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Are you someone who is thinking about how to turn off steam friends notification? Because guess what, we all want to play alone at some point in time like we sometimes want to play as an individual and not with the group. So, basically, these notifications don’t allow us to do the same. Well, we can turn off these steam friend notifications. Here’s how to turn off steam friends notification

What is steam friend notification

Basically, Steam friends notification is a system that is used for conveying offline notifications to the user or gamers which will ultimately provide serial multiplayer gaming such as poker, chess etc.

So, the ultimate goal of this API is to notify users that there is some action required for a game session to progress. Let’s say you started playing chess then every time you play a move the notification is given to the other user automatically to each player.

So, basically steam will send a notification to other players so that the other player will get alerted about your move whenever the game will be waiting on their turn, and hence you would like to know how you can disable steam friend notifications. Because we all want to know how to turn off steam friends notification

Why Steam notification is annoying 

Every Gamer at some point in time feels that these Steam friends notification is annoying and there is a strong urge to turn off Steam Friends notification, Isn’t it?

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Basically, a majority of PC gamers seem a bit different to their fellow friends or other gamers on Steam looking at which games they play, at times players want to play at their own time with a little privacy or maybe wants to play different games without any interruptions, ultimately when it comes to getting these notifications that your friend is playing a game on Steam. 

Also, sometimes you are up to some important work and is trying to concentrate on your work until these notification pops up which ultimately distract you from your stuff or when you see numerous friends are “online” after actually landing up the Steam application on their computer or laptops.

How to turn off Steam friends notification

Now, you might be thinking about how to turn off steam friends notifications? Well, the answer is yes! Follow these steps to disable steam notifications! Let’s get started on how to turn off steam notifications 2020! 

1.  Launch the Steam app on your computer.

2. Now on the top-left corner of the screen, click “Friends,” then click on 

3. Click on the icon shaped like a gear figure, which will allow you to handle your friend’s list. 

4. On the left-hand side of the screen, click “Notifications.”

5. Once the “Notifications” page appears, you can untick the boxes next to each notification you wish to not receive. 

Game Notification API

The Game Notification API is written and exposed through Web APIs and require 4 parameters passed in each method.

  • appid (the application id for your game)
  • Format (the format of the result. We promote JSON as the return value)
  • Input_json ( JSON encoding of all the frameworks required for a method)
  • Key (your publisher key to be passed with each and every call)

The API will return an HTTP status code of 200 on success, with details in the message body (if it is applicable)

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So, finally, now you know that how you can disable steam notifications! We hope you like this article and you learned about how you can actually turn off steam friend notifications because let’s accept it sometimes it’s good to disable steam notifications. Isn’t it!?

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