Is It Worth Buying A Prebuilt Computer In 2021? Factors To Consider





As of 2021, many gaming enthusiasts are exploring the gaming hardware market that has made buying a pre-built computer a much more interesting as well as reasonable prospect. The idea of putting together a new PC by buying a prebuilt PC and taking out parts is a concept with lots of support, especially from those looking for efficient solutions to upgrade their old computer with individual parts hence enhancing its performance.

In this article, we will discuss whether is it worth buying a prebuilt computer or try exploring the idea of creating a new PC of your own. In the era of customization for meeting personal expectations, buying prebuilt computers is facing the doubt of meeting the same.

Before getting into the comparison between the different types of PCs, let us understand the reasons which hold back a prebuilt computer.

Why Say No To a Prebuilt PC? Is It Worth Buying a Prebuilt Computer?

In terms of functionality, there is literally nothing that sets the prebuilt PC apart from the computers assembled at home. For better understanding, let us consider two different scenarios which include people using machines for general purposes like browsing, storing documents, etc, and people who use computers for high-end gaming purposes.

In any situation demanding less interactive entertainment such as online games, videos, etc will not appreciate any difference even when played in any low-powered machine or PC. The other tasks such as browsing, reading news, signing up for courses, etc do not require a specially built PC hence in such cases the hand-built, as well as pre-built PC, will have no difference. 

This is because they demand very low factors which any graphics card or even integrated graphics chips can function just fine hence there’s nothing the user’s missing out on.

But when we focus on high graphics requirements for video gaming, application or running software, etc they require higher-end graphics card, GPU, better cooling system, etc for smooth performance. These factors are also provided in pre-built computers but the selection range will vary as one would have the desired trait, and another will have other features.

Why is Buying a Prebuilt PC a Good Idea?

If we really want to know whether it is worth buying a prebuilt computer then both pros, as well as cons, play an important role. Now that we have understood the cons let us reason out the advantages of buying a prebuilt PC, and check out a few Reddit buying prebuilt pc threads to understand the real-life situations.

To begin with, the biggest advantage of using or buying a pre-built computer is that it is ready to use solution for the most obvious audience who do not possess any interest in putting together an entire computer for themselves! 

While building a modern computer follows a basic process it is definitely not as easy as a plug-and-play PC. Another reason supporting this convenience is the safety of the device as the internet is filled with horrifying stories about the built mistakes or errors made by amateurs hence the peace of mind alone is a huge factor that makes it worth buying a prebuilt computer.

On top of this, all the prebuilt systems have the advantage of offering more complete offers such as warranties than the home-built or custom-built systems. However, the individual components purchased for building a computer may have a warranty, it is a tedious and almost impossible job to track the exact part causing the error in order to ask for redemption based on the warranty. 

Again, these problems affect your peace of mind which one can simply leave behind with prebuilt ones and there is no shame in admitting this fact.

Shortage in supply of individual parts

As of 2021, however, the biggest supporter or contributor reason for the custom-built PCs, and their success is the shortage of the global silicon valley. To put it in simple words, the demand to develop advanced chips has risen so high that the very few companies capable of providing the result have been pushed to their maximum limits. 

Those reaching the public markets, there are several bots set by the scalpers, crypto miners, etc to buy them faster than most humans or users could possibly manage.

This problem and scenario are different in the case of pre-built PCs as the home buyers are able to order more directly from the original manufacturers, hence the prebuilt companies can get around the shortage due to the usage of bots, and have proper stock such that their items may not be available anywhere else. 

This is one of the important reasons why people are opting for purchasing complete prebuilt either for usage as such or for their single parts using which they can build their own at a cost lesser than building the entire computer using parts from the scalping market.

As of the current reports, the recent chip shortage might last up to 2023. So, at this point, those who are waiting for a new component with much better speed, and performance, might have to wait as they are probably not going to find relief any time soon. 

This is yet another reason which makes considering pre-built PC usage more seriously than ever before. This process should definitely follow the process of checking its features, reviews, etc as this change could be worth the cost.


Let us check out a buying prebuilt pc Reddit thread in which the user has discussed the possibility of considering whether it is worth disassembling a prebuilt PC for using their parts.

The thread consists of the suggestions to the user’s question as “Thanks to Cryptocurrency miners, 2018 is looking like a pretty bad time to upgrade my PC. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind having some new components to bring my 4-year-old PC a little more up to date. I’ve seen lately that prebuilt PCs often come cheaper than individual components. What are everyone’s opinions on the value of purchasing a prebuilt PC, disassembling it, and using the parts to upgrade an existing PC?”

This makes it clear that people are opting to upgrade their PCs but due to the shortage are looking forward to this alternative. The suggestion relevant for this issue is the thread that suggests checking for the reputable source, pricing, performance, etc as most of the pre-builts might have worse individual parts.

In this article, we have discussed the pros and cons to understand if it is worth buying a prebuilt computer along with the current scenario which has led to the development of this possibility of creating customized PCs. Hope this was useful to know whether buying a prebuilt computer is the best solution for you.

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