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Have you ever thought of using your mobile as keyboard for the computer? If not, are those curiosity bugs running inside you now? Keep reading for the same! Not only do these Smartphones let us connect with loved and dear ones sitting miles away from us, but also allow us to watch movies, play games, scan and what not. The name, Smartphones,  given to this device just sits perfectly.  This amazing technology is regularly updated by its experts.

The recent advancements of android phones,  which has been in the competitive market for a while, can let mobile phones users connect their smartphones with laptops, tablets and other electronic devices. This great development has made it possible to use phone keyboard for a computer.

An android device can be used as a keyboard and a trackpad. For the sake of this article, we will check out the ways by which you can use your Android Phone as a keyboard for PC using USB or Wi-Fi. 

How to use a mobile as keyboard for PC

If you are looking to use your mobile as a keyboard for PC using a USB wire, you would need to install a few specialised apps. So, let us lookout for good options on the same. We have mentioned a list of apps below that you need to install on your Android phone.

1. Monect Mobile

Starting off with Monect mobile, it is one of the most popular wired options to control your PC with the help of your smartphone. Monect mobile proves to be the best available option to control your Microsoft Windows PC with ease and simplicity. With the availability on the Andriod and iOS platform, this app lets you control your phone into a keyboard and trackpad device as also joystick, media controller and a host of other options. You can easily connect the two devices. As long as your computer and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network, you can easily work with it.

The app is best suited for converting your Android device into a remote control by every right, and that includes the functionality to use your Android Phone as a USB keyboard for PC. With the help of different modes in Monect Mobile, you can simply help arrive at the best possible options to use Android phone as a keyboard or a mouse via USB cable or use it for a wide range of different options and needs.

2. Intel Remote Keyboard

Intel Remote Keyboard, developed by Intel Corporation, is yet another brilliant option that will fulfill your needs to use mobile as keyboard. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users have the access to use the keyboard. This intuitive tool lets your device pair up with your Windows PC  through a wireless connection and lets you use it as the wireless Windows keyboard.

In one of its exciting features, you can even use the mobile keyboard at a distance as long as your WiFi connectivity supports. Just like Monect Mobile, this app makes your smartphone a mouse via USB. However, it is important to note that you are required to download the host app on your Windows computer so that you can use it with your Android app without any problem. The application is free of cost, and you would find no issues in downloading and using it which is quite a pretty deal.

3. GPad

To use gPad, you need to have gPad client on your Android device and install the gPad Server Client on your PC. It's one of the perfect options to use your mobile as a keyboard for PC and it works well with both Mac and Windows devices. USB, Wifi Connection and even Bluetooth can be used to establish the connectivity. More to it, you can use it as a mouse or a keyboard for your computer

Use PC Keyboard on Android via Chrome Extension

If the hardware isn’t working, there’s always the power of software that saves you. Clipbrd is a google chrome extension which uses the wifi/internet to sync over a universal clipboard providing you harmonious functioning between your phone and PC.

1. ClipBrd Android

To use Clipbrd, you are supposed to install the ClipBrd extension on Chrome on your PC/Mac and download the free app on your smartphone from the Play Store. Now, just set it up with your email id and relax! It works in the background and anything that you copy on any device is also available on any other device which is running Clipbrd. On the security front, this Extention uses AES-256 to encrypt all your clipboards to save you from malicious activities. 

2. ClipBrd Desktop

The Clipbrd s extension or app is slightly different from other apps. It works by copying links from your phone to your computer or vice-versa. That means when you work on your smartphone the work will directly come into your computer not worrying about not having your work done on your PC 

3. Snapcopy

By using snapcopy you can even work on Google Docs or Google Keep on your computer and get it synced over all your devices through different apps or simply any browser( this also works with iOS).

Wrapping Up: Mobile as a keyboard

If you wish to use your smartphone as a keyboard for pc just connect it with your computer using the most convenient option available (Bluetooth/OTG). However, If you want to work on your phone from your computer, Chrome extensions like Clipbrd or standalone apps will fulfill the job while the latter gives you more customizability and control of your smartphone.

The soft keyboard is much more convenient than physical keyboards in situations where they stop working. Moreover, When you use your mobile as the computer’s keyboard you get access to all the alternate symbols and special characters available on mobiles. Ultimately this prevents you from the hassle of switching screens.

There are various methods to use mobile as keyboard and we tried to mention some of the above for you. We believe that the latest developments in the technology sector are highly beneficial. 

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