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As we know that all the applications, regardless of how much they are liked in the digital market, all face errors during their run. These errors do not bring down the social image of these applications or any application for that case, until and unless they are the occurrence of errors is low. So it is with Hulu, even though these Hulu error codes are common enough, yet Hulu is a favorite of all TV bingers.

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If you are fond of movies and TV shows, then you must have heard and used Hulu. As we know in the age of advancement there are applications for the same purpose that are competing against each other, but the thing with Hulu is that it airs every (not only) movie that Netflix does not air. Therefore, the audience that is interested in watching the latter part of the cinema can use Hulu any time. 

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Errors in Hulu are as common as errors in Netflix. Sometimes they are caused by an issue from your (user’s) side and other times it might happen due to poor network issues or some hardware issues. Moving on, almost all the errors of Hulu are unknown to the common user, which is why it is necessary to know about every Hulu error code. Therefore, to fix it, you need to know about the Hulu error code and their reason for the occurrence. Here are some of the most common Hulu error codes everyone must know about.

About The Hulu Error Code That You Must Know

There is not one or two, but many Hulu error codes that you can encounter while using the application and if you wish to fix it you need to know the reason and the method to do it. Then, let us start with the most common Hulu error codes.

  • Hulu error code 400

One of the most-occurring Hulu error codes among all others is the Hulu error code 400.  This type of error means that there is some issue with the account information that you provided which in turn is preventing the Hulu app from correctly working on your mobile device or the streaming platform. Nevertheless, the problem can be fixed by uninstalling and then reinstalling the Hulu app or removing the device from which your account is connected. The Hulu error code 400 usually appears on the screen as: 

  1. We’re having trouble loading this right now. Check your internet connection and try again.
  2. Error code: 400

The kind of message that appears on your device depends on how the website designer has chosen it. You can either switch to a stable internet connection or get a wired internet connection for a faster speed.

  1. Delete the Hulu app from your device.
  2. Then, reinstall the Hulu app again.
  3. Log in to Hulu with the same account with which you were logged in previously.
  4. Try streaming something on the app.

Now, to remove the device from your Hulu app account to fix Hulu error 400, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Hulu app
  2. Click on your name that is present on the upper-right corner of the page
  3. Click on the account options and log in
  4. Ta on manage devices option and locate the device experiencing this error and then tap on remove.
  5. Once done, reinstall and log in.

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  • Fix Hulu error code 2(-998)

The Hulu error code 2(-998) means that the problem is not from your side, but mostly from the Hulu app server’s side. This is also just a temporary issue that can be fixed with the help of a few troubleshooting tips. Therefore, if you are encountering this error a dozen times, then let us help you to get rid of it.

  1. Try to force close the Hulu app on your android or apple device.
  2. Clear you’re to cache on the phone.
  3. Check if any updates are pending.
  4. If you use android TV, then:
  5. Open settings and click on applications
  6. From the list of installed apps, tap on Hulu
  7. Tap on the force stop option
  8. Relaunch the Hulu app again

These were the quick ways with which you can fix the Hulu error code 2(-998).

  • Fix Hulu token error 5

Another very common error that we all get is the Hulu token error code 5 and this error is not from your side but from the side of Hulu itself. The problem is either with the internet connection, the hardware or the device. Also, you will receive either of these messages to know when you have encountered the Hulu token error 5:

  1. ‘We’re having trouble loading this right now
  2. ‘Please check your internet connection and try again. Error Code: -5: malformed data’
  3. ‘If this problem persists, try restarting your device’

Here is how to fix the Hulu token error 5:

  1. Power cycle your device
  2. Reboot the modem or the router
  3. Reinstall Hulu
  4. Check for pending updates

This is how you fix the Hulu token error 5 on your device. These are easy and quick ways to fix these few of the Hulu errors. 

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