A Step-wise Guide To Block False Android Virus Warnings On Your Phone

Block False Android Virus Warnings

How many times does it happen that despite having anti-malware and anti-virus installed on your computer you still receive the google virus warning alert/message on your phone? And most of the time the majority refuses to take any action and dust it off by thinking of it as a mere glitch in the software and nothing more. 

Now, another overlooked aspect of might is that those are just false android virus warnings given by your android smartphone to access your data and information further. Therefore, most of these are false android virus alerts and the best is to leave as they are without opening any link or filling in any information.  

What are the Android Virus Warnings?

To tell you more about the whereabouts of the google virus warnings on your android phone, let us dig deeper into the problem. So, whenever you are navigating through the internet and open the link to a particular website, you are either redirected to a new webpage or the existing web page closes and opens a new window. 

This pop-window that gets opened by your computer automatically warns you and gives you the message about the google virus warning on your android phone. It also asks you to tap on the desired or the target option so that you permit it to run the ‘antivirus program’ (as it purports to be) through your android device.

This allows it to scan the virus program that is sitting on your computer and can throw it out once you press the wanted button. Nevertheless, we all know the hidden message and aim of these webpages. 

So, if you see this google virus warning on your android phone all you must do is not tap on any button on the screen. Also, note that where the android virus warnings pop-up and appear and if it has appeared outside the webpage you are surfing then it means that the webpage you were trying to open is itself affected and attacked by the virus and needs to be fixed soon before it ends up infecting other websites. 

How Can You Remove Fake Google Virus Warnings on Android?

To remove android virus warnings on your phone you need to do the following steps:

  1. If the window for the android virus alerts pop-up, then you cannot close it manually at all. First, you will need to close the tab or the window in which it has opened itself on your computer.
  2. Open your settings
  3. Click on android settings and go to the open apps, application or application manager option, depending on your device.
  4. Scroll it down until you see the browser in which you encountered the false android virus alert and click on it to open the settings of the particular browser.
  5. A new window will appear with two options: force stop and disable. Tap on the force stop option to stop and quit the application from running in the background.
  6. You will now see a confirmation message stating if you wish to force quit the application it might misbehave. Regardless, click on the ok option because that is not much of a concern for us.
  7. Now go back to the same window (application settings) you opened at the start and scroll down to the clear cache option of the browser.
  8. Once all the cache is cleared you will notice the memory usage next to the cache option drops straight to zero.

After the completion of force quitting the application and clearing all the cache from it, you can be assured that the fake android virus alerts will be gone.

Blocking the Fake Google Virus Warnings on Your Phone

Now as you have seen the fake android virus alerts once, you will probably never want to see those fake pop-ups again on your screen. Here is how you can block the fake android virus alerts and save your phone from a virus attack:

  1. Assuming that you are using the chrome browser, tap on the upper-right corner of the Chrome window and update the application.
  2. Skip the first step if you have already updated google chrome. Scroll down to the settings option.
  3. Tap on the site settings option.
  4. Under this, you will see many options, click on the pop-ups and redirects.
  5. Disable the option of pop-ups and redirects which blocks sites from showing this kind of popups on your computer again.
  6. Then head back again to site settings, and tap on the ads option.
  7. Here, disable the selector therefore it blocks sites that show intrusive or misleading ads.
  8. Now again scroll back to automatic downloads and switch on the option of ask first.

Once you are done with these steps, you will be protected with the fake google virus warning on your device.  


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