Is Your Desktop Slowing Down: How To Fix High CPU Usage Yourself ?





Have you noticed that suddenly your laptop or desktop is functioning very slow or the cursor is moving jerkily? If yes, then it might be a result of high CPU usage which causes issues such as sudden lag or shut down. All these signs indicate malfunctioning of the system and one must not ignore them. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to fix high CPU usage issues along with the common symptoms and their solutions. We will also check out some of the best software or the high CPU usage tools to tackle the issue.

When your device malfunctions or begins to physically heat up then it is important to find the underlying reason that is causing the stress. Luckily, one can simply check for the problem in the CPU hardware and decide whether it needs a replacement or not.

Identifying & How To Fix High CPU Usage in Windows?

In Windows, to find out whether the CPU usage is high, open the Windows Task Manager by pressing the Control key, Alt key, and Delete key together. This will open the list of options from which you have to choose ‘Task Manager’ to open the dialog box. Now, click on the ‘Performance Tab’ to check out the CPU processes, power consumption, and RAM usage.

This is a clear graphical measure to analyze the cause and further decide how to fix high CPU usage based on the reason. With the help of the Processes tab check the applications or software that are building pressure on the CPU. To identify them, compare them with the usual consumption in terms of space and memory. Any abnormal spike is a reason causing your CPU to exhaust faster than before. Now, if we focus on the question as to how do I fix high CPU usage without any prior technical experience, there are few techniques such as forces stopping the processes which are discussed further. 

Monitor These CPU Metrics to Understand the Network Performance

There is a wide range of options available to monitor the performance of a network and the devices connected to it. The processing power of any network depends on the CPU metrics mentioned below and this is the factor that defines the capacity of the network for optimal performance. However, there are several other reasons that result in high CPU usage.

  • Load on CPU 
  • CPU speed
  • CPU socket type
  • Idle duration
  • Processor usage time
  • Size of the drive

It is Dangerous to Have High CPU Usage

A CPU that is used to its maximum potential such that it is inducing stress over the device, then it is actually a serious issue. Especially if the laptop or PC is operated over a longer period under such extensive load. To name a few, the hardware parts will begin to overheat and further damage other parts. The cooling system usually provided in the CPU is to tackle such heating issues and in such extreme cases, one might require a completely new cooling system, hence more money is spent.

Another important issue is that due to imbalanced functioning one might lose data and files during sudden shutdown or other blue screen errors. So, make sure you save all the information frequently otherwise it will set your hours of hard work back to start from scratch. Finally, the most common issue due to high CPU usage is the slowing down of devices which can be really frustrating at times!

How to Fix High CPU Usage?

Here are some of the solutions to fix high CPU problems which anyone can try by simply following the steps and does not require any prior experience. 

Steps to Fix High CPU Usage on Windows 10

To check and control the high CPU usage make sure you are using the administrator account otherwise you cannot perform all the steps mentioned below.

Change your Power Plan and Use Balanced Consumption

This technique ensures optimal power consumption of your laptop hence reducing the CPU usage. This, unlike the normal limitless power plan, balances the usage for the better overall performance of every application. Follow these steps to do the same:

Step 1 Open the control panel

To access the control panel use the command Windows key + R which will open the Run utility. Now, in the Run bar type and search for control. Confirm by pressing ‘Ok’. The Control panel dialog box will open.

Step 2 Change icon size

 Change the mode to either large icons or small icons as required. 

Step 3 Power options

Now click on the Power options menu and change the plan by choosing the ‘Balanced (recommended)’ option. Finally, restart your device for the changes to reflect.

After restarting, check the CPU usage, and if this technique reduces the CPU stress then continue to use the balanced mode or proceed with the following solutions in case there is no change.

Adjust Windows 10 Performance

This is the technique to optimize the Windows 10 performance which otherwise might be causing poor functioning of the device. To ensure that the PC is optimized, follow these steps.

Step 1 Open File explorer

To open the File Explorer use the command Windows key + E or click on the File Explorer icon using the Taskbar. Then open properties by right-clicking on the This PC icon. 

Step 2 Properties menu

From the Properties panel, choose the ‘Advanced system settings’ link from the left side panel of the new dialog box. This will open the Advanced settings menu.

Step 3 Optimize performance

Form the Advanced setting systems, click on Settings and open the Performance settings. Check the box next to the ‘Adjust for best performance’ option if not selected already. 

Step 4 Restart the device

Finally, click on the Apply option followed by restarting the computer. Check for the high CPU usage and whether it has been reduced.

CPU Usage Monitoring Tools 

In case of high CPU usage tools like SolarWinds or Ipswitch tools help in providing long-term solutions. So, even after trying the mentioned tricks, you are wondering how to fix high CPU usage issues in your device then try the following tools.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

The networking tools of SolarWinds are one of the best reliable and reputable solutions on a global scale. The NPM or the Network Performance Monitoring software is yet another remarkable solution that helps in optimizing Windows CPU performance also.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

The WhatsUp Gold by Ipswitch is a cool tool to manage the CPU by closely monitoring its utilities. The integration is seamless and the features such as REST API helps to use it with other scripts and systems. The REST API suite is a complete package that allows automation to monitor the workload by using the basic information extraction from WhatsApp Gold to your system.

So, here are a few techniques and software solutions that answer your query of how to fix high CPU usage in your PC. In this article, we have discussed the various issues that high CPU usage causes, their harmful effects, and the common parameters that affect it. Hope this was useful in optimizing your device’s performance by improving the efficiency of the CPU.

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