How To Access ESP File? A Useful Guide

how to open an esp file





What is an ESP file?

ESP file stands for Encapsulated PostScript file, it is a type of vector image file that contains several elements which include two-dimensional vector graphics, text, and bitmap images.

It allows you to transfer information across different operating systems. 

Files that have .esp file extension generally hold data files that have been generated by Advanced Chemistry Development(ACD) analysis software. 

It is a DSC-conforming PostScript document with additional restrictions which is intended to be usable as a graphics file format.

In other words, ESP files are more-or-less self-contained, reasonably predictable PostScript documents that describe an image or drawing and can be placed within another PostScript document.

Simply, an ESP file is a PostScript program, saved as a single file that includes a low-resolution preview “encapsulated” inside of it, allowing some programs to display a preview on the screen. 

It contains .esp extension these files contain protected email attachments that have been sent and received using Email Sentinel Pro software program. 

What is a File Extension?

When you see the set of three or four characters at the end of a filename, that’s called a file extension which gives you an idea about what kind of file it is and tells Windows what programs can open it. In this case, it is .esp.

Whenever you double click the file opens automatically, it is because windows often associate a default program to each file extension. 

how to open an esp file
how to open an esp file

When that particular program no longer exists on your laptop, you can at times get an error when you go for opening the associated file. 

Let’s explore more about the .ESP  file and get to know its features and applications. 

Files with the extension .esp can only be launched by certain applications. It can also be possible with the files having an extension of .esp to be data files rather than being documents or media, which means they are supposed to be kept private. 

What is an .ESP file?

The .esp file extension is widely used for gaming purposes such as fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls. 

This was developed by Bethseda Softworks. The files are used to bring changes in the settings and data in these two particular games are usually saved using .esp extension. 

The .esp is also used for plugins, it is also used under the data file category, It is also an ACD/Labs Dataset file type that can be accessed or saved using the Advanced Chemistry Development analysis software. The use of a .espfile extension is in Eclipse; a screensaver project, Edskes Software Pakket, and Email Sentinel Pro. 

Further, it can be used as an Adobe Acrobat Language resource file as well as a Morrowind Plugin Data File.    

How to open Esp files?

Since ESP files are graphic files that can usually be opened by graphic design programs such as Photoshop or InDesign, If you don’t have these programs you won’t be able to open the file.

For opening the file follow the given steps:

  • Click on the file and try to open it.
  • Windows prompts to select an application to open it with

However, if you don’t have an application that can open an EPS file. So, 

  • Click cancel.
  • The best way for previewing an EPS file is to open up Microsoft Word, toin order to preview an EPS file click insert and then the picture.
  • Navigate to your EPS file, select it.
  • In the top right-hand window, Select preview.
  • You will notice that the preview of the EPS file comes up on the screen.

You will get the image blurred and this isn’t representative of your file it’s just words can’t accurately interpret EPS files so it’s kind of like the best fit. So this is how you preview an EPS file.

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Another step to open the file could be through Adobe illustrator or maybe Adobe Photoshop as discussed previously, but essentially it serves as a container for bitmap images and vector graphics, now there are free options such as EPS file viewer that you can find online. 

Here are the steps for how you can open it in Photoshop and illustrator: 

  • Go to your file and right-click on it.
  • Go to open with and select Photoshop cs5, although any of the Photoshop Editions will work.
  • Hit Ok.

You will get to see your file. Close the tab once you are done seeing it. 

Now you can also see it through illustrator

  • Right-click again on the file and this time open up with an illustrator.
  • That will launch the illustrator.
  • This time you will have a little bit more control when you edit an illustrator as opposed to Photoshop which treats it as a just single object.

This is how you open an EPS file.

Some applications can open, convert, or fix ESP files. Since many different programs may use ESP files for different purposes, you may need to try a few of the apps to open your specific ESP file. 

  • WinRaR
  • MDPT
  • ESPRIT Application
  • catmanEASY
  • NifViewer

Also, refer to which programs can .eps file extension!

Depending on what system you use, Mac or PC it will lead to concluding how easy it is to work with EPS images. If you are on a Mac then you can use the EPS the right way.

Layout applications such as PageMaker, Quark, or Microsoft word, will only be able to place an EPS file, not open it. EPS is a format that is available for both Mac and Windows users. You will also want to note the color space file is in. While scanners and digital cameras generate RGB files(red-blue-green), you will need to convert the space to CMYK(cyan-magenta-yellow-black) for print.

EPS is an old format, which can be opened with a lot of free software, the benefit of buying a vector is that you can resize it to any size you want, no matter how big you want it to be.

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