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Everyone would love to surprise and get surprised by their dear ones. This is a tough task until you don’t have an idea about what is the exact gift that the other person wants or would love to receive. However, if you are an Amazon user then the feature known as Amazon wish list would help to find out the exact thing that the other person expects!

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In this article, we will cover everything about the Amazon wish list, its uses, and the detailed steps to find someone’s Amazon wish list to understand their gift preferences without asking them directly.

Amazon Wish List

Amazon wish list is a unique feature that was introduced in October 1999, as a medium to list out the items that the user wishes to buy in the future. It was designed as a feature with which the parents knew what gifts their kids wanted and with time, several updates were made such that now people can use this wish list to find out the exact gift that can be used to surprise their friends or family. This is useful especially during the times of festivals or occasions like anniversaries, birthdays as this will help to find the right gift. The Amazon wish list has another purpose that helps to boost the sales for the Amazon businesses or sellers.

With this feature, even if the customer is not going to buy a product in the time being, they might add it to their wish list for the ease of future reference or share it with their dear ones, hence, increasing the possibility of the product being sold! Till 2018, the Amazon wish list could not be edited by others except for the Wedding registry but now those people other than the users can make changes with whom the invitation has been shared by the list creator. The complete control of access about who can add or delete items is with the wish list creator. This hence protects the privacy of the user and provides better security than the previous versions.

Features of Amazon wish list

  • Intimation about changes in the product price

When a product is added to the wish list, the user can get to know the details about the change in its price and buy it whenever there’s a price drop as once wishlist-ed Amazon would notify the users about such changes.

  • Share it with friends and family

The list can be shared amongst a selected or chosen set of people with whom the creator of the list wants to.

  • Unavailable stock details

A potential buyer might not be able to buy a product due to the unavailability of the stock or the color variants, style, etc. If this product is added to the wish list then the user would be notified whenever the stock would arrive.

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How To Find A Wish List On Amazon?

To find someone’s Amazon wish list, the recipient or the other user must have their list to be set for public view. This would allow all the users to view their wish list irrespective of whether the creator has given permission or not.

This is the default setting for every list unless the creator changes it to the private view a wish list on Amazon is:

  • Open the official website of Amazon and login to your account using the credentials.
  • On the top right corner, click on the arrow where the ‘users name’ is mentioned to open the menu. From the menu, choose the ‘Find a wish list option.
  • From the ‘Your friends’ list, if enabled in public view or shared with the user, one can check out all the products their dear ones have selected in their wish list.

Point to be noted

Those wish lists that have been shared can only be viewed under the friends’ list unless the other user has not changed the default setting from public to restricted or private view. In the case where the other user has a wish list that you want to access but cannot as it is set to private mode, here are the steps that must be followed to request for their list’s access.

How To Request Access To A Wish List On Amazon?

An email can be sent through Amazon along with a message asking permission to view their wish list, that is, to share their wish list with you. Here are the steps to do the same.

Step 1

Open the Amazon account from their official website and enter your username and password, to login into your account.

Step 2

Open the menu by clicking the arrow against the account holder’s name and click on the ‘Find a wish list option. This will open the page with all the wish lists, that is, the friend’s wish list, your idealists, and your wish list.

Step 3

As the other user’s list isn’t shared a statement and message that can be either copied or sent through e-mail would be displayed, stating, ‘You don’t have any shared lists yet’. You can either send the default message separately or to their e-mail directly using Amazon. The user can also customize the message and personalize them according to the person to whom they are sending it. The ‘Copy message’ option can be used if the e-mail program that you use is not available and then paste the message along with their e-mail address.

Step 4

The last step is to wait for the recipient to accept the request and add your account to their viewer’s list. Once this is done, you can now find their name and the wish list under the ‘Friends list’ option.

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In this article, we have covered everything about Amazon’s wish list feature and the steps to find someone’s Amazon wish list that would contain all the products that they like or are planning to buy in the future. Hope this article was useful for you to understand how to find a wish list on Amazon as well as its uses.

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