11 Quick Steps To Fix your Blue Screen Error on Windows 10

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Are you someone who has installed Windows 10, and facing an error of bluescreen? The very first question that comes into our mind is “Why do blue screen errors occur in Windows 10?” and “How to fix blue screen error on Windows 10” well, every update comes with a glitch or an error so does Windows 10! 

So, what is the Blue Screen Error? Let’s dig into the problem first and then fix them!?

Basically, a blue screen error is a stop error that appears on your Windows screen whenever there is a need to restart your computer or to shut it down. It is frustrating because it comes immediately without a warning, almost every Windows user faces this “blue screen error” sooner or later!

How to Fix Blue Screen Errors in Windows 10?

We have discussed some tips through which you can fix your errors:

1. Fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 10: Troubleshoot Common Error Codes

Now, let’s examine the number of troubleshooting steps to figure out this blue screen error and fix it!


Though these are not all the error codes this contains a maximum number of errors and resolutions. But it does contain a maximum of it. 

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2. Fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 10: New Computer Changes

It is important to understand your computer, especially when you install a new feature or upgrade your Computer. Most of you have noticed that after the installation of new software or upgrade, there is a huge probability of Blue screen error. This helps you in Troubleshooting.

 If you recently ran a Windows update,  Enter Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and press View update history.

3. Fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 10: Fix your troubleshooting error Codes

It is important to understand where exactly the problem lies if your Computer has a good frequency bluescreen error then you only you should fix it. 

  • Fix Critical Process Died stop code
  • Fixing the System Service Exception blue screen
  • Steps to solve troubleshooting the Memory Management BSOD
  • Resolve an Unexpected Store Exception stop error in Windows 10
  • How to fix Inaccessible Boot Device errors
  • How to resolve the Bad System Config Info error

4. Fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 10: Check for New Updates in your Device

Sometimes, we don’t pay attention to new updates or we are too lazy to do so. In order to prevent Blue screen errors, it is important for us to update our device to function smoothly. It is important to see if a third-party application or an update that is installed on the computer maybe not work properly, which can create a Blue screen error.

Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and apply any pending updates, if they are pending.

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5. Fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 10: System Restore on Windows

You can fix your Blue screen error by running System Restore On your Windows and this might help you to fix the Blue screen error in the Device. It’s very easy to do, you can follow some steps in order to do so:-

  • Type recovery into the start menu.
  • Open Recovery control panel.
  • Press Open System Restore.
  • After selecting next, a list of restored points, you can return, select one of them
  • Press  Scan for affected programs.

6. Fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 10: Malware scanning in Windows

Detection of malware can have a severe impact on your computer, it can be one of the reasons why you are having blue screen error in your Windows! It is important for the user to identify and scan Malware in order to get away from blue screen error. 

You can use Malwarebytes to run a scan. It can do all the scanning and can remove any virus or error on your computer. If it detects anything, reboot after cleaning your device and see if your blue screen errors get fixed.

7. Fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 10: Check your Computer Hardware

It is important to check your Computer hardware components too in order to fix the Blue screen error. You can test your Hardware failures in your computer by following these guidelines to fix your blue screen error.

A Hardware failure can be like sticking on RAM or some issues like these. You should make sure that you do proper checks and testing on your device from time to time.

8. Fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 10: Run An SFC Scan

SFC or System File Checker is a command-line tool in Windows which helps to check if there is a damaged Windows System and helps to fix it.

By running SFC on the Command line, you might solve your Blue Screen error on your Windows.

9. Fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 10: Boot into Safe Mode

Even by trying every tip and hack to fix your blue screen error, you are unable to fix it and if the problem persists for a longer time and is severe then you can boot into safe mode.

Safe mode allows you to load Windows configuration with only the necessary and is needed to run. It does not allow Third-party application on your device.

10. Fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 10: Use Advanced Tools

You can use Advanced Tools to prevent Blue Screen error on your Windows. These tools make the information Windows dumps after it crashes easier to interpret.

By following these guidelines for using Advance tools, you can solve your blue screen error. This is one of the many ways you can fix your error.

11. Fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 10: Reinstall your Windows

It is very frustrating when you cannot work due to a Blue screen error on your Windows. It is important to upgrade your system. Sometimes due to some glitch, your system might not work in a proper fashion. So it is important for the users to understand your Computer needs.

This is the last thing you can do after doing all the above-mentioned tips to solve your Blue Screen error! You can reinstall Windows so that it can work in a more efficient way. 

All the Windows Users know how frustrating these problems can be and how it can stop your important work. It is important to understand your device and these tips can be used to fix your Blue screen error. If these problems come once in a while then maybe you can avoid it but if it persists for a longer time then you have to work on it.

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