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Are you looking for different ways to merge tables?

Microsoft Word has several good features that help us make our life easy while working on word files. One such exciting feature is to merge table on word. You can easily merge tables in Microsoft Word to make your tables more interesting and more suited to the data that you are trying to share. When you merge tables in Microsoft Word, you are bringing them together in one compact cell. 

However, you can not only merge tables in the word but also you can even split them. Today let’s look at ways to merge tables in word.

Why Merge Table on Word?

When you go on to create a table in Word, it will have the same number of rows in every column, and the same number of columns in every row, as it works like that only.

But sometimes, you might want to have a single row that is of the full width of your table at the top to use as the title of your table. Alternatively, you may want a unique combination of rows and columns which you cannot create using the default table settings.

The easiest method to do this is to merge tables together. For instance, in a 4×4 table, you can merge the four cells in the top row to make one full-width row, with a 3×4 grid beneath it.

Once you are aware of the process to merge tables in word, it allows you to get a lot more creative when creating tables in Word document.

Why Split Tables in Word?

The most common reason to split tables in Word is to undo any merging that you have done earlier, but you can only split any existing cell into two parts.

Moreover, If you don’t want to have a single full-width cell at the top of your table, for instance, then you can easily split those tables or cells back up again. Also, If you wish to add an extra column to a single row of your table, you can split one of the tables in that row to do so.

Splitting tables or cells allows you to play around with the design of your table until you have received it exactly how you want it.

How to merge table on word?

Here are the ways to merge table on word

Method 1: The Drag Way

It’s not a major task to combine 2 tables. The handiest way is to drag.

  • Choose the cross sign seen on the upper-left of the window to select a table.
  • Then drag it to the location near the other table.
  • Lastly, let go of the mouse and put the table there.

Method 2: Using “Merge Table” Option

  • Initially, press the “cross sign” to choose the first table.
  • Then click “Ctrl+X” to select and cut the table.
  • Next place the arrow cursor at the first of the line below the second table.
  • And right-click the mouse.
  • At last, on the contextual menu, select “Merge Table”

Method 3: Using the “Delete” option

  • Firstly, if there is no content or just unnecessary texts between the two tables, choose the texts or spaces.
  • Next, click the “Delete” button to get rid of them until the tables are still together.
  • Though, if the contents are important, you can select to paste them to another place before pressing “Delete”.

Method 4: Using Shortcuts

  • At one place, if you want to merge a table with the one above it, you should choose it and press “Alt+ Shift+ Up arrow”.
  • At the other place, if you want to combine a table with the one under it, you choose it and press “Alt+ Shift+ Down arrow”. These shortcuts will help you to merge tables.

How to split Tables in MS Word?

You can split a whole table in Word. This is useful for splitting large tables into two individual tables—mostly in hopes of dealing with issues related to formatting that multi-page tables can cause.

Firstly, press to put your insertion point in the table where you would like your table split to start. The cell that consists of the insertion point will become the upper row of the 2nd table.

Move to Table Tools > click Layout, and then press the “Split Table” button.

The table will now split into two separate tables.

How to merge cells in a Table in Word?

Now you have learned how to merge tables, we will show you how to merge cells within the table. To merge cells in a table to combine two or more adjacent cells of similar size into one bigger cell.

Firstly, select the cells you need to merge. They can be parallel cells in a row or column.

Or they could be parallel cells that span many rows and columns.

After you have selected the cells, right-click on the selected cells, and then click on the “Merge Cells” command on the context menu.

If you want to use Word’s menu, you can move to the Table Tools “Layout” tab, and press the “Merge Cells” button there.

Now your cells are merged.

How to Split Cells In A Word Table?

Splitting table cells in Ms Word is just a little more difficult than merging them. You can use the split option to one or more cells into a set number of columns & rows. This is how it works.

Let’s say that we just want to split a single cell into two separate cells. First, choose the cell you need to split.

Afterwards, right-click the chosen cell and select the “Split Cells” command from the context menu bar. (You can also move to Table Tools >then Layout > then Split Cells on the MsWord Ribbon if you want.)

This will open the Split Cells window. By default, it’s set to split the chosen cells into two separate columns, which is what we want. You can move ahead and press the “OK” button to do the split. Put the number of columns & rows you want to split your cell into.

And the cell we selected will become two separate cells.

As you guessed from the menu in the Split Cells window, you can also get a bit more complicated with cell splitting. Let us say we had a table the same as the one shown below. And we want to copy all those selected cells and convert them into two bigger rows of four columns each.

We’d move to Table Tools > Layout > Split Cells. In the Split Cells menu, we will choose four columns and two rows. We also need those cells merged before they split, so make sure the option is selected.

As soon as we hit “OK” the table comes out just like wanted.

We believe we have answered your question of how to merge tables on Microsoft word. If you wish to Merge tables or merge cells by following the above guide.

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