Why Should You Learn Microsoft Excel In 2021?





Microsoft Excel is a software suite developed by Microsoft that is compatible with Windows, ios, Android, and iPad, iPhones, etc. It allows us to calculate, visualize, including graphs and tables features, along with Visual Basic for Applications, a macro computer program (VBA). It has been a very prominent worksheet on multiple platforms, especially since version 5 in 1993, and this has overtaken Lotus 1-2-3 as the accepted standard for spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel is part of the Microsoft Office software package, along with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc. In today’s world, it is basic to learn Microsoft excel.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the initiatives that one must take to learn Microsoft Excel and use it efficiently in their profession or day-to-day life. We will summarize the importance of Microsoft Excel along with the benefits of earning Excel certification for your career growth. So let us begin with understanding what it means to learn the latest Microsoft Excel 2021 version.

Why is it Necessary to Learn Microsoft Excel?

Career growth is the ultimate aim of every employee. To achieve steady growth, equipping oneself with tools like Microsoft Excel helps you to stand out from the crowd aiming for the same goal as you. To learn Microsoft Excel is useful, especially to run a business as it is utilized for activities such as billing, and database administration. 

Let us check out other applications of spreadsheets to conclude whether it is the right tool to enhance your daily life and career. Microsoft Excel supports tasks such as evaluation, warehousing, economics, business ventures, and complicated calculations. Every mathematical operation and data entry activity is possible through this application. So, one can check and handle their debts, and expenses effectively. In this fast-paced world, everyone is in search of quick solutions and shortcuts to resolve their daily problems. With Excel, budgeting and calculating monthly expenditure are very easy and reliable as it provides accurate results.

Here are the most important business uses for Microsoft Excel:

  • Storage of data and for data entry activities.
  • Record keeping and verification of the collected data.
  • Asset monitoring by the administration and managerial executives.
  • Analysis of data and identifying the error or loss factor.
  • Effective visualization of facts and numeric data.
  • Forecasting the effects based on analysis of data.

Technology changes with time and this evolution is inevitable. So, it is better to keep up with the pace and learn the unknown. Even though many of us use Microsoft Office Suite applications on a regular basis, many possess just the basic handling skill. Hence, if you are wondering which is the best way to learn Microsoft Excel then there are several platforms offering certification and remote learning.

Why should you focus on certification?

The best way to learn Microsoft Excel is by joining a certification course offered by reputed platforms such as Microsoft Excel Certifications (Microsoft) and Excel from Beginner to Advanced (Udemy). Certification is the only way through which your potential employer can know if you are an expert in Excel operation or just a mere user. 

To learn Microsoft Excel and get a certificate is proof of your skill that many do not possess. In the job market, employers and hiring managers will find it easy to choose you against others if Excel is important for the business. In some cases, the company specifies the requirement of Microsoft Excel certification for the respective position. Such positions deal with the responsibility of managing complex workbooks, accounting, and utilizing VBA.

Apart from proving your competence, a certification shows your dedication and commitment to learning a skill. Such a demonstration of effort can make a huge difference in your career growth. Let us check out some of the jobs where you are required to learn Microsoft Excel 2021 usage and its certification creates a positive impact on your profile.

  • Business data analyst
  • Financial administrator
  • Cost or Revenue estimators
  • Market analyzer
  • Auditors
  • Digital marketing and estimation 

So, irrespective of the business type, if you are a Microsoft Excel pro then it will highlight your resume against the crowd.

How to Learn Microsoft Excel?

Apart from opting for the best certification course, here are tricks and tips for you to learn Microsoft Excel and master it. 

1. Solve simple maths equations in Microsoft Excel

Solving basic maths is the first step for you to familiarize yourself with the platform. This method allows one to use Excel, type in its format, and get comfortable before getting into dealing with complex problems. 

For any problem, you need to type the ‘equal to’ symbol along with the operation to get the solution. For example, to solve ‘2+2’in Excel, the input in the cell must be ‘=2+2’. Then on pressing ‘Enter’ it will show '4 ‘4’as the result.

2. Learn create tables and charts

Basic maths is not the ultimate goal although it is useful to understand the nature of the Microsoft excel platform. The next step is to proceed with learning to create tables and charts that allow you to handle data and organize them. 

To create a table, select all the data values including the numerical and the headings that will also be present in the table. Now click on the ‘Quick Analysis’ option located at the bottom of the selection. Now, choose the ‘Table’ option from the Tables Tab. Further, the data in the table is flexible to changes in their arrangement and sorting.

Similarly, to create a graph or a chart, choose the data set and use the ‘Charts’ option instead of the Tables settings. The preview of the visualization will be shown which allows alteration using the ‘More Option. 

In this article, we have discussed the reasons for one to learn Microsoft Excel along with the various tips to achieve the goal. Learning Excel and mastering it is the key to succeed in a career for everyone aiming for growth in no matter whichever field they are. Every data-related sector prefers to hire talented data handlers and learning Microsoft Excel like a pro is the first stepping stone to become one.

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