5 Foolproof Ways To Keep Your Wireless Network Secure





 As all of us have been working from home via the internet since the pandemic has hit, it is imperative that we take are aware of keeping our devices and data secure lest it falls in the wrong hands. So in order to protect the remote employees that are working and handling sensitive data of the company from their home, let us take a look at some of the major steps that must be taken to keep your wireless network secure. 

The kind of security control that is needed to keep your wireless network secure, can be used at any time. These are especially targeted at all the employees that are working from home where the security system is quite weak and less secure than the ones present at the company networks. Therefore, in order to keep your network secure, let us learn some of the most important security tips for employees working from home.

Most Important Security Tips for Employees Working From Home

So, without any delay let us take a look at some of the most important yet overlooked security tips that are needed. 

1. Securing the Home Office You Are Working In 

Despite the fact that your home office might include only you and your work, the data that you handle every day is pretty much confidential and will definitely demand a more secure network. 

Talking in the physical sense, the need to lock up your office every day to protect from outside threats is equal to the need to keep your wireless network secure. So make sure your laptop, wifi, files and any other file related to your professional work is kept in a safe space. 

2. Secure Your Home Router 

The next major step to keep your wireless network secure is securing your home router. Cybercriminals always look forward to exploiting the passwords of your home router. It is usual that the password for your home router remains the same without any change which is a big way in for cybercriminals. 

So what you can do to secure your home router and keep your wireless network secure is by changing the default password of your router to something else. This not only protects your data connection from malicious users but also prevents access to your private data by any third party. Also, you must ensure that the firmware updates are installed on your device too. 

3. Encrypt Your Devices 

Another important action to take in order to keep your wireless network secure is by encrypting your devices. It does not matter whether your employer has turned the encryption or not, but it is important for you to turn the encryption on for your device. When you encrypt your devices, it prevents other users from accessing your data if they do not have biometrics, password or biometrics. 

For windows, you need to turn on BitLocker, for macOS you need to turn on the firevault, for Linux you will turn on the dm-crypt. If you have android, the encryption is turned on by default from android 6 and above and in iOS the encryption is also turned on by default from iOS 8 above. 

4. Make Your Work Devices Different From Your Personal Device 

This is another important security tip for employees working from home. Even though it is preferable to create boundaries between personal and professional space as an accidental mixing of any data can prove to be harmful from both sides. And yes, it definitely will be cumbersome having to switch between devices but again it will keep your wireless network secure. 

Not all of us must be having two devices for our personal and professional use. So, in that case, we can also create a separate user account on the same device one for personal use and the other could be a professional account for office use. 

5. Don’t Forget to Update Your Software 

Another thing to remember is that it is just not about the operating system but any software on your can be made into an easy target by the cybercriminals. So along with the operating system, you should also keep the software updated to its latest version which will lead it to check and improve the security patches automatically. Also, it is better to keep an antivirus installed on your computer which is another strong way to keep your wireless network secure. 

These were the top ways through which you can keep secure your home wireless networks and work without having to worry about data theft or privacy breach. 

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