How To Conquer The Global Warming With The Help Of Tech Solutions?





Summer is the favorite season for most people in the world. Everyone gets to go out to the beach and have fun, the ice cream tastes better, different types of fruits are available in large proportions in the market, and who can forget the most important thing, the summer vacation. But in recent times the summers are getting hotter and hotter every passing year. The temperature is setting new records every year which is a worrying sign. This article is about How To Conquer The Global Warming With The Help Of Tech Solutions?

With that being said, some tech solutions are going underway which can change the future or at least help us to survive this escalation of heat all around the globe. Today, we will discuss some of them and what impact they can have on the future.

2021 Tech Solutions Used To Battle Against The Heat /Global Warming

Today, Science and technology advancements in 2021 are much better than what we had some years ago. There have been many technological changes that have helped to curb the effect of heat inside a house. Some of them are common while some others not so much either because of their low popularity or because the gadget has not reached the market of a specific country. One of the most common gadgets which are used to cool down the temperature of homes worldwide is an Air Conditioner.

Explaining the Science Behind Cooling Pads

Today, air conditioners are available in every country possible. It is one of the most popular gadgets which is used to cool down a space by removing heat from the space and moving it to some outside area. But what about something which is not as common as an air conditioner? That is where a cooling mattress pad comes into play.

A cooling mattress pad regulates the body temperature by either drawing away or absorbing the heat through its cooling system material.  It is designed with the help of gel-infused memory foam or wrapped wire cols. It is one of the most effective ways to regulate body temperature. With that being said, this technology is often used in western parts of the world because of the lack of awareness in the rest of the world. Another technology that is not as famous in the eastern part of the world but is very effective is Heat-Reflective window film.

A heat-reflective window film can repel up to 57 percent of the solar heat which helps to regulate the temperature of the house.

A Quick Look Into The Advance Tech Solutions That May Help

As you know, the technology industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Every day there is something new on the horizon. So, it is not that difficult to assume that there will be something that is currently underway which will help us in the future to tackle the problem of the increasing rise of temperature.

The main point of technological advancement is to resolve the issues that we face in our day-to-day life. So, here are some advance tech solutions that can help to beat the heat in the upcoming years.

1. Environmental Sensors

Some devices are already being sold in the market that can help to fight the toxicity levels in the environment. Here are 2 of the most promising devices-

  • The Tzoa, a device that tracks any harmful particles in the air, and
  • The Lapka Environment Monitor which helps to regulate the food which is being exposed in the environment.

Governments around the world are trying to solve the problem of global warming. Some of the efforts made by the government are –

  • Promoting Green House Energy
  • Combat Short-Lived climate pollutants
  • Protect and restore key ecosystems like rivers, wetlands, oceans, and forests
  • Supporting small agricultural producers

2. Smart Green Houses

The heat rise is not only affecting humans but the plants are also suffering during these trying times. With the rising temperature and drought, the quantity of harvest can be greatly impacted. This is turn can lead to rising in the prices of food grains, vegetables, and fruits. Humans and animals need food to survive and a large proportion of them rely on crops.

To tackle this problem various global tech solutions are trying to come up with something new. One of the new tech solutions groups called Niwa has been successfully created a “smart greenhouse” that creates a likable environment for maintaining the crops through the use of hydroponics and smartphone software. It is one of the most useful tech solutions out there.

3. Wearables

Another innovation that can see a rise in its popularity in the future is Climate- controlled Clothing. Dhama Innovations, which has its headquarters in Hyderabad, India, is one of the pioneering companies that is leading the charge to develop climate-controlled clothing. It is currently producing temperature-controlled jackets and vests which allows its wearers to set their temperature anywhere between 25 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius.

One more device which can prove revolutionary is Wristfy by Embr Labs. Wristfy uses the body’s internal thermostat which helps the user to set their temperature according to their needs. This is the type of advanced tech solution that can change the way we perceive clothing.


For now, it looks like we have to make do with the tech solutions which are available for use in today’s market. There are some perfectly serviceable and very good gadgets but there is a collective sense of needing more in the future. Major global tech solutions in the world are constantly implementing new strategies to come up with something that can help everyone in the future to fight against the heat. It may take some time before we find something which is the best solution but there is always hope that day will arrive sooner rather than later.

Climate change is very evident today, the record-setting heatwave which hit major countries around the world in May and June is the indicator we needed to implement some changes quickly, or else we can expect a lot worse in the upcoming years.

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