How To Make A Degree Symbol In PowerPoint?

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Have confusion in finding the degree symbol in PowerPoint?

The degree symbol is not present on your keyboard. So, you will not find it there. There are two ways to inserting degree symbol in PowerPoint.

Inserting degree symbol in PowerPoint slide using the PowerPoint ribbon

Here are the steps you need to follow

  1. Click on the textbox on the slide in which you want to put the degree symbol. Now, select it.
  2. Click on the “Insert” tab and select the “symbol” option. In some genres of PowerPoint, the “symbol” option shows up on the distant right margin of the menu.
  3. In the box that pops up, make sure to choose the (normal text) in the “Font:” menu. Also, make sure that you select the ‘Superscripts and Subscripts’ option in the other menu.
  4. Select the “ASCII (decimal)” option present at the bottom of the window next to the “from” option.
  5. Now start scrolling it until you see the degree sign.
  6. Select the “Insert” button, present at the bottom.
  7. Now, tap on the “Close” option to exit the “Symbol” dialog box and get back to the PowerPoint document.

PowerPoint generally does not provide any confirmation about the completion of step 6. After tapping on “Insert”, if you want to be assured whether the degree symbol in PowerPoint sign was inserted or not, then just slide the dialog box out of the page or simply close it.

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Inserting degree symbol in PowerPoint with the help of a shortcut key combination

Shortcut keys are more methodical, especially in the case of inserting symbols. In contrast of which, you would have to scroll by a list of numerous other symbols to find the right symbol which you are looking for. Moreover, this method is easy to work with, wherever you are – whether it be an email, web browser, etc.

Use a customary keyboard to insert the° degree symbol

  1. Firstly, select the field where do you exactly want the degrees sign to be placed.
  2. Now, apply the degree symbol in PowerPoint shortcut key to insert the sign: Alt + 0176. In simple words, press down the Alt key On the keyboard and then operate the keypad to type 0176. Further, you can remove your fingers off the alt key to check for the degree symbol in PowerPoint appearing or not.
  3. But if this method does not work, make sure that the NUM lock is not activated on the keypad of your keyboard, or else, turn off the NUM lock. If in case it remains on, the keypad will not receive or allow any number of inputs.

And you don’t have the option to insert the° applying the top row of numbers.

Inserting degree symbol in PowerPoint without using a number keyboard

Every laptop keyboard contains an ‘Fn’ key i.e; a function key. The function key is used only to access the additional features that are generally not available because of the presence of a fewer number of keys on a customary laptop keyboard.

If your keyboard does not have a keypad but has the function keys, then you can go for this method:

  1. Press on the Alt and Fn keys at the same time or parallel.
  2. Look for the keys that are the same as the function keys i.e; having the same color as that of the Fn keys.
  3. Now, tap on the keys that show 0176. Then, let go of the Alt and Fn keys to place the degree symbol in PowerPoint.

Knowing the way to insert special characters or symbols in an exceedingly degree symbol in PowerPoint presentation for your tiny business will offer your presentation an elegant look. Even though you recognize wherever to find the gathering of symbols and special characters among degree symbol in PowerPoint, having to sift through all of the choices to seek out one specific character may result in a wastage of time. If you recognize the character code related to your character or image, like the code for the degree image, you will save yourself a great deal of your time.

PowerPoint Tricks For Wow-Worthy displays

As a business skilled, you’ve in all probability splashed within the art of PowerPoint. And if you host webinars frequently, then you have surely picked up many tricks to spice up your displays and create them additional engaging too.

Whether you are a PowerPoint tyro or associate degree symbol in PowerPoint rising professional, here are some cool PowerPoint tips and tricks you will need handy for your next presentation.

PowerPoint Basics Everybody Ought To Recognize

Do not accept the fundamental, intrinsical PowerPoint templates-

PowerPoint templates create your lives easier. Templates mean you don’t get to style everything from scratch. Simply choose your layout, add your content, create many edits here and there, and you’re done.

So why not use the fundamental templates in PowerPoint

Millions of individuals have used these templates in their displays. If you don’t need your presentation to seem sort of a copy-paste, me-too version, keep one’s eyes off from the intrinsical templates.

There are different free and premium templates out there on the far side that Microsoft provides. 

Use Format Painter to avoid wasting time

Format Painter saves you time. Tons of it.

Here’s wherever you discover this keen time-saver on your degree symbol in PowerPoint ribbon

If you have ever tried copy and pasting one element’s format to several different parts on the constant slide, or a hundred different slides, you recognize however long the method is.

Without Format Painter, information parts go one thing like this

Format one component and bear in mind all the various settings.

Format the second component and so attempt to bear in mind all the settings from the primary component.



Look at the clock and understand you have wasted ten minutes.

With Format Painter, however, all you are doing is

  1. Click the primary component.
  2. Hit Format Painter.
  3. Click the second component.

That’s it! If you would like to repeat the primary component’s format and paste it into over one element, simply double-click Format Painter and click on every component you would like to format one by one. Once you have formatted all the weather, hit ESC on your keyboard. It’s that simple.

PowerPoint Animation Tricks

Here are some PowerPoint Animation tricks

Animate a multidimensional language to form it arouse

Flowcharts are good thanks to showing complicated info. However, you will not need to indicate a whole multidimensional language quickly. Instead, you would like every purpose to look at the proper time therefore you will discuss every purpose verbally.

Here’s how you animate a flow chart in PowerPoint

Animation Tab & Animation Pane

Click the primary component, point, or method in your multidimensional language. Then choose associate degree animation from the Animations tab.

Define every element’s animation and temporal arrangement settings.

You can additionally open the Animations Pane to look at and change your animation settings.

Repeat steps one and a pair for all parts in your multidimensional language. Confirm that you preview the complete multidimensional language animation and edit as necessary.

The new Zoom feature for workplace

If you’ve got an energetic workplace 365 subscription, and you’ve downloaded the newest version of PowerPoint, you’ve got the Zoom possibility on the Insert tab.

As you will see, there are 3 Zoom options:

  • Summary Zoom
  • Section Zoom
  • Slide Zoom

PowerPoint Zoom feature exclusive to workplace 365 subscribers

The Zoom feature is nice once you need to leap from one section or slide to a different one. However, with Zoom, you will instantly go from slide ten to fifty-five before your audience has an opportunity to lose interest. You would get to arrange ahead and recognize that slide you would like to skip to.

The outline Zoom feature creates an outline slide that is analogous to a ‘table of contents’ for your slides.

Insert this outline slide anyplace you would like, it doesn’t get to be the primary slide in your presentation.

The Section Zoom feature permits you to leap from one section to a different, whereas the Slide Zoom feature permits you to leap to any slide in your presentation.

Hope you find this article useful in understanding the steps of inserting a degree symbol in PowerPoint. This article also contains some tricks to make PowerPoint presentations amazing.

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