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As people are becoming more concerned about their privacy, they tend to limit their location settings or change their location in chrome. Google Chrome may be trying to keep a record of where your device is placed for several reasons. For instance, few web applications are made to provide various content based on where the person accessing the website is physically located.

Likewise, certain corporate websites try to collect location data from customers for marketing purposes. Many marketers have shown interest in knowing whether a particular ad set is doing enough to bring visitors from a particular part of the world or a specific location.

For the causes above (and more), Google Chrome (like most millennial browsers on desktop) and websites do what they can so that they could obtain geo data through every possible means or way.

How does Chrome know or detect my location

The handiest way for Google Chrome (or any other internet browser or search engine) to track where you are placed is by your IP address, which is mostly public or is accessible to the browser. To gather location in chrome, a unique set of codes forms an IP address. An IP address is used to find each computer connected to a network.. Nonetheless, other than IP addresses, there are several things known to give users’ geology away.

Some search engines tend to use nearby wireless networks to triangulate the geology of devices, especially whenever an IP address is not mentioned. You may be able to get around this by switching off the wireless network on your personal computer, but it is difficult to do so – because you probably want one of those technologies.

Your desktop does not have components for Location tracker, network triangulation, and other advanced technologies – which nowadays a mobile can provide accurate location coordinates – but it still does a doable job when it has to find out where you are. Windows is programmed to use data from wireless networks like Wi-Fi and Internet Protocol to find locations.

If you stay in a metro city, then the geology results provided are close enough to the main thing. If you live out of major areas, then it is probably off with the GPS access on your pc. In that case, you may want to learn how to change the location on Google Chrome to make sure your web browser provides precise location information for the web.

How to change the location in Chrome

Phones are a fun toy to use. The default GPS settings, network with sim, and other handy settings make it easy for mobiles to use approximately the exact location for applications and website. But when it comes to the laptop or pcs it’s not true, because the location is usually based on the IP address of the system. Moreover, that also tells the approximately exact location if you live in a metro city but outside the major area, it gets off quickly.

If you want precise and dot location data to be sent to web apps, advanced search engines let you manually set your location to a specified place. If the web application asks for your place calls on the new HTML 5 Geolocation API other than trying to determine it on your IP address, you’ll get a much more accurate result.

Now, many of you will ask how can we change how to change location in chrome? Here is the common way by which you can do so. Open the website that wants to know your location. Press Ctrl+Shift+I simultaneously on Windows OS or google chrome OS, or for macOS press Cmd+Option+I. The developer’s tool will pop on the right side of the window.

Move to the bottom of the panel, click the hamburger button at the left, and then press the “Sensors” option. Below Geolocation, and then choose “Custom location.”

Now put in your location based on the relevant latitude and longitude. refresh the page, allow the data of the location to the pop-up screen, and you can have the map configured according to your selected location. 

Organically you can put a fake location with this application, and that might be preferable, depending on the level of trust with the site in question. Normally, putting something “approximate” to your place or pin code will give the results you need.

How to manually change location on google chrome for iPhone

Step 1: Open your iPhone and then click on the “Settings” and scroll down until you reach the section of “Chrome,” then click on the same.

Step 2: Now, tap on “Location” and then tap any of the options from – “Never,” “Ask Next Time,” or “While Using The App.”

How to manually change your location on Google Chrome on Android

Fake Gps is an app, through which you can easily find a solution to your – change location on chrome. It consists of both paid and unpaid versions. With the help of this app, you change your location whenever or wherever you want.

Here is the process on how you can do it.

  • At first, you are supposed to download and install the Fake Gps app. Initially, it will show your actual location. You will notice a blue dot on your screen and you can easily move it and select a location. Alternatively, you can tap on the “three vertical dots”. Now, move to “Search,” and switch from “Coordinate” to” Location.” Now, type the location you want people to see and then select on the same.
  • Now click on the “Home button” and go to “Developer Option” on your phone settings and tap “set mock location,” then select “Fake GPS.”
  • Lastly, Come back to the Fake GPS app and click on the “Start” button.

How to change your location on Google Chrome on Computer or Mac

Here’s the common and easiest way by which you can use to change location on chrome on your PC or Mac:

  1. Firstly, Open your “Google Chrome browser” and click the “Customize and control tab,” followed by “Settings.”
  2. Now,  Scroll down below to the “Advanced Tab” and tap on “Privacy and security,” then, click” Site Settings.”
  3. Tap on “Location,” followed by toggling the option of“Ask Before accessing” switch on or off. Now you can easily turn on and off location on google chrome successfully


By now we are sure that you are aware of different processes on how to successfully change location in chrome through settings on your device. However, you should read all the Terms and Conditions of mobile apps before allowing them.

Although these processes are not as efficient as using a VPN, the Chrome method does a lot of the work for the most part, and it saves you from the trouble of having to pay for a VPN service. You should be aware of your location in chrome and how to change your manually set it up.

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