Can't Hear In One Side Of Your Earphone? Try These Quick Fixes





We usually buy any device that is within our budget range. Similarly, we go for a budget headphone or an earphone for ourselves. So what is the common problem with most headphones or earphones? 

The cause is quite simple. We buy headphones or earphones according to our budget and those are made up of quite thin and delicate wires which easily get torn off. And when it stops working in any one of the ears, we simply blame the company who had launched that product. 

But we have got to know much more about the common cause of the headphones getting damaged either for one ear or both the ears. The delicate wires which get torn off can be easily repaired by yourself at home but it is better to buy a good quality headphone rather than going for a small budget one.

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If the headphones stop working for one side, it gets quite frustrating to bear with that. And many of us tend to replace those headphones thinking that it has got broken or damaged. But it can be because of any issues or problems with your computer, laptop or mobile. So before going for its replacement, try the simple fixing methods which could easily repair one side of your headphone which had earlier stopped working.

Some easy fixing methods for your headphones are

It is possible that the cause for the headphones getting damaged in any one of the ears or both can be the aftereffect of your device damage (instead of your headphones). So you have got to try some fixing methods for your device.

1. Checking with a new pair of headphones

First of all, we need to check the problem with the other new pair of headphones. We need to insert the new pair of headphones into our device and see if it works nicely for both the ears or not. If the headphone is working for both the ears, then the problem is not with your device but in your headset itself, which needs to be changed.

But if the new pair of headphones also does not work in even any one of the ears, then the problem lies in your device only. The device may be your laptop, computer, or mobile phone. And hence, you need to check your device’s audio settings.

2. Restarting the device

If your headphone fails to work well after a software update, then it is quite a simple fixing method to restart your device and check the headphones once again whether it works or not. But if the problem persists, go for a check of your device’s audio settings.

3. Have a check at the settings

It may be possible that you may have turned on the “mono” option on your device’s audio settings. So have a check at the settings and make sure that the “mono” option of your device’s audio settings is turned off.

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It is also possible that voice balance settings are not correct. You need to check whether the audio level balance of both sides of the headphone is equal or not. For this, you need to go to the “sounds” icon on your computer and then click on “levels” and finally select the “balance” option and see that the audio balance level is equal for both the earbuds of your headphone.

4. Cleaning the jack of your headphone

We are too careless to keep our devices or headphones at the right place i.e; away from dirt or dust. And as a result, dirt or dust gets trapped in your headphone jacks. Try to clean the jack of your headphone once and see if it works properly.

In case your headphones still don’t work properly even after cleaning the jack of your headphones, then try to clean the jack of your device and check if the problem persists or has been repaired.

Fixing methods to fix earphones that can be tried at home (these methods include the metal tools)

Here are some fixing methods to fix earphones that can be tried at home 

1. If there is damage or a disconnected wire near the jack

Here are the simple steps to be followed in case of any damage near the Jack:

Use a knife or any kind of sharp cutter to slice through the plastic cover of the wire near the headphones jack and the cord. Then point out the section of the broken wires and cut it off. Now remove the plastic cord around one end. And then use a candle or any kind of lighter to burn the insulation off the wires. 

Then solder the wires to the earphone jack and finally cover the new joined section.

2. One of the several reasons for the headphones playing only in one ear could be the shorted wire

The reason behind the shorted wire is the improper wrapping of the headphones or earphones. The method to fix earphones is-

First, plug the headphones into your device and play any kind of audio or video file. Locate the shorted part of the wire by bending the cord at every half inch. You need to continue to do this unless you start hearing sounds from both earbuds. Now remove the damaged part of the wire.

Now separate all the three types of wires and twist the copper wires together while cutting the insulation wires. And now burn off the enamel part of the wire and now join the different colored wires separately by twisting them and now secure them with an electrical tape and making sure that the ground wires do not touch the other colored wires. And now again wrap the new link section with the same electrical tape.

3. In case of a faulty wire inside the defective earbud

Firstly, open the earbud case with a small flat screwdriver. Now push the ear cords up through the upper housing of the earbud. Now re-solder the loosened wire and let it cool before checking it.

So, you can easily fix earphone problems with these simple methods to fix your earphones. Try it now! It is always better to fix earphones before wasting money on getting them repaired in the repairing shops!

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