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Sometimes while navigating through the computer you might come across a file that is called IAStorIcon and that keeps you wondering about whether it is a virus or not. Now, to know this let us learn more in detail about what IAStorIcon is and if it is a part of a computer virus or not. 

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What Is IAStorIcon On Your Computer?

The IAStorIcon file on your computer is a  computer file that belongs to Intel’s Rapid Store’s Technology and it is short for Intel Array Storage Technology Icon Service. This file is usually present in the Windows taskbar or the toolbar icon or can be present in the notifications area of other files and folders. As soon as you open the windows, it gets started automatically and shows messages regarding the storage that is connected with the computer. If the IAStorIcon is working and functioning, then it will display the check and if it is not functioning then you will see an exclamation mark beside it. You can tap on it and launch the IAStorIcon on your computer. 

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Now if you are wondering about the necessity of the IAStorIcon then unlike other files that are important for the normal functioning of the computer, IAStorIcon can be easily removed without causing any problems. 

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When Should You Remove IAStorIcon?

If you find that IAStorIcon is using too much of your memory space and CPU and you start getting IAStorIcon.exe errors too much then maybe it’s time to remove the IAStorIcon from your computer. Other times you might feel that the IAStorIcon errors are a part of a malicious tool that contains a virus, most probably it is and all you need to do is to remove the IAStorIcon. 

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How To Know That IAStorIcon Is A Virus?

It is fairly easy to assess whether IAStorIcon.exe is a virus or a normal file. You must consider one of the most crucial things to determine whether it is a virus or not which is by checking the IAStorIcon. This location will help you to know whether it is a virus or not. The IAStorIcon should easily run on the C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise\ IAStorIcon.exe and not on any other location.

How You Find The Tight Location Of IAStorIcon?

  1. Tap on the start button and click on the task manager option. You can also click ctrl+shift+ esc to open the taskbar on the computer.
  2. Go to details to find the location of the IAStorIcon.exe file and right-click to open the file location.
  3. The new folder opens which should not only contain IAStorIcon.exe but other DLLs and several files named the same, such as IAStorIconLaunch.exe and the IAStorUI.exe file.

Therefore, if you are seeing these above files in the same order in the folder then you rest assured that you are not being under the attack of any virus. But, there are other ways to make sure that your IAStorIcon is nothing but is forging you. Here are some of the notification that you can get when the IAStorIcon is a virus:

  1. You will be frequently notified that IAStorIcon has stopped working.
  2. You will see that the IAStorIcon has encountered a problem and needs to be closed.
  3. Notifications like Access violation at address <> in module IAStorIcon.exe. Read of address <>.
  4. Other times will show an error saying that it cannot find IAStorIcon.exe.

These were the four markers to know whether the IAStorIcon in your computer is a virus or not. 

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Beware Of Misspellings Of IAStorIcon That Come Along 

Apart from the above markers to detect viruses in IAStorIcon, there is another thing you should be wary of and that is the selling of IAStorIcon itself. Most of the time people are tricked into believing capital I and small L are the same.Playing with the uppercase and lowercase letters has been an old trick to make viruses enter your computer. Here are some examples of how the IAStorIcon.exe files can be misspelled on your computer and trick you:

  • IAStorlcon.exe
  • LAStorIcon.exe
  • IAStoreIcon.exe
  • lAStorlcon.ex

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Most people oversee the capitalization, but it should never be ignored at all. You can also copy the file name and check-in any case converter tool for the capitalization issue in the name of the file. 

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