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This one is for gamers who love adventure, thriller and stealth video games and as most of you are into these games then why not have a quick look at the Doom 3 BFG Edition. The doom 3 BFG  edition is updated and is an advanced version of the Doom 3 that was released in the global market in the year 2012. This version cam with an updated and improved version of graphics, audio and sound effects. This game is a first-person shooter program where you are a specific space marine that has to fight an invasion hat occurred on the planet Mars by the demons.

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Now if you are someone who has already been playing doom 3 for a long time know very well how challenging and difficult it is to tackle the enemies and invaders in the game and it is almost impossible to kill all the demonic invaders and therefore you need doom 3 cheats in order to handle the game effectively. These doom 3 cheats do not mean that you are cheating on the video game, this is very similar to GTA vice city cheat codes, where using a cheat code in a game only boosts your immunity and helps you with furthering your level. Therefore, let us present you with a quick, short and very diverse guide to activating doom 3 cheats. 

Some doom 3 BFG edition cheats that can help you through

Having discussed the game, let us hop on to doom 3 cheats, specifically doom 3 BFG edition cheats. Here is how to use doom 3 cheats before getting specific codes to activate a specific action.

In order to use a cheat code during a single-player game: 

  • Press and hold the shortcut key: CTRL+A+~ ( The last sign after the A is the tilde) and this will display the developer console.
  • After pressing this command, press the desired doom 3 BFG cheat code
  • Finally, close the console with the help of the same console commands as shown in step 1.

Best doom 3 Cheats For BFG Edition

Here we have curated the list of the best doom 3 BGF cheats that you can use and each list is separated by a heading that is based on the function it performs. Let us first start with the general doom 3 cheats that every doom 3 player or an enthusiast player must know about.

Have a look at a few of them:

  • God: this enables God Mode.
  • Noclip: Walk through walls.
  • give keys: Get all the keys.
  • give weapon_bfg: Acquire the BFG.
  • give weapon_rocketlauncher: get you the rocket launcher.
  • give weapon_machinegun: Acquire the machinegun.
  • Kill: commit suicide with this cheat
  • Doomhell: Skip directly to the last level.
  • Notarget: You become invisible to almost all the enemies.
  • Killmonsters: Kills all monsters.
  • give all: All weapons, full health, and full armour and restores your health.
  • give weapon_chainsaw: gets you the chainsaw.
  • give weapon_plasmagun: gets you a plasma gun.
  • ive weapon_chaingun: get the chaingun.

The next set of doom 3 codes are specifically used for skipping various levels and things related to it. Here is what all doom 3 BFG edition cheats you should know about: 

For alpha labs

  • map game/alphalabs1: Alpha Labs 1
  • map game/alphalabs2: Alpha Labs 2
  • map game/alphalabs3: Alpha Labs 3
  • map game/alphalabs4: Alpha Labs 4

For caverns

  • map game/caverns1: Caverns 1
  • map game/caverns2: Caverns 2

For coming out

  • map game/comm1: Comm 1
  • map game/commoutside: Comm Outside

CPU related

  • map game/CPU: CPU
  • map game/cpuboss: CPU Boss

Delta related

  • map game/delta1: Delta 1
  • map game/delta2: Delta 2
  • map game/delta3: Delta 3
  • map game/delta4: Delta 4
  • map game/delta5: Delta 5
  • map game/enpro: Enpro

Break hell

  • map game/hell1: Hell 1
  • map game/hellhole: Hellhole

For mars city

  • map game/mars_city1: Mars City 1
  • map game/mars_city2: Mars City 2

Admin related doom 3 BFG  cheat

  • map game/admin: Mars City Administration
  • map game/mc_underground: MC Underground
  • map game/monorail: Monorail

Comin on to some important and useful ammo cheats, here a few of them you must remember:

