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An EML or the E-Mail Message file is a message mainly email saved by an email application like Outlook or Apple Mail. This file typically stores one or more email attachments, which are files sent with the message.  This article will walk you through the different ways to open EML file on different devices.

How To Open An EML File In Your Windows 10

  1. Open the file in a mail client

The easiest way to open .eml file and access it, by using an email client like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. EML files must be automatically registered in the recent versions of these email client programs and must open just by clicking them. After you open EML file in an email client, you will be able to download and view any attachments with proper formatting and pictures.

  1. Change the extension of the file to view it in a browser

The EML files are very similar to the MHTML files that you can easily open in a browser. Before you try to open .eml file, change the file extension to “.mht”. This will help you to convert the EML format file easily into a format that can be opened in a browser. Even though all the browsers will support the EML file, we suggest you particularly use Internet Explorer for this purpose. As the Internet Explorer is the only one that will format them properly and correctly. However, this method comes with the drawback of not gaining access to download any attachments. Follow these steps to open the .eml file in a browser.

  • Right-click on the EML file and go to the “Rename” option.
  • Delete or change the .eml extension with “.mht”.
  • After doing this, Windows will show a warning message. Confirm that you want to change the extension of the EML file.
  • Open the file in Internet Explorer. This will usually happen if your system has set the default browser settings like the Internet Explorer.
  1. Open .eml file by downloading third-party software.
  • Download and install the FreeViewer EML File viewer in your system.
  • Now, browse the folder where your EML files are stored.
  • Click twice on that folder. Now, all the EML files will get populated in proper order. You can choose whichever EML message you want to view.
  • This software also allows you to view any attachment associated with the EML files.
  1. View the file as Plain Text.

In case the above-mentioned methods do not work for you then you can try to open the EML file as a plain-text file. However, there will be a lot of disturbance as a lot of meaningless characters will appear, but you will be able to see the body of the message as well as the links properly. To access your EML file in as a plain text floor these steps.

  • Right-click on the EML file and go to “Open With” and select it.
  • Select Notepad from the list of programs.
  • To access the body of the message. Look for the <html> and <body> tags. That section must contain the content of the message.
  • To access the links in Notepad, look for the “<a href=” tags. You can view them by copy-pasting them in a web browser.

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How To Open An EML File In macOS?

  1. Open the EML file in Apple Mail

Apple Mail comes with in-built OS X. This helps the Apple Mail to open and properly display the EML files.

  • Right-click on the EML file and go to the “Open With” option.
  • Click on “Mail” from the list of applications and then your EML file will be opened in Apple Mail.

NOTE: you can even do this if you do not have an account in Apple Mail.

  1. Use Entourage or Outlook for Mac
  • Install the Microsoft mail client for Macintosh.
  • Once installed, right-click your mouse on the EML file.
  • Now, select the “Open With” option and choose either Entourage or Outlook from the list of programs.
  1. Extract the .eml file with StuffIt Expander

The StuffIt Expander is a free extraction utility for OS X. you can use this application to extract the information from the EML file. To do so, just follow the steps given below.

  • Download and install the third-party software, StuffIt Expander application.
  • Drag the EML file into the StuffIt window. You can even extract multiple files at once just by dragging them all into the window at the same time.
  • Separate folders will be created for each EML file if it is extracting multiple files together.
  • You will be able to find the attachments and image in separate files and a text document containing the body of the email message.
  1. View the EML file in Plain Text.

You can open the EML file in TextEdit. By using this you will be able to read the body of the message and even find any links. However, it restricts the access to view any images or attachments that come with the EML file. 

Follow these steps below to read an EML file in plain-text format.

  • Right-click on the EML file and go to the “Open with” option.
  • Select the “TextEdit” application from the list.
  • Now, look for the HTML <body> tag to access the content in the message, and to access the links, just search for the “<a href=” tag.

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How To Open An EML File On Android?

Android devices do not support the EML format. Therefore, you will have to use a third-party application to open it. The Letter Opener software application is one of the most rated EML readers. You can download it from the Google Play Store if you want. Otherwise, any app of your choice should also do the same.

  • Open the EML file in the Letter Opener app or else any other app that you have downloaded.
  • The Letter Opener software will display the EML file like an email message with the email format. Such as from, to, date, subject, and Message Text.
  • At the bottom of the display, you will be able to find a list of attachments. Tap on any attachment that you want to open.
  • Now, click on the “Save” icon to extract the file from the EML file and place it in the download folder on your device.

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There you go, all the possible ways to open EML files on Windows, macOS, and Android are given above. Hopefully, one of them helped you to open EML file on your device.

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