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We all encounter numerous errors while we are working online or using our mobile phones. Sometimes, we know the cause of the error because the alert given by the device is quite straightforward and we end up fixing it to avoid further problems. However it’s not so with a parse error. Let us know what is it and how to fix it. For example, you are working on your laptop and your battery is low, you receive an alert or you are clicking a picture and suddenly receive an alert regarding space issues in your smartphone. These kinds of errors and alerts are easy to keep a track of. 

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What Is A Parse Error? 

Now other times, you get an error, say a syntax error in the form of an error code, what do you do? Nothing because we are unaware of it. Similar to this error is one such error that is called parse error. What is a parsing error? This is an error message that you get on your android phones when you are trying to install an app, and it fails. One cannot be sure about the specificity of the parse error as there are many other factors too that can lead to the parse error. Therefore, if you wish to install an application that could not be installed due to the parse error, then you have to trace its root problem and fix the parse error first. 

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What Is The Reason For The Parse Error? 

Before we jump on to fixing the parse error, it is important to get to know the cause of the parse error so that fixing it becomes an easy task. So the parse error occurs when you try to install a third-party app and a message pops up on your phone screen that says: ‘Parse error: There was a problem parsing the package.’ This might also happen when you try to run the third-party app on your android phone.

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Some of the possible reasons for the parse error in android phones

  1. The application you are installing or you want to install is not compatible with your phone.
  2. The device on which you are installing the app does not have permission to install the app.
  3. There have been changes in the app you are trying to install.
  4. The antivirus or the security software on your phone is not allowing the app to get installed.
  5. The app is damaged, contains viruses, and is corrupt.
  6. There can be a problem with your smartphone.
  7. The .apk file is not completely downloaded and contains some issues.

These were some of the possible reasons that can lead to the parse error. Now let us get to the methods to fix it. 

How To Fix The Parse Error On Your Android Devices?

Now that we have known the causes of the parse error on our android devices, let us get to simple and easy ways to fix the parse error. 

  1. Check your internet connection

The first thing you should go to check is your internet connection and fix it if it is not stable. If you are using mobile data, then the best option is to switch to a wifi connection and if your wifi connection is not stable, then use an ethernet cable to get stability in the internet connection.

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  1. Update your Android to the latest version

It can be possible that the app you are trying to install works only with the updated version of the android. So if you are trying to run a third-party app or installing a new app that is meant for the newer version of the android. If you have an old phone and your carrier in the phone does not support the app, then you have to buy a new phone if you wish to install a particular app or you can install a custom version of the android. 

  1. Check unknown sources on your phone

Your android phone is set to prevent the installation of the apps from the play store or the android market by default. Therefore, if you want to fix the parse error on the android device you need to check the unknown sources and close them off. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on security.
  • Scroll down until you find the option of unknown sources.
  • Tap on OK.
  • You can install the .apk file now.
  1. Disable the antivirus and security features on the phone temporarily

Another reason for the parse error is due to the activation of the antivirus on your phone that might be considering the new application as a threat or a virus. Turn off the antivirus and try installing again.

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  1. Reset your android phone

If you see that nothing is working, then the last resort is to reset your phone and clear all your data. When you reset your phone, you will have to update the phone to the latest version of android which facilitates the installation of the app and removes the parse error. This is how you can fix the parsing error with the above five methods on your android device. 

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