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Before we get into the ways to enable USB tethering, let us learn about USB tethering., Every one of us uses the USB for tethering but little do we know about the term and its usage. 

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What Is USB Tethering?

USB tethering is sharing your mobile’s internet with other electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones. With the help of the USB  tethering option, you convert your smartphone into a modem or a router and use it to give access to the internet to those devices that do not have the access to the internet. 

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There is not one, but three different yet easy ways in which you can enable USB tethering. They are listed as below:

  1. With the USB cable (the most common way)
  2. With the help of BlueTooth ( the modern way)
  3. Making it a wireless hotspot (WLAN, the advanced way)

While some carriers might fine you for using the tethering option, but generally it is a free service. Remember, that when you are using USB tethering, your battery will drain much faster and your internet speed might slow down a lot or a little bit. 

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How To Use USB Tethering Option On Different Devices?

There are different methods available to enable USB tethering in different devices. Let us learn how to use USB tethering in each device.

  • How to use USB tethering on your laptop or computer?

An easy way to share your android phone’s internet connection is via USB tethering. Now as easy and quick as the procedure below might seem, many android phones are of this feature. Here is how to use USB tethering in Android phones:

  1. Connect your android phone to your laptop or computer with the help of a USB cable.
  2. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  3. Go to more
  4. Under this option, click on the tethering and mobile hotspot option.
  5. Checkmark the empty box of the USB tethering item.

Your android device will now act as a modem for your laptop or computer and they can have access to the internet via your mobile internet connection. 

  • Another alternate way to use USB tethering on Windows 10

Here is the second way to answer your query on how to use USB tethering on Windows 10, but before that make sure you are not charged by the device you are connecting the internet to. Let us learn how to use USB tethering:

  1. Connect your phone with a USB cable to the laptop. If you have an android phone, use a USB-to-micro USB or USB-to-USB-C connector. If you are an iPhone user then you should go for the standard lightning cable.
  2. After you have connected to the internet, pick your phone and open the setting’s menu. For android users, you should search out for the ‘tethering’ option under the settings option. iPhone users must search for the ‘Personal connection’ on their smartphones.
  3. On Android, you will see a toggle switch beside the USB  tethering option. Click on it to enable USB tethering on android. On the iPhone, you will see a toggle switch against the personal hotspot option. Click on the toggle to enable USB tethering on an iPhone device.
  4. Go to your computer’s network settings that are present in the windows taskbar to make sure that you are connected to the internet. It will notify you that you are connected to LAN.

While you are doing the procedure or even before you start doing it, make sure that you turn off your wifi connection, else your laptop might get connected to the wifi connection automatically thereby, hindering your USB tethering option. Another important issue that you should know is that MacBook users cannot use USB tethering with android by USB.

Difference between mobile hotspot and USB tethering

It is inevitable to get confused between mobile hotspots and USB tethering. While USB tethering can only be possible with the help of a USB cable, a mobile hotspot is a wireless connection but the internet speed you get when you connect the computer or your laptop with a USB cable is way faster than when you connect it with the mobile hotspot. 

There might be times where you won’t be able to use USB tethering on your devices and the reason might be because of the change in the carrier settings due to which the tethering cannot work and is unable to find the previous carrier. You can also fix the issue by changing your APN settings on the android phone. 

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This was all you needed to know about how to use tethering on your android and iOS devices. 

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