Do You Constantly Need To Keep Your Laptop Plugged In? 7 Hacks To Increase Laptop Battery Life





A long-lasting battery, be it in laptops or on your smartphones, is something everyone desires. Usually, there is no upper limit as to what is called ‘too much battery life’ but at the same time, one cannot increase the battery capacity of their gadget other than what comes by default. On the contrary, we have other different ways through which we can increase laptop battery which not only means in number but also means the increment of the battery health that ensures its longevity. Today’s laptops tend to work more efficiently if they have long battery life and health. Therefore, it is better to improve your battery life, rather than keep your laptop plugged into the charging socket throughout the day or until you work. Therefore, let us learn about different ways and methods to increase laptop battery life. 

Way To Increase And Improve Laptop Battery Life 

Now, without further delay, let us take a look at the most top efficient methods that can help you with extending the battery life of your laptop. 

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Reduce the screen brightness of your laptop right now

This is the first and the most important step to save your battery as the brightness of your screen is the only thing that drains almost all of your battery. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your screen brightness low most of the time to avoid your battery level falling seriously low. So all you need to do is to press the function key at the bottom of your keypad and the low brightness icon on the top of the keypad. 

Adjust and change the power settings 

You might have ignored it until now, but many options and settings are set by default and those are the ones that are also using a significant amount of battery. To increase laptop battery life, another way is to change your laptop settings which are using too much battery.

Moreover, there is a power-saving mode in laptops too, like in smartphones. So, if you have a windows operating system then you can simply type ‘power options’ and go to the ‘power saver option.

Turn the WIFI off and save the battery 

Yes, turning off your WIFI on the laptop can help a lot to increase laptop battery life. The WIFI's are the biggest battery drainers in the laptop as the connectivity to the internet leads to the performance of many activities in the background. You can either switch off the WIFI from the notifications bar on your laptop or from the settings. 

Keep checking the battery health of your laptop 

It is quite natural that all kinds of batteries will lose their life with time and they eventually need to be replaced in the end. To know about the battery life of your laptop, keep checking the battery icon on your MacBook from time to time in your MacBook. If you use Windows OS, then you can see the list of applications that are affecting your battery life. Now, if you find an app here that is using more than a fair share of battery then you turn the toggle option off that is present there. This is also an efficient way to increase laptop battery life. 

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Stop syncing your emails 

Another common mistake that we all do unconsciously, is syncing your emails too often which results in greater battery damage. You can do this by going to settings, accounts and emails and then set the sync to hourly or manually. 

Eject your USB and other peripherals 

Using peripherals can lead to serious damage to the battery life of your laptop. USBs, mic, webcam, mouse, earphones, headphones, etc. all require more battery than we usually think, which is why the battery gets drained too quickly if we have any of these connections. To avoid this, switch and plug thee off as soon as the work is done and increase laptop battery life. 

Get hardware for extending the battery life

If you are too lazy to be cautious about batteries all the time, then this option is like a crash course to improve laptop battery life. All you need is to invest in some hardware because generally, the batteries in the laptops are six-cell, but you can make it up to eight-cell and twelve-cell.

This not only increases and extends the laptop battery life but also doubles and boosts the power of the laptop. This is a good alternative instead of changing your laptop batteries altogether as that costs too much, thereby not making it a feasible option for all of us. Here is a list of the best portable chargers and power banks to keep your laptops charged all the time.

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