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Discord is a great platform for catching up with friends and family in like-minded community servers, but that doesn’t mean every message you send is suitable for every user. 

You can hide certain messages by using the Discord spoiler tag feature. This feature allows users to hide spoilers behind an overlay and only those people can see those whom the user wants to or those who are interested in it. Users that have no problem with spoilers can click on the overlay to reveal the spoiler, while others who want to avoid the spoiler, can avoid it.

As a communication app with text capabilities, Discord lets you decorate texts with emojis, gifs, and images, but some users might be unaware of how they can use ‘Markdown’ formatting features to achieve more unique effects. Discord comprises several markdown features to style text too. These features enable the users to add all sorts of formatting effects to texts, including bold, italics, code formatting, spoiler tags, etc. The Discord spoiler tag feature is the most recently added markdown feature.
Discord spoiler tags are useful to alert other users that you are about to give information about something that they might not be ready for. Once this spoiler tag has been added, another user will only be able to see a grey or black box over the particular content. With the help of spoiler tags, you can mark individual parts of texts or the entire text as a spoiler.

How to use Discord spoiler tags

Thanks to Discord’s newest updated addition that adding spoiler tags is quite easier than ever now.

Let’s see how can you add spoiler tags to messages on Discord.

The easiest method to mark your text as a ‘Spoiler’ is by highlighting that text. Once you have typed a message, before sending it, you can highlight the text and right-click on that section. An option to add a spoiler tag will be displayed on your screen. You need to click on the ‘Mark as spoiler’ option. This will mark that portion of the particular text as a spoiler. 

Once you mark a text as a spoiler, you will see two bars (vertical piped) on both sides of the selected text. This means that other users will be unable to see the text until they click on it to reveal it.

Alternatively, you can add a spoiler tag to a text message by typing “/spoiler” at the beginning of a message. Sending “/spoiler this is a spoiler message” in a Discord chat server will hide the message until the other users decide to click on it and view it.

You can even mark any link as a spoiler by simply adding two bars at the front and back of the link URL. 

You can also mark an image as a spoiler tag. To do this, you need to drop your file into the discord server chat and click on the ‘Eye’ icon next to the chat bar.

A preview of your attached file will appear on your screen before it’s finally sent and shared in the chat with other users

(If you are using Discord via desktop or laptop, you will need to drag and drop your file into the server chat or click the ‘Plus sign next to the chat bar.)

Once you have reviewed your attached file, you will have to select the ‘Mark as Spoiler’ option in the checkbox to hide the image or file after it has been sent, and then finally click on the ‘Upload’ option. 

After it has been finally sent, the image or file will appear in Discord behind the spoiler tag. Users can simply tap on the ‘Spoiler’ to view and examine the file. This removes the spoiler tag from the image and displays the image or file normally.

Using Markdown

You can also add spoiler tags with the help of ‘Markdown’, all you need to do is type your phrase out, and surround it with two bars on either side. 

For instance:

To type these vertical bars, you need to use the following keyboard command: “Shift + Back Slash.”

These vertical bars ensure that your message is hidden within a spoiler tag. When you put the spoiler in between the double vertical bars, the words that are part of the spoiler phrase will only be seen by those Discord users who will click on the text to expand and read what it says. While those who wish to keep the spoiler a secret, they can simply avoid clicking on the spoiler phrase.

You can even hide attachments as spoilers using Markdown. While uploading an attachment, Discord gives you the option to “Mark as Spoiler.” However, please note that this only works on the desktop version of Discord.

How to view a spoiler tag

To view a spoiler message in a Discord chat, you need to click or tap on it. After tapping on the text, you will observe that the message will appear highlighted with a grey background behind it.

How to turn off the Spoiler Tags on Discord

If for any reason, you wish to turn off the spoiler tag feature on discord, we will help you with that. 

To do this, firstly you need to go to ‘User Settings’, click on the ‘Text & Images’ option, then choose one of the following options: ‘On Click’, ‘On Servers I Moderate’ and ‘Always’.

~ What do these options mean?

“On Click” means that users of your server can click on the spoiler tags to reveal the spoilers.

“On Servers I Moderate” means you have been assigned the role of managing the messages and you only control tags on all the servers that you manage.

“Always” means that you don’t have to click on the message, instead, the spoiler messages will be directly visible to the users. 

We hope that this was useful and now you have understood how to use spoiler tags on Discord. 

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