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Information technology sectors, online businesses, start-ups, e-commerce, digital marketing, data analytics, etc. are different sectors of the economy that have one thing in common, that is, using the internet as their main platform to execute tasks and function. We have seen a transition from the early industrial era to the networked era where the internet is essential to connect, establish the business network, reach out to customers, develop new market ideas, etc. as the global information available has an impact on almost every sector such as business, education, government, healthcare including our day to day lives. 

The internet’s breach into our lives is now inevitable unless one is ready to keep themselves out of radar, and away from the latest advancements or information which others might gain by using the internet. However, on the other hand, researchers and scientists are working on learning the mental health effects of the internet as the internet damages mental health, the internet is destroying families, and a lot more. In this article, we will discuss in detail the ill effects of the internet on our lives such as internet addiction which is affecting us even though we might not be aware of it, in short how the internet damaging mental health, destroying families’ is a real thing to worry about?

What is Meant by Internet Addiction?

The internet damaging mental health, destroying families’ is an important issue to understand such that one can reach out to early help and escape the negative impacts of internet addiction which affects not only their mental health but their relationships in the real world. According to professionals, internet addiction is a compulsive disorder, which is an impulse control disorder that is recognized when the user experiences using the internet for a longer period of time than they initially intended to. Such addiction is also known as internet dependence and pathological internet use.

The usage of has changed human relations, interactions with the real world, and become a prime key to drive into social evolution to explore the world of whatever one likes or wants to know. However, the mental health effects of the internet are negative when one is either addicted to it or is experiencing depression, anxiety, mood swings, or social isolation.

Among all these ill-effects, social isolation is an important one as communication or social connection is important for human beings as it has significance in leading a healthy life. New technologies are emerging with time and it is important to run with the pace to attain success but everything useful is good only when used under a limit.

The internet helps to break barriers such as distance by connecting people on a global scale without any constraint. Social media and online businesses are two main sectors that keep people engaged on the internet apart from those in search of learning the unknown as the internet platforms provide answers to almost every question that we have. So, internet addiction is also the result of enjoying the privilege of democratic communication and efficient connectivity, through smart gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, or desktops that almost instantaneously connect us to the world.

Benefits of Internet

Let us check out the few benefits that internet usage provides before getting into its impact on our lives and conclude upon whether it is a boon or bane. 

1. Social Media

Social media networks have upgraded marketing of business, talents, etc such that anyone can reach out to an opportunity no matter how far they are, at a very low cost or investment. It helps us to connect to our friends and family members, maintain relationships and find the right solutions which otherwise with traditional means of communication is not possible. 

2. Education

Online education, teaching, and learning is the revolution that has a huge impact on the way of gaining knowledge about almost every field through various websites such as YouTube, Google search engine, etc. Many online education platforms such as Byju’s, Vedantu, etc. are blooming well especially during the tough times of the Covid-19 pandemic, where people are in search of safe yet effective learning platforms.

3. Business Growth

Traditional business models are finding it difficult to maintain their status in the market filled with competitors who use the internet to gain more customers, by connecting to them and providing exactly the solution they are looking for. Many startups and businesses totally depend on the internet for running their business completely virtually, so that there is exponential business growth and high profit.

So, it is evident that the internet plays an important role in our lives starting from online shopping, banking, communicating to learning advanced technologies while staying at home but as mentioned earlier that the internet damages mental health, destroying families is also true. Hence, here are the tips that might be useful if you think you need to use the internet yet avoid the adverse mental health effects of the internet.

Tips to Stay Away from Being an Internet Addict

Here are some tips to stay away from being an internet addict:

1. Self-Control

This is the most important tip to prevent internet addiction as it is only you who can prevent yourself from overusing a website or application. Set proper time goals and try to stick to them, no matter how drawn you feel to using them after the limit. Shift your focus to other things or hobbies that will keep you engaged while away from the internet.

2. Concentrate

Concentrate or focus on a task and for this one use the help of the internet as well. For example, if you want to focus on writing or reading, there are specific tools available that will automatically close all your email sites or social media sites which might be distracting. This improves concentration and productivity.

3. Limit Applications

Set limits to the number of applications that you deal with, such that you use only one for a particular time limit. This with time, will become a habit hence preventing overusing and addiction.

In this article, we have discussed in detail different ways that the internet damages mental health, destroying families on a global scale along with the tips to tackle it. Hope this was useful in finding the right solution for using the internet as a boon rather than becoming a victim of internet addiction.

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