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Any file with ‘.do’ file extension is a web-based Java program file that is run by a web server supporting Java language. Some of such programs are the Tomcat or the IBM WebSphere. This extension is used to deliver the web-based application with JavaScript. 

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This type of extension file is mapped to the Struts controller that can process the file and is used for creating dynamic web pages. In this article, we will discuss more the .do file extension, their features, the steps to open the file, and their uses. 

DO File

All the webserver runs based on the Java programming language uses the DO file which is the web-based program, used as such or converted into the ‘.VCS file’ or ‘vCalender Event file’, that has additional features like the ability to be imported into different scheduling programs. These files contain all the details about a particular event or appointments, that are entered by the user, hence, it is a compatible, event planning and scheduling program available in  Microsoft Windows-based systems and the Apple iCal software can be used by the Mac users for the same.

Apart from being used as a Java servlet file, it can also be used as a Stata batch analysis file. These kinds of files are known as ‘do files’ that have a set of commands written in plain text form, in which a particular series of instructions or commands are performed in a sequence. Another application of the DO files is in the Model Sim Micro file formats. This file format includes Do files to store the micro file-related commands, that are used with Libero SoC.

The DO file is also used as a function to run primitive operations and for the execution and compilation of Lua programming code, which is a lightweight programming language used for adding functionality to software applications. The ‘do file’ function is used to execute a file immediately by linking chunks or pieces of codes together. 

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This relation is only for the ‘do file’ and not to the ‘.do file extension’. The DO or the Domain object can sometimes also be interpreted as the digital output, digital order, data only, device object, and data operation.

Point to be noted

The ‘.do’ file need not be a file extension always as it can also be used as the URL mapping scheme for a web-based application. For example, The ‘.do file’ extension is used in the Struts framework for mapping the Java-based servlet commands in the ‘web.xml’ configuration file. If you ever encounter a file that file extension but is neither related to Java files or the ones mentioned above then this could be an error as sometimes when a pdf is downloaded from a website, an incorrect or wrong file extension might be assigned to it. 

How to open a .do file?

Now that we have a clear idea about what a do file is and the purpose of its extension, let us proceed with the steps involved in opening the file. First, to open or implement the do file, you require platforms like Apache Tomcats, Apache Struts, etc. These are free and open-source software that allows the implementation of the Java Servlet, Java Expression Language, Java Server Pages, and Java WebSocket technologies, all developed under the Java community process.

There are different versions available, choose the right one according to the device requisites. Click here to access the Apache tomcat official page. This platform is very useful for developers and those wanting to learn and implement Java programming. Every Stata Batch Analysis files or files with do file extension would work only if it’s used within the context of the Stata portion of the computer. Hence, the word ‘do’ must be entered before the file’s actual name in the Stata command window. For example, to access a do file named ‘technical file’, the user must enter – ‘do technical file’ in the Stata command window. Another alternative method is to use the execute do-file button located in the do-file editor so that the Stata can execute the commands in the do file. 

Editing the DO file

The Stata do-file editor can be used to read as well as edit the commands sequenced in the file. To simply view the file, any web browser can be used and the editing can be done using the Notepad ++ or other editors. The ModelSim DO files can also be viewed and edited using these editors. In case of error or misinterpretation of a file as do file, try using PDF readers or editors to open it. This scenario can be easily identified if the common files such as reports, bills, or other usual documents have to do extension instead of word or PDF.

Conversion of DO files

The do-files can be converted into other formats such as PDFs for ease of usage by the user. Here the steps to convert these files into other formats. First, use the apache software to access the files. Check out the options like save as or export to save it in another format as only this software can be used for conversion or changing of format of the file. If the file just needs to be converted into simple text formats then it is possible to change it into formats such as TXT which is useful for viewing and reading. Further, if the text-based format must be run in Stata then the particular extension has to be specified for the commands to be executed.

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The same applies to the ModelSim DO files. These can be converted into text-based formats by using the menu within Libero SoC used to convert the do file to the text editor and save it to the new format.

Final words

In this article, we have covered everything about the do file and the .do file extension, along with the techniques to open the files, view, edit, and change their formats into text or PDF. Hope this was useful in understanding the ‘do files’ and their uses.

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