Facebook Live Audio Rooms And Podcast Launched: What’s New?





Are you excited about the release of the new Facebook features? Curious what all things you can do with Facebook now?

When Facebook was initially launched online, everyone was amazed at how entertaining it was created. And with passing years the social media company updated a lot of interesting features in it that helped everyone connect. 

With lots of updates, Mark Zuckerberg has been keeping the app up-to-date to keep it in sync with the interests of people. Recently, the Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg added two new features to the social media site- Facebook Live Audio Rooms and Podcast. In this article, we will discuss these new features of Facebook, so that you can use and enjoy them.

The New Features Released on Facebook

Below are some new features released on Facebook:

1. Facebook live audio rooms

The company had made an announcement regarding a series of planned investments in new audio products. This even included a FB live audio only feature as well as new support for podcasts. The new FB live audio only update is very similar to Clubhouse or similar audio apps, it also offers a standard set of features.

New Features Released on Facebook

In the FB live audio-only feature, the host of the event appears in rounded profile icons at the top of the screen. While the participants appear in a smaller icon at the bottom of the screen. The live audio room will indicate the active speaker with a glowing ring. If they are verified then a check appears to their name as well.

The new Facebook Live Audio Rooms also provides various other options. Like live captions and tools to share the room with others on Facebook via sharing it in News Feed or Group posts. The company does things a little differently than other services in some places. 

For example, in FB live audio rooms hosts can invite people to join them as a speaker in advance of the session. They can even choose listeners during the stream to let them join in. In each live audio session, there can be up to 50 speakers with no limit on the number of listeners. 

A “raise hand” tool is also provided to request to speak if you face any FB live audio issues or have any doubts. 

During a live chat, users will be notified whenever some of their friends or followers join the chat. While listening to the audio live users can press “Like”. If they wish to react to the content as it streams, then they can press the “Thumbs Up” button. 

These reactions and the like buttons are located at the bottom of the screen. Further, any listener can show their support to the public figure by sending Star. But to use them you might have to purchase them during the conversation. 

You can even organize the FB live audio from the interface. This will enhance the audio quality of your live audio session. In case you have any trouble hearing through the FB live audio from the interface, you can use the Facebook Helpdesk to solve it.

The admin of a Facebook group has control of whether moderators or group members can create a Live Audio Room. In such Facebook live audio rooms, both members and visitors can listen to the rooms in public groups. However, the access in the private room is limited to only the group members.

All the Facebook users are notified of all the new Live Audio Rooms through the News Feed and notifications of the social media site. They can sign up to be reminded whenever a room they are interested in goes Live. These Live Audio Rooms will also be discoverable within the Facebook Groups. The only drawback is that the users might sometimes face disturbances during the live audio. Fortunately, FB live audio stuttering can be easily resolved.

2. Facebook podcast feature

Another new feature introduced by Facebook is the podcast. This feature allows the host to select a nonprofit or fundraiser or charity to support during their conversation. And allows the listeners and speakers to directly donate. Progress is provided on the screen to show how much money has been raised during the show.

The listening experience of the new podcasts lets the users listen to the podcasts as they browse Facebook. Users can listen to the podcast either in a mini player or in full-screen mode with playback options. 

You can even play this even if your iPhone’s display is turned off. This feature makes Facebook a native podcast streaming app. It is referred to as one mainly because it allows the users to listen to the audio without the need for other podcast services. Earlier, Facebook has said that more than 170 Facebook users are connected to a Page, just to listen to a podcast.

With the launch of the Podcast service by Facebook, the social media platform is asking the podcast creators to permit it to cache their content on Facebook servers. Sources state that Facebook is doing this to ensure the content in the Live Audio and the Podcast does not violate the platforms’ standards. 

However, the podcasts are still represented in the units that are provided by the podcaster’s host or provider. This is because the podcasts are still streamed via the RSS feeds.

The previous week, the Facebook company emailed podcasts, page owners, a detailed manual on how to set up their show on Facebook. They can link their podcast’s RSS feed to automatically generate in the News Feed posts for their episodes. 

These episodes are also featured on their Page on a “Podcasts” tab. According to the Terms of Service of Facebook’s Podcast, the creators must grant Facebook the right to create “derivative works”, which might likely refer to an upcoming clips feature. 

The company has said that they will be adding a few more updates and access to these new features. Mostly by late 2021, users can make total use of these two features. Other audio-related works include a central listening destination in the room. The company is also trying to include background audio listening for videos.

With the Facebook Live Audio Rooms and podcasts, users don’t have to use any other apps like Spotify or Apple podcast. If they face any FB live audio issues like FB live audio stuttering, then they can directly ask the support team to help the user to fix it.

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