How To Use The YouTube Watch Later Feature?





YouTube provides the facility of adding a video to watch later without opening the Video page. Adding videos to the Watch Later playlist,  you can easily express them whenever you want,  whether you want to watch them again, for the very first time.

Browse YouTube you usually come across videos you don’t want to watch right that particular moment,   but somewhere on the other you have that feeling that you might watch them in the future,  that’s why the YouTube watch later feature is used to save them all in one playlist.

How to use a watch later on the web

Think of Watch Later as the designated it has a special place in the library tab and it’s usually easier to add a video to watch later than to add it to the playlist.

You can add a video to watch later without even opening the video page just hover over a video thumbnail and then click on the Watch Later button which has a clock icon.

Here, you will first see the history section scroll down until you see the Watch Later section they will be recently saved YouTube videos you can click on the video and start but this will open the videos and play only the specific video if you want to use Watch Later feature you can use make sure if you where you save videos for the watch later and you can come back at night to watch 3-4 videos together, you will have to click on the see all button next to watch later this will open the Watch Later playlist now you can click on the video.

This will open in the playlist view with the playlist docked on the right. 

To rearrange videos in the playlist graph the handle I can and move the video around.  to delete a video from the playlist click on the menu button and select the remove from Watch Later option.

How to add and remove videos from YouTube watch later playlist

Adding a  Video to the YouTube watch is quite easy by adding videos to watch create a playlist you can easily access them whenever you want to whether you want to watch them again or not.

YouTube is an online platform to share and watch videos it is the most popular place to watch video content on YouTube you can find videos of a large variety of genres, training from spot political entertainment-education travel food, etc.

Here is the step to step on how to add and remove a video from YouTube watch later playlist: 

  1. While watching a video on Add-in on the top corner of your video player.
  2. then select on select and tap on the watch Later playlist
  3. Tap on the menu next to the video title
  4. Now tap on add to watch later.

Here is how to remove videos to your Watch Later playlist

  1. launch the YouTube app on your phone.
  2. now go to the library tab.
  3. then select Watch Later from the menu.
  4. Tap upon the menu next to the video you would like to remove then tap on remove Watch Later playlist.
  5. Finally, tap on Ok to confirm.

How to add videos to watch later playlist on your PC

  1. to add a video on your Watch Later playlist while watching a video click on add
  2. Click on watch later.
  3. to add you while browsing your feeds hover over a video’s thumbnail.
  4. then click on Watch Later icon

How to use YouTube watch later

For, Video to watch later playlist, while watching a video click the add to the icon, click can watch later.

To add a video while browsing your feeds hover over a video over reduce thumbnail and click watch later.

To add a video to watch later playlist while watching a video cl thick the + Ad icon,  click watch later.

To add a video while browsing the news feed, go for the terminal and click the Watch Later icon,  for a particular moment if you don’t want to watch the video to then you think you might know that particular video in the near future you can always go for watching in a later zone.

What if you keep on bulking the  Watch Later zone,  here is how you delete the videos from them.: 

  • In your browser go to your Watch Later playlist and click the menu the three dots in the right top corner and add to playlist create a new playlist and name it according to your choice now go to the playlist and go to the same menu and instead of adding it to a playlist uncheck watch later now your Watch Later playlist is cleared and you can you just created.

Now is it possible to add an entire playlist to your Watch Later list,  the answer is yes, it’s possible to add the entire contents of a playlist to the Watch Later playlist in the same way that you would any other playlist,  although it’s only possible on the desktop web interface, not mobile web or standard YouTube app? 

  • For mobile devices: Open YouTube in your device’s browser.
  • Click the menu item in the header bar then click the desktop to navigate to the desktop version of the site.
  • From here continue with the process outlined below the desktop devices.

 For desktop devices

  • Navigate to the playlist’s page.
  • Click the menu icon :
  • In the top right corner of the playlist panel.
  • select and all to option in the dropdown menu then select the Watch Later playlist in the second dropdown.
  • You have now moved the entire contents of your playlist to the Watch Later.
  • If you no longer require the, select the menu icons again select then confirm the deletion in the window that appears.

We hope that our article has helped you out in,  adding to the videos to the  YouTube watch later list. keep on browsing the videos later at any time which you once liked before. 

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