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Android phones have animations that enable them to transition from one screen to another or while shifting between the applications. The tip to disable animations can help to speed-up your device.

Android provides its users with lots and lots of features that make it unique and likable but we can alter the usage for the benefit of our own. One such feature is the animation that is good but can be changed if required.

One can change the speed of animations accordingly, like, if you own a fast responding version of the device then you can even slow down animation speed if you want. Or to make the device work faster, disabling animations in android is an interesting hack to make shifting from one application to another seamless and quick. 

Hence, here we begin with tips to disable animations and how to do it!

How to disable animations in android phone

Enabling or disabling animations in android phones is quite simple and anyone can do it by following the steps explained here. Even though the general steps to disable animations in android phone is the same, there might be few differences in the way of approach in different brands of phones.

  • To disable animations first, the ‘Developer options’ must be enabled on your phone.
  • To check whether the ‘Developer options’ are enabled in your phone, follow these steps:
    • Go to the ‘Settings’ of your phone.
    • Scroll down and click on the ‘About phone’.
    • Search for ‘Build number’ information and tap repeatedly several times.
    • After tapping a few times, a message would be displayed saying “You’re now a developer!”.
  • Now you have enabled your ‘Developer options’.

Steps to disable animations

  • Open the ‘Settings’ of your phone.
  • Scroll down to ‘Additional settings’.
  • Now you will have the option ‘Developer options’. Click on the option.
  • Search for the animation options under the ‘Drawing’ settings.
  • Click each animation option and select ‘None’.
  • The animations should be disabled.

If you are using a brand like Xiaomi then follow these steps: To enable the ‘Developer options’:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ of your phone.
  • Scroll down and click on the ‘About phone’.
  • Search for ‘MIUI Version’ and tap it several times.
  • Tap until a message stating “You’re now a developer!” appears on your screen.

Now that you have enabled the ‘Developer options’, follow the steps to disable animations as mentioned.

To know more about the animation settings, the optimum speeds, and other information to improve your android phone without disabling animations read ahead

Why disable animations in android phone

Disabling animations in Android phone is advantageous as:

  • It makes your phone perform faster.
  • Even though transition animations don’t look mighty, their removal reduces the load on your phone CPU/GPU.
  • It prevents lagging in the phone even when resources are low.

Improve your android phone performance

To ensure the smooth working of your Android phone the generally advised tips are:

  • Ensure regular updates
  • Update your applications.
  • Do not install unnecessary applications.
  • Rooting your phone
  • High-speed Memory card usage
  • Stop sync
  • Disabling animations

As we are focusing on animations, it is not necessary to always disable animations to improve phone performance. Some tips to use the animation options and get a better result are:

Adjusting the animations scale

  • You can adjust the scale of animations accordingly by:
    • Open ‘Settings’
    • Enable ‘Developer options’
    • Go to the ‘Drawing’ tab and find the animation options:
      1. Window animation scale
      2. Transition animation scale
      3. Animator duration scale.
    • Near each option, the current scale of animation is displayed.
    • You can select and adjust the scale from 1x to 5x apart from disabling it by selecting ‘None’.

Note: If you don’t find any difference in your phone, even after altering the animation scales, then try rebooting your device.

Trying a new launcher

This technique can be used if either you don’t want to alter animation settings or the developer options didn’t help in providing a better experience. Launchers are the interface that allows changing the home screen, customize the launching of applications and other tasks in Android devices. 

Here are a few facts about how changing the default or the stock launcher might turn out your phone exactly as you wanted.

  • Check out some of the best launchers for Android phones. Click here.
  • Launcher helps you to modify your phone interface accordingly.
  • Even though the stock launcher provided by the brand are good, this experience might be different and much more customizable.

However, this technique also has a few problems

  • The new launcher doesn’t usually replace your default launcher, instead runs over it. Hence consumption of battery would be more.
  • The phone might slow down if the device doesn’t support third-party launchers.

Android studio

This is another option, in case you aren’t satisfied with the results obtained by disabling animations in android or getting a new launcher for your phone.

With Android Studio, you can develop your own animations and can put several complexed animations together. The steps to use Android Studio are:

Pre-requisites to use this technique:

  • Java coding knowledge
  • Internet with good bandwidth
  • PC to store large files

Android Studio is an official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to develop Android applications.

The steps to download and use this are

  • Download this to your PC from the official website.
  • Irrespective of the operating system, download the Java SE Development Kit or update the existing one.
  • Once you have installed the Java kit, install the Android Studio. (For beginners, check out the official guide on ‘Introduction to animations’).
  • After successful installation, on the first screen that appears choose to start animations. You can import the animation samples also.
  • Before starting a new project, you must know what type of animation you are going to work on. The animations are of three types:
    1. Property animations – Change features of a particular object.
    2. View animations – Adjustments like size, shape, rotations, etc can be done.
    3. Drawable animations – Place several drawable images to create animation when arranged in a sequence.
    4. Click here for a complete guide on animations and their types.

Hence, we have covered techniques to alter, disable animations, and make animations for android each having a different level of difficulty. Hope you find your suitable solution!

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