A Guide On How To Enable Dragon Age Origins Cheats And Cheat Codes To Ace the Game!





There are always few games in which we struggle to pass a level or task. No matter how much we try we repeatedly fail them. Often this makes many gamers get bored and tired, and quit the game without finishing it. Well that’s not going to be you. Here are the Dragon Age Origins Cheats for you to ace the game.

Dragon Age Origins is one such game that few gamers claim to be “not so difficult” to clear. However, with few battles in Dragon Age Origins, no matter how much you try, you might not clear it.  During such battles, a bit of help can be very helpful to complete the task easily and enjoy the game further. If you are a gamer, who is struggling to clear one such battle or need more thrill in the game, then this article will provide you Dragon Age Origins Cheats. These cheats can help you give a little boost to help you with the game and protect your realm.

NOTE: The Dragon Age Origins Cheats provided in this guide are specifically for the Windows PC version.

About Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins is a single and role-playing game. It was developed by BioWare. The game was released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS X in 2009. The Dragon Age Origins is the first game in the Dragon Age Franchise. After this game, Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening was released in 2010 as an expansion pack for all platforms. In 2011, they released a sequel called “Dragon Age II” was released in North America and Europe.

In this game, you will play the player character “The Warden” who is a new Grey Warden recruit within the realm of Ferelden. Set in a unique frictional fantasy world, this game tells the story of the Grey Wardens. An ancient order is tasked to stand against the bestial army called “Darkspawn” and the Archdemon that commands them. Even though this game doesn’t match the graphics of newly released games, for a 2009 released game, the Dragon Age Origins’ graphics are spectacular. Throughout the game, you will encounter various characters in the game, who will play major roles in the game’s plot and gameplay.

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How To Use Dragon Age Origins PC Cheat Code?

Before you head over to the Dragon Age Origins PC cheat codes, you will have to make some modifications, to make them work in your game. You will need to make a few tweaks to the game’s command line parameter and modify a file from there. Below, we have given a detailed step-by-step procedure on how to make those changes on your game’s command prompt.

NOTE: Make sure before making the changes, you create a backup file of your game file.

  • Go to DragonAge> bin_ship, to find the game’s main daorigins.exe file. In case you don’t find the daorigins.exe file on your folder, then try enabling the view hidden files option. Once you have found the file, make a shortcut of the file by right-clicking on it.
  • Now right click on the shortcut daorigins.exe file, then click on the “Properties” option.
  • After opening the properties, in the Target text box add the “-enabledeveloperconsole” to the end of the file name in it.

NOTE: Add the “” minus sign with the code. If you forget that cheats might not work in the game.

After adding the code the file name in the Target text box must look like this:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Dragon Age\bin_ship\daorigins.exe” -enabledeveloperconsole


“C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\bin_ship\daorigins.exe” -enabledeveloperconsole

  • Now, open the keybindings.ini file. This file should be mostly found under MyDocuments/BioWare/Dragon Age/Settings/ and find the following line that reads:


After you find the line change the line to:


  • Save the file and launch the game using the shortcut file you created earlier. To bring up the developer console, while you play the game, press Q.

NOTE: The key you set in for the console does not work in Steam. You can use the “~” tilde key instead, to open the developer console.

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Dragon Age Origins PC Cheat

Once you have prepared your developer console for activating the codes, you can type the dragon age origins cheats and activate them.

EffectCheat Codes
Add party member by namerunscript zz_addparty NPCname
Add a companion approval rate, M = companionrunscript zz_addapproval M (amount)
Add 3 Skill Points. They will be visible to you after you save and reload the gamerunscript zz_add_skills3 
Adds all achievements to your profilerunscript cheater
Adds both 1H and 2H Starfang swords to player’s inventory (you must have )runscript zz_starmetal_sword
Adds Jory and Daveth to the partyrunscript e3_addparty 
Adds Antivan Leather Boots, Dalish Gloves, Alistar’s Mother’s Amulet, Duncan’s Shield, Andraste’s Grace, Cute Nug to the inventoryrunscript zz_party_addgifts
Adds the plot-sensitive part member gifts to your inventoryrunscript zz_party_addgifts
Adds talent or spells corresponding to the number of your characterrunscript addtalent (number)
Adds traps to the inventoryrunscript zz_set_trap 
Lets you break the party companion limitrunscript zz_addparty 
It lets you set the plot flag and start the camp ambush. This code even allows you to teleport to the first camp you makerunscript zz_camp_debug 
Brings up the Enchantment Menurunscript zz_upgrade
The character will copy a random finishing blow depending on what weapon you are currently equipped with.runscript zz_deathblow
It creates all Dragonbone Legion armor in the inventoryrunscript zz_givearmor
Creates one of every rune type, as well as the Oathkeepper sword in the inventory runscript zz_createrunes 
Gathers all immediate party membersrunscript zz_getparty
Adds the desired amount of XPrunscript addxp <amount>
Adds the specified amount of copper.Note: 1000 copper makes 1 gold.runscript zz_money <amount>
Turns off the NPC AIrunscript ai off
This kills all hostile creatures in the arearunscript killallhostiles
Talk to the nearest NPCrunscr_talk_nearest
Removes the entire partyrunscript zz_dropparty 
Teleports the player and the party to Duncan’s fire in Ostagar runscript zz_pre_strategy 
Heals the player or partyrunscript healplayer

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Hopefully, this guide helped you activate and use the Dragon Age Origins Cheats successfully on your PC game.

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