Run iOS Apps On Mac With These Easy Methods

Run iOS Apps On Mac

If you have an iPhone or iPad and you are using a MacBook then be aware of the task of taking out an iPhone and iPad every time you need to use an application in it. But you do not need to worry about the same thing if your MacBook is powered by apple silicon like the M1 Processor chip. Therefore, if you have purchased an app on your iPhone or iPad then you can make it run on your MacBook too. Here’s how to run iOS apps on mac as well.

This might not sound as useful as it is really, but once you have all the IOS apps on mac with m1 chip you do not need to worry about whether you can run IOS apps on your mac or not. There are still some apps that are not updated yet by the developers so that they are compatible with the mac iOS and can run on MacBooks too. To be able to run an iPhone or iPad app on your Mac or MacBook, you should first download it from Apple’s App Store.

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How To Run IOS Apps On Mac?

As we have known the possibility of running IOS apps on mac, therefore let us now learn about how to run IOS apps on mac. Here are the steps on how to run IOS apps on mac: 

  1. Open the launchpad on your MacBook found on the dock.
  2. Tap on the Appstore icon and if you cannot find it on the dock then you can search it in the search bar located on the top of the bat. You can also use Apple’s spotlight search to open the app you want to. Press command + space bar on the keyboard and there will appear a dialogue box on the center of the screen. Type for AppStore and click on the first result.
  3. After finding and locating the AppStore on the MacBook, tap on it and now enter the name of your iPhone or iPad application into the search bar that is present at the top-left corner of the window.
  4. Now there are chances that you might get the app in the results or might not get the app you are looking for as it might not be available on the Mac store. Therefore, click on the iPhone and iPad apps option present beside the MacBook apps option.
  5. Now if the iPhone or the iPad app developer has chosen the particular app to be available on mac then you will find it on the mac store of your MacBook and install it on your MacBook.
  6. Tap on the get button and install the app on the MacBook.

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How To Run IOS Apps On mac That Are Not Available On The Mac App Store

Certain developers have chosen to not make their apps available on m1 macs for example Hulu, Netflix and therefore one has to involve certain third-party apps to install the application on the MacBook. But later on, apple disabled the sideloading of apps therefore the earlier methods and procedure no longer work IOS apps on mac with m1 chip. Now as none of us have not seen the future apple policies regarding the running IOS apps on mac, therefore one cannot be sure if the block of installing iPhone and iPad apps on MacBook will continue or not. 

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Nevertheless, we have put the procedure of how to run iOS apps on mac using the third-party software, just in case the policies have changed or you are still using the older version of the MacBook or the Mac Operating System. Here are the steps involved in installing IOS apps on mac with the help of third party software: 

  1. Download and launch the iMazing app on your MacBook.
  2. Now plug your iPhone or your ‌iPad into your MacBook.
  3. After you have selected your device, then tap the Manage Apps feature.
  4. Tap on the  Library option and then will appear a list of all the apps that you own.
  5. Right-click on the app you want to download and click on the Download option to add the app to your library.
  6. Right-click again on the same app and then click on the Export .ipa option.
  7. Select a destination for the export like the Applications folder.
  8. From the Applications folder, tap on the app icon and this will install the app on your MacBook.

These were the two easy methods with which you can easily run IOS apps on your mac without a problem and enjoy everything that you can do on your phone, on the MacBook too. 


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