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Facebook Inc, the American technology with global dominance in the market of social media platforms has evolved from being a platform connecting people to bridging businesses. Along with Mark Zuckerberg, the Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, Facebook is managed by Sheryl Sandberg, Mike Schroepfer, David Wehner, and Chris Cox. In this article, we will discuss in detail the role of marketing in developing business and how to make use of these tricks to rule the current world with Facebook marketing, where virtuality has become the one-stop solution to everything.

Facebook And Marketing

Facebook has nearly 1.5 billion active users per day, and 2.8 billion active users per month it is the biggest social media platform on a global scale. With time the type of users has also changed as in the beginning social media platforms were used to connect with friends, share photos, contents or posts with larger audiences. Now, Facebook users are of various age groups starting from teenagers and youngsters to elderly people. With these combinations of functionality, variety of audience crowds, and ease of usage, FB digital marketing has boosted several industries’ visibility.

There have been lots of controversies about Facebook but still, it did not change the user behavior. One can find marketing opportunities on this world’s biggest social network and rely on it as its dynamics are not going to change anytime soon. Hence, learning the relationship between Facebook digital marketing and consumer branding is worth the investment. Another interesting feature that supports marketing online is that irrespective of the size of the company, that is, whether it is a multinational company or a small-scale start-up, Facebook can be used to reach out to people, hence giving the choice open to consumers to choose according to their needs.

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Why Use FB For Digital Marketing?

Facebook is a free marketing tool for businesses and has great features exclusively for this purpose. The pages are the place where the company expresses itself and establishes its identity. Apart from the product range or services offered, various interactive photos, URLs, posts, etc. are useful in reaching out to people and connecting the brand with them. This privilege is not available on other marketing means as being at the right place at the right time is the key to success.

Now that the importance of digital marketing is clear, here is why FB is the right choice. According to surveys two-thirds of users on Facebook visit a local business page, once or twice a week. This clearly means that people are in constant search of change or new products hence every business has more possibility to grow here. Understanding the model of how FB or Facebook works is very important to make complete use of this platform for marketing and reaching out to the right customers. Let us discuss how to use this platform and grow your business.

Tips For Successful Facebook Digital Marketing

Facebook allows professional advertising that includes paid marketing strategies, which are exclusive to those buying those features. However, the simplest and the first step in marketing is free, which is, creating a business page on FB. For enjoying the perks of FB digital marketing free of cost, one must invest lots of time in building their page, its contents, and relatability, to win the confidence of their customers. This also includes repeated but innovative advertising posts, calling out for deals and offers, and reaching out to the responders on time.

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Creating a FB page

Here are the steps to create a business page on Facebook for free!

  • Step 1

Login to Facebook with the credentials of your personal account. This is necessary however none of the personal data sharing on the business page will take place. If one doesn’t own a FB account, then create one to proceed with the creation of a business page.

  • Step 2

After logging in, click on the ‘Pages’ option to create one. Choose the type of page accordingly from the various options available such as -‘Business/ Brand/ Public figure/ Community’ type.

  • Step 3

This step involves adding up all the necessary details about the business, its purpose, and other official information. While adding the cover photo and profile photo make sure that the dimensions are adjusted to the FB standard sizes for best results. The quality of the images also matters hence must be clear and well-defined.

  • Step 4

Add the description of your company or brand along with the important details like – contact address, working hours, etc by editing the page under the ‘Edit Page Info’ option.

  • Step 5

After filling all details in, make sure to confirm and correct them before clicking on the ‘Create Page’ option. After this, the Facebook marketing page is officially created which would have every detail about your company.

Create a URL for the respective username for easy reach and the maximum limit on the total number of characters to be used is 50. This helps in increasing the page accessibility for the other users. Further, create functional buttons or call action buttons and add them near your username. These buttons could read ‘Shop now’ or ‘Contact’ so that the customers would reach the right destination without much search.

  • Step 6

The FB business page is now successfully launched. It is open to all the users and this interactive platform is now ready to share promotions or advertisements about your products. This page has flexible properties, that is, updating or editing its characteristics with time is possible. 

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Creative contents

Content is the most important part of Facebook marketing as developing a digital market base for a brand especially if it isn’t an established or renowned one is a tough job. Once the official page is created, focusing on posting creative content is a must.

Final Words

A content on FB is of various kinds, such as – the text posts that contain only words to explain the agenda, the photo posts that are much more interactive than text posts as it has a descriptive picture along with the text, etc. One can also share links, video posts, or live posts to interact directly with the customers and answer their queries, get feedback, etc.

In this article, we have covered the aspects of how Facebook marketing helps in influencing the brand and promoting it efficiently by identifying the right customer groups. Hope these tips were useful in understanding the role of Facebook digital marketing and the steps to successfully use it.

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