one can also create customized, personalized doodles or cartoon styles apart from the pre-existing options. Hence, this is suitable for all kinds of animated video making irrespective of the platform such as it is useful for business organizations, schools, or any other institute. 

Another unique feature is that Moovly has more than 1 million media contents in its media library which include motion graphics, music or audio files, stock videos, background sounds, images, illustrations, etc. The highlighting fact is that all these are available for free and all the contents are royalty-free! 

Unlike the other video makers, this is the animation maker that provides a fully featured free version instead of the limited free version or license. One can simply sign up and start working instantaneously to create animation content of your own.

3. Animaker

Animaker is an animation maker that helps to create effective animations with the help of pre-designed animation templates to which one can add the texts. The entire video will be in presentation mode made of different slides of different styles, designs, and texts. This tool is ideal if you are looking for an animation maker to create simple, text-based animation videos instead of highly customized ones.

In this article, we have discussed in detail the importance of using modern technological tools to make free online animated videos by using animation makers or video-making tools. Hope these pieces of information about animation videos and the steps involved in making them were useful to create custom videos of your own!

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