  • give ammo_bfg_small: get ammo for BFG 9000.
  • give ammo_clip_small: get ammo for Machine Gun.
  • give ammo_shells_small: get ammo for the Shotgun.
  • give ammo_clip_large: get large ammo for Machine Gun.
  • give ammo_grenage_small: get Hand Grenades.
  • give ammo_clip_large: get large ammo for Machine Gun.
  • give ammo_bullets_large: get large ammo for Pistol.
  • give ammo_shells_large: get large ammo for the Shotgun.
  • give ammo_cells_large: get large ammo for Plasma Rifle.
  • give ammo_rockets_large: get large ammo for Rocket Launcher
  • give ammo_rockets_small: get ammo for Rocket Launcher.
  • give ammo_bullets_small: get ammo for Pistol.
  • give ammo_belt_small: get ammo for Chaingun.
  • give ammo_cells_small: get ammo for Plasma Rifle.

After we are done with the ammo cheats, let us look at extremely useful spawn character cheats:

  • spawn monster_zombie_bernie: Flaming Zombie
  • spawn monster_zombie_sawyer: Chainsaw Zombie
  • spawn monster_zombie_zsec_machinegun: Z-Sec Zombie With Machinegun
  • spawn monster_zombie_zsec_shotgun: Z-Sec Zombie With Shotgun
  • spawn monster_zombie_commando: Commando Zombie
  • spawn monster_zombie_fat2: Fat Zombie
  • spawn monster_zombie_fat_wrench: Fat Zombie With Spanner
  • spawn monster_zombie_maint_bald: Bald Zombie
  • spawn monster_zombie_maint_nojaw: Zombie With No Jaw
  • spawn monster_zombie_maint_wrench: Zombie With Spanner
  • spawn monster_zombie_maint_skinny: Skinny Zombie
  • spawn monster_zombie_maint: Zombie
  • spawn monster_zombie_maint2: Zombie (Alternate)
  • spawn monster_zombie_maint_flashlight: Zombie With a Torch
  • spawn monster_zombie_commando_cgun: Commando Zombie With Chaingun
  • spawn monster_zombie_zsec_pistol: Z-Sec Zombie With Pistol
  • spawn monster_zombie_zsec_shield: Z-Sec Zombie With Shield

Finally, let us get to the keypad and locker pad codes:

  • Maintenance, Mars City: 396
  • Monorail Access, Recycling 2: 483
  • EPD Lab, Alpha Labs 1: 752
  • Alpha Labs Hall, Admin: 586
  • Infirmary, Mars City: 347
  • Energy Stabilization, Mars City Underground: 531
  • MFS Compressor, Alpha Labs 2: 409
  • Coolant Control Junction, Alpha Labs 2: 102
  • Haz-Mat Lift, Alpha Labs 3: 123
  • Coolant Monitoring, Alpha Labs 3: 123
  • EFR Staging Room 1B, Alpha Labs 3: 123
  • Security Office, Communications: 246
  • Site 2 Boarding Platform, Monorail: 142
  • Power Core Access, EnPro Plant: 972
  • EFR Master Valve, Alpha Labs 4: 651
  • Delta Security ChkPoint, Monorail: 364
  • Delta Security ChkPoint, Monorail: 364
  • Maintenance Hall, Delta Labs Level 2B: 259
  • Delta 4 Security, Delta Labs Level 4: 579
  • Records Office, Delta 2A: 538
  • Operations Server Room, Delta 2A: 715
  • Delta Security, Delta 2A: 972
  • Specimen Research Lab, Delta 2B: 624
  • Stasis Transfer Control, Delta 2B: 371
  • Storage Room 21-D, Delta 1: 298
  • Terminal Office Storage, Delta 4: 841
  • T1 Access, Delta 3: 836
  • Entrance ChkPoint, CPU Complex: 571
  • Analysis Control, Delta 2B: 572
  • Lab A Upper Floors, CPU Complex: 468
  • North Hallway, Admin: 0508
  • Secure Storage, Delta 2B: 0508
  • Marine Command, Mars City 2: 584
  • Maintenance, EnPro Plant: 734

This was our list that provided you with the best doom 3 cheats that will help you on playing the game better than before. 

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