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Apple watch would be every tech-savvy person’s dream watch as it is more than just a watch. It beholds exciting features and functions that are required for athletes, businessmen, outdoor people, tech-lovers, and anyone who loves comfort. In this article we feature all you need to know when your apple watch won’t charge properly. 

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Some of the unique features of the Apple watch are listed below:

  • Unique wireless charger.
  • Accessibility of iPhone camera screen.
  • Weather forecasting, air quality index, witnessing the rising of sun and moon based on a set time, etc. can be set in this watch.
  • Workouts, tracking of goals, incentives to promote working out, setting of reminders, and a free seven-minute workout app is available that acts just as a personal trainer.
  • It has safety features such as a fall sensor that would automatically reach out for help if any crash is faced by the user. This is very important for bicyclists, swimmers, and runners.
  • You can find your watch using your iPhone.

In this article, we will focus on one of the usually faced issues with this gadget which is Apple Watch won’t charge even when connected properly.

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Components Related to Apple Watch Charging

There are mainly four components that deal with the charging process of your gadget. They are:

  • The software of the Apple Watch.
  • The magnetic charging cable of the watch.
  • The back surface of your Apple Watch that connects to the magnetic charging cable.
  • The power source of the charging port, that is, the wall charger, computer, etc.

Why Does Apple Watch Won’t Charge Properly?

When the Apple Watch is charging, you can find a small green coloured lightning bolt symbol on its screen. If it isn’t present then it denotes that your watch is not being charged. You will know that your Apple Watch is charging properly when you see the word “Charging” below the battery percentage. Some of the reasons due to which this glitch might be faced are as following:

  • Problem related to charger hardware
  • An issue in the charger quality or problem caused due to dirt and other hindrances
  • Improper establishment of connection due to the presence of plastic wrapping
  • Fault in the Apple Watch itself.

The last reason for your Apple Watch not functioning properly can be concluded upon if all the solutions to all the other troubles do not work. We will further move on with the solutions for each of these issues.

What To Do if your Apple Watch Won’t Charge Properly?

Unlike other chargers with a wire directly connected to the port of the device, in Apple Watch the charger forming a secured connection. It is called a wireless charger as even though it has a wire you do not have to plug it directly into the device.

The signs that your Apple Watch charging properly are that:

  • It would have the charging symbol flashing on the screen.
  • It would get fully charged within 1.2 to 2.2 hours.
  • In case your Apple Watch is completely drained then about 30 minutes of charging would be enough to turn it on.
  • The new watch would have a much longer charge holding capacity than the ones a few years older.

If you notice that it is taking way longer to charge or you are not able to switch on your Apple watch then try the following techniques:

Restart The Watch

Any device that is not working properly sometimes runs just fine after restarting. Restarting your watch might fix issues that cannot be identified and hence fix its improper charging.

Follow these steps to restart your watch if you still have residual charge left in the gadget:

  • Continuously press on the side button and hold until the Power menu appears.
  • Slide the ‘Power Off’ option to the right to turn off the watch. This process might take a few moments.
  • Once turned off, hold and press the side button to switch it on.
  • Now connect it to your charger and check if it’s charging by checking for the change in percentage or the charging symbol.

If this doesn’t solve the problem then move on with the following solutions.

Check for hindrances disrupting charging of the watch

As mentioned earlier it’s quite difficult to understand and be sure that the connection between the charger and the watch is secured and proper. So, it is always better to charge only after wiping or cleaning the charger and the watch’s back.

Cleaning will remove the dust particles, grime, or any other hindrance on their surfaces. This would be recommended if you are using the device after a long time. You would be really surprised to know the amount of junk that might build up on the surfaces.

As the charging process is based on electromagnetic charging you must place the charger on a steady and flat surface like a table instead of on a couch or cushion with a soft surface. Make sure that the cable is placed such that it is at 90 degrees angle with the band. After this try charging your watch after correctly placing it on the charger.

Check with a different Apple Watch charger

To ensure that your charger cable is in good condition and the defect of improper charging is not because of it, simply try charging your watch with some other chargers.

Also, try changing the source like a wall charger, car charger, or charging through a computer or PC. If your Apple Watch begins to charge when plugged into another power source, but not in the previous one, then the problem is probably being caused by the malfunctioning charger or its cable.

It is recommended to buy authentic charger components like a cable from trusted and official sources because if you use cheap cables that aren’t MFi-certified then you might face the following issues:

  • They may cause heating up of your Apple Watch while it charges.
  • It might not charge your device.

Contact Apple

If all the above-mentioned techniques didn’t solve the problem then the issue might be related to the software or hardware of your Apple Watch instead of the charger. So try getting your issue witnessed by the official Apple customer care and get your device replaced if required.

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