Four Best 3D Printing Softwares That Are Being Used In 2021!





Printing has always been viewed as a two-dimensional process with a two-dimensional result. What we most of the time tend to overlook is the 3d printing that has gained quite popularity among different industries. Therefore, let us take a look at what 3D printing is. 

Introduction to the 3D Printing 

3d printing also goes by the name of additive printing refers to the process with which you can make three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The 3d objects that are created in the 3d printing are done with the help of the additive process. Now you must be wondering about what happens in the additive process, then in this, the desired object is created by laying down repeated and successive layers of the material to get the desired object. You can view each layer as a thin-sliced layer of the object. 

One of the major differences to highlight here in the 3d printing is how this can be seen in stark contrast to the process of subtractive manufacturing in which the printing is done by cutting out or hollowing out of the metal, plastic or any material with the help of a milling machine. With this 3d printing tech, one is able to make complex processes. 

The Working of a 3D Printing 

The first thing to start before you start with anything in a 3d printing is to create a 3d model you want to get a print of. You can do this by going through a 3d library and choosing one or simply making your own and getting it ready for printing. Getting a 3d print can be easily done with the help of a 3d printing software. There are many 3d printing software and tools available online from an industrial source. 

What is the Best 3D Printing Software? 

There are many 3D printing software that are available in the market. Let us take a look at some of the best 3d printing software that is present out there. 

1. Tinkercad 

It is usually recommended to use tinkercad for 3d printing, especially if you are a beginner. The major reason for this 3d printing software recommendation is because it has a pretty beginner-friendly interface, it is free and can easily be used from just your browser so you do not have to go through the tiring process of installing the software to your computer and then using it. Moreover, with tinkercad, you can also sign up for beginner lessons to learn it more efficiently. It also has a built-in feature that helps you export your 3d model as an exportable file in the format of .STL or .OBJ. 

2. Autodesk fusion 360 

Another 3d printing software that is very much recommended by professionals and is considered the most powerful 3d printing software. This is mostly used by engineers, machinists and designers. If you have prior knowledge of the process of 3D printing, then you should definitely go for Autodesk fusion. The AutoDesk fusion 360 is not free and the price is charged according to the duration it is purchased for.

3. Autodesk AUTOCAD 

This is also an amazing 3d printing software that you should consider in the list too. It is quite a versatile software and mostly reserved for professional purposes. This software offers various features to create 3d models. One can even attach and import PDFs, add extra objects to the tables, add annotations to your drawings and do many more activities. So it is perfect for creating robust designs for 3d printing. 

4. Meshlab 

All of us must have heard about Meshlab which is an open-source 3D printing software. It is best suited for editing and processing 3D meshes. One can leverage all its functions to edit, give texture, render and turn into meshes very easily and quickly. This is a very easy way to prepare your best designs for 3d printing. 

These are the top four 3d printing software that you should definitely be considering if you are thinking of jumping into the 3d printing business or want to try 3d printing once. 

The 3D Printing Industry 

Now, after learning about 3d printing and tools, let us also learn about various sectors where 3d printing is used. In 3d printing, there are many forms, technologies, sub-processes and materials that are involved in the 3D printing business and each industry makes use of this procedure.

Below are a few examples listed of some of the sectors where 3d printing is used extensively. 

  1. In consumer products like eyewear, furniture, design, footwear, etc.
  2. In the manufacturing of dental products.
  3. Manufacturing of industrial products like prototypes, end-use parts and other manufacturing tools.
  4. In movie props
  5. In the reconstruction of ancient artefacts and evidence in forensic pathology.
  6. In prosthetics

3D Printing Stocks 

Investing in 3d printing supplies, products and services, etc. is pretty crucial keeping in mind the anticipated potential it has in the current market. Therefore, here are the top 3D printing stocks that you should be buying in 2021. 

1. 3D systems corporation 

The company has announced to finish the sale of its manufacturing business and sell it to Trilantic North America for 82 million which will be invested in the additive manufacturing business. The total number of hedge fund holders are 16. 

2. Proto Labs, Inc. 

Another company to invest in 3d printing stocks is Proto labs, Inc which offers 3d printing services and products. Proto labs currently have 18 hedge fund holders right now. Proto Labs Inc is ranked number sixth for the best printing stocks to buy right now. 

3. Dassault systems SE

This is a French provider of 3d printing tools and services across the world. This Solidworks design studio caters to all the demands regarding 3d printing. The Dassault Systems SE is also listed as one of the top companies to be investing in the 3D printing stocks. 

These are the top three 3d printing stocks one should be investing in right now. One can consider other 3d printing stocks for investment like Nano Dimension Ltd, etc. You can even search for ‘3d printing near me’ and get the most- recommended and preferred places to get a 3d model printed. 

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