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Google Chrome is the most commonly used web browser all over the world. This is mainly because of all the features that it offers to the users, making it highly efficient and user-friendly. The Google Chrome browser has brought in lots of updates and features that many users do not even know about. Like Tab groups. Not many might know what are tab groups in google chrome.

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In this article, we are going to check out one such feature that would help you to reduce clutter and multi-task efficiently by creating tab groups in Google Chrome. All the steps required and the uses of creating grouped tabs would be discussed further.

Tabs In Google Chrome

All the tabs are present on a bar at the top of the browser and are arranged in order of latest ones followed by old ones. These tabs can be shifted and re-arranged as per the user’s requirement and can even be grouped to reduce confusion or clutter as this enables the user to use hundreds of tabs at the same time. The steps involved in the grouping, creating grouped sets of tabs, and accessing them would be discussed further in this article. 

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How To Use Tab Groups In Google Chrome?

When you work on several projects at the same time, the grouping of the Google Chrome tabs is the best choice. The uses of this feature are as below:

  • Work on the different projects at the same time
  • Tracking of each task’s progress
  • Browsing through several shopping websites and reviewing the sites.
  • Customize and assign emojis or titles to each group. They can be distinguished based on color-coding also.
  • This feature is available for all operating systems – Windows, LINUX, Mac OS, and Chrome OS.

Steps To Create group Tabs  In Google Chrome

To check out this feature, one must have more than one tab opened in Chrome. Once you have opened all the tabs that you need, proceed with the following steps to group them into the separate or same category. 

  • Now choose and right-click on one of the tabs. Click on the option stating – ‘Add to New Group’ from the drop-down menu that is displayed.
  • A colored circle or an opaque circle will appear right next to the tab. When the user would click either the tab or the circle, the tab group menu can be accessed. This is the menu where the user can add a name to the grouped set of tabs, change or add color code to it. This  New Tab can be further added into the group or can be ungrouped from all the tabs present in the group, and to close all the tabs that are currently in the group.

Note: This feature is usually enabled by default in the browser.

  • As mentioned before, the opaque-colored circle is to denote the grouping of tabs. This is replaced by the assigned name once the tab group is named, for the ease of access and identification of different groups. And finally, choose the ‘Add to new group’ option to create a new group.

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  • For this one simple trick is to use the different colors provided by default, that is, the user can choose one color for a group from the eight default colors present. This is very useful to prevent naming each group and instead just saving them based on different color schemes!
  • Add a new tab to an existing group
  • Now that we know to create a new group of tabs in Chrome, let us continue with the steps involved in adding new tabs to a previously created group.
  • Right-click on the tab and from the drop-down menu, choose the ‘Add Tab to new group’ option. Choose the ‘Add To Existing Group’ option and click on the group’s name to group it along with the other tabs.

Another alternative method to add tabs to an existing group is by simply dragging the tab over the group in which it must be added, wait till the color assigned to the group appears or engulfs the tab, and then release it. Now, the tab would be added to the group. There are four options available along with these, they are:

  • Ungroup
  • Close group
  • Move group to new Window

The ungroup option can be used to dismantle or dissolve the entire group as such whereas the Close group option can be used to close a particular group with all the tabs together. These options help the user to control the tabs in each group as one can easily group or ungroup tabs and even access them in a whole new window to prevent chaos.

Remove The Tab From A Group

The once grouped tabs can be removed from the groups if required by these steps:

  • Right-click on the tab to be removed and choose the ‘Remove from group’ option. This option will separate the tab from the group and the user can add it later again. Alternatively, the user can also simply drag the particular tab from the group and place it in an empty section of the tab bar.

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Further updates and expected features that Google chrome must bring in in the future are to enable users to merge different groups. Otherwise, the tabs group feature in Chrome is an efficient mode to channelize, organize and label a group of tabs easily. Hope this article about Tab Groups in Google Chrome was useful to understand its features, uses and steps to use them to keep your browser neat and productive for performing simultaneous tasks.

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