How To Display Steam’s Built-in FPS Counter In Linux?





Introduction to FPS

It indicates how many frames your graphics card will play every second or how many frames your monitor can display per second. It also indicates that you have “frames per second”. The first depends on the processing power of your graphic card, while the second depends entirely on the refresh rate of your display.

Steam’s FPS counter (fps counter in steam)

You can use the frame counter in the game for calculating performance when you start a game on Steam –even if it is a game you didn’t purchase on Steam. Go to Settings > in-Game> in-Game FPS Counter to turn this function on. Pick a position downstairs to enable it.

How to display steam’s built-in fps counter?

Steam has an incorporated feature, which displays your frames per second (FPS) while playing video games. It works fast and in almost every Steam game. This is fast. See the FPS on Windows 10, MAC, or Linux in Steam games.

  • Select first on Steam> Steam setting.
  • Click on “In-Game” in the left sidebar of the settings browser.
  • Pick your favorite position by clicking on the “FPS in-game counter” box. It is set to “OFF” by default, and won’t turn up. To place your counter in any corner of your screen you can choose Top left, Top right, Bottom right, Bottom left.
  • The FPS counter is. By nature, gray, making it fuse in several games. To make it easier to read, search “High Contrast Color”. In a bright neon orange, the FPS counter displays its numbers better.
  • Click “OK” to save your setup and start a steam game when you are finished.

NOTE: You must close and re-open the game before the Alt+ Tab takes effect in an up-and-coming game.

This is how the regular steam’s FPS counter looks at a game’s upper left corner.

How to display fps counter in linux games?

When in 2012, valve announced support for Linux for Steam customers and their play, Linux gaming took a big step forward. Several AAA and indie games have since gained access to Linux have greatly expanded the number of users playing on the game.

As Linux gaming grew, many users began to look for proper ways to display an overlay for “frames per second” (FPS) on Linux games. An FPS counter helps to tweak running games and to determine the overall potential of a PC to play games in different resolutions.

Unfortunately, all Linux games, irrespective of underlying technologies, do not have a single unifying way to show the FPS counter. Displaying FPS counters is possible with various renderers and APIs. This guide describes different methods for showing an FPS counter in Linux games.


  1. Work with games of OpenGL and volcano.
  2. Working with native play and Proton-Proton is a Steam-listed compatibility layer for Windows Linux games. It is based on open source projects wine, DXVK, and D9VK, with the addition of patches and new features by developers Valve/Wine.
  3. Work for games that have been bought by the customer in Steam or third-party games.
  4. Checked with integrated graphics cards Intel and AMD.
  5. NVIDIA cards untested because I am not an NVIDIA card owner. But the built-in FPS counter works well on NVIDIA cards according to Steam Community Forums.

Steam has a built-in counter for Linux, which can be switched on from any setup. Possibly one of the most compatible solutions for most Linux games. However, I did not have problems with the built-in FPS counter with Unity engine games. You must also have a Steam account and Steam customer on your screen. This choice requires.

Steam also lets you add non-steam games to the game library and in these games, the built-in FPS counter works as well. Click “Games” to add a non-steam game and then click “Add to my library” as shown in the following display. To add a non-steam game.

Check your game files’ location and then tap “All Files” at the bottom of your game.

Click the “Add selected programs” button as seen in the following screenshot.

You need to allow an additional option in-game properties when you want to run a windows-only game in Steam’s Proton compatibility layer.

I have added Super Tux Kart to the steam library and the FPS counter works well here. Notice that no room in their file location should be used in a game added to the Steam library.

What is frame rate?

Your frame rate (FPS) shows how well the game performs on your PC. In the frames per second. The more frames in a second, the smoother the movements on the screen. Higher frame rates, frame rates below 30FPS, would be either slow or sluggish. It is a helpful measure to determine the gaming performance of your hardware and is often celebrated by PC lovers who want to boast of their machine.

However, it’s not all about praising-rights _ the knowledge of your frame rate will allow you to get the best possible results. For instance, when your game runs slowly, showing the frame rate will help you find out what graphics are required to improve your game.

You can determine which monitor to buy if you know your frame rate- after all, there is no need to leap for a 144Hz monitor if your graphic card can only produce 60 FPS in the games you are playing. The frame rates can also show which part is the bottle of your system- and where you will benefit most from an upgrade- within the scanning of your hardware, including CPU, GPU, and VRAM use.

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