7 Steps To Improve Your Gaming Experience On Your Phone

Steps to Improve Your Gaming Experience

The game boosters help you to make mobile games more effective by improving the efficiency of your graphics. With its help, you can play games in modes like 30fps, 60fps, and 120fps that your computer does not allow.

How to boost gaming performance on an android phone?

Everyone likes to play Android games as we are all aware. That’s why millions of consumers now choose to purchase heavy gaming SmartPhones. Every other day, new pop-ups on the market are out in the open, and so are the Android games.

There is one thing Android users are still frustrated-Game Lags. No matter how powerful your phone is, you will encounter delays and reboots when playing high graphics games if it is not designed for gambling. So we have decided to share in this article some of the best methods to enhance Android gaming results.

Boost gaming performance in android phones

The methods were quick and simple, and you would only need route access and an app to change some device settings to boost gameplay.

1. Update your android smartphone

Just like windows, Android has only a few bugs that result in a deterioration in results. The good thing is, however, that daily updates are received for Android which includes error fixes and security patches. These updates frequently provide Android stability, which improves performance. So make sure your phone is up to date with the latest updates, before following the next method.

2. Turn off background services

Well, our Android Smartphones run loads of processes and programs in the background just like our machine. These background services usually do little but use only the resources of CPU and RAM. Make sure that you disable background services before playing any game. To detect programs and services running in the background, you can install  Androids Junk Cleaning software or task manager app. You will have a better time gaming in this way.

3. Use lite apps

As we all know, better storage technology for Smartphones is ideal for gaming. But now only high-end computers are used to store data such as UFS 2.1. UFS 2.1 increases reading and writing speeds leading to a better standard in gaming. But not everyone has a Smartphone capable, so they must handle the storage. By downloading the Lite version of famous apps you can easily save additional storage. Apps such as Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Twitter Lite, and YouTube Go offer the same functionality but need less space.

4. Using GL Tool

  • First of all, you need an Android root, and you can refer to our quick guide to rooting phones if you don’t.
  • Now that you root your Android mobile, you will need an Android application called GI tools, the Android app that improves your mobile’s graphics.
  • Now that you have enabled it, you will be asked by this app to allow access to the superuser.
  • Now you have to install a small plugin to make this program run, and you can use the TEX (DE) coder to do this.
  • You just have to agree to the conditions now and install the downloaded plugin, and now your computer will be rebooted to make the necessary adjustments to the software.
  • Now you will see any app that’s mounted on your android after restarting the app. You can choose the app that will maximize your success by choosing any of the games.
  • You can now see several choices and just have to set them to your wish. These settings will push your computer to achieve your device’s best output. The GPU Name/Emulation and several other settings can also be changed.

This is it! You have done it, now try running the game and feel the difference you made.

5. Using android developer option

Android comes with a lot of features before loading. In Android developer options, there is a choice of Force 4x MSAA which has to be enabled. Let me inform you that MSAA means anti-aliasing in several samples.

  • First of all, the Developer option must be allowed. Just open the setup screen and then tap “Build Number” 4-5 times under the About Phone option. The developer choice is shown.
  • Open the developer option now.
  • The choice “Turn on 4x MSAA” is now open. You must trigger it.

This is it! You are done. Now open any game and it’s going to work smoothly. Your battery life is exhausted, however. In various apps and devices, things can differ.

6. Turn off animations

Well, the animation is important because it brings a better experience for Android. You need to turn off your animations to boost gamer efficiency if you have a less powerful Smartphone. Follow the method given below to disable animations on Android Smartphones.

Open Settings first, and then pick ‘Developer Choices’. Check for the ‘Drawing’ feature on the developer options. You have to change the 3 choices- Window Scale Animation, Transitional Animation Scale, Animator Scale. Specify all -0.5x.

7. Expanding the ram of your android smartphone

Now, as we know our Android devices can be modified. We can extend our Android RAM as well and automatically increase the RAM of our Smartphone while playing games. Follow this tutorial for expanding RAM on your Smartphone.

  • To start, Roehsoft RAM Expander should be downloaded and enabled on your Android Smartphone. However, to use this app, you need an Android rooted Smartphone. This article could help you if you are looking for a rooting guide.
  • Set up the app and permit the superuser.
  • Now you can see some options such as SDCard Memory, Complete Free RAM, etc. The new size of your swap file needs to be set.
  • You now have to swipe over ‘Swap/ Active’ and wait a moment for the swap to run absolutely.
  • In the next step, the path or partition to the swap file must be selected. You must choose your SD card here.
  • You need to swipe over Swap/Active on the back button, then wait a few seconds on the main page.

You are done, that’s it! This is how you can increase your Android RAM by using Roehsoft. Increasing RAM for your Android would likely improve gaming efficiency.

Game booster apps

The Play Store has few best Android apps to improve gaming performance. 

Improve gaming performance in android phones with these apps


This application will smartly release your phone’s storage (RAMs) for faster and smoother running of your favorite games, speed up Android game apps, and detect malware-as well as more than 70,000 other apps!

The explanation for this app is that the rating and feedback in Google Play Stores have been very positive. It’s working. You don’t have to install anything and games are loaded into the app automatically. Just begin the game and enjoy the fastest game.


The Game Booster app helps you to unleash your Android device’s real output. You can improve the output of your computer with just one touch with Game Booster. The Game Booster Android app automatically helps you to maximize CPU, RAM, and several other items.

For background services, Game Booster optimizes your computer. It controls the advanced Linux CPU management and provides you with the one-touch output!


Nothing can beat CM Game Booster as far as game boosting is concerned. This is one of the best Android applications on your mobile. The app offers several features to control games and improves speed. Users only need to press the app once to correct game delay and memory issues.

These were the easiest ways to improve gaming performance in android phones. Hope it helped!


